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Pisces Exact Time Letter and Meditation Link – March 2020

Thursday, March 5, 2020 Dear Friends; Pisces, undeviating, unstoppable, Love driven by pure reasoning Will. These are the energies which make Pisces the door way into the future. The focus of the Great Unfolding is on moving into the future or, if you prefer Science, the conscious willing unstoppable free will embrace of the future… Continue reading Pisces Exact Time Letter and Meditation Link – March 2020

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Exact Time Leo Meditation – 2019

  Saturday, August 10, 2019 Dear Friends, Cancer receives the in-breath data package from Gemini, gets it together in an intelligent package and delivers it with quite a one pointed display (lots of 6th Ray) to Leo. Leo is when it happens. Leo is where the decisions are made. We have Rays 1 and 5. These… Continue reading Exact Time Leo Meditation – 2019

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US Capitol Action Meditation

Dear Friends: This is an urgent recall for heart focused warriors. We need to renew and continue to empower our efforts on the Capitol Clearing Action Meditation. The effects of the Synthesis energy are very clear. “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change [relatively speaking] will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.”… Continue reading US Capitol Action Meditation

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Meditation Action Alert

December 18, 2016 Dear Friends, The U.S. Electoral College will be voting for the next President of the United States on December 19, 2016. We will be holding a Synthesis Action Meditation on December 19 to encourage and support the best possible outcome for the Common Good and General Welfare of the United States and the Planet. This electoral process does… Continue reading Meditation Action Alert