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US Capitol Action Meditation

Dear Friends: This is an urgent recall for heart focused warriors. We need to renew and continue to empower our efforts on the Capitol Clearing Action Meditation. The effects of the Synthesis energy are very clear. “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change [relatively speaking] will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.”… Continue reading US Capitol Action Meditation

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Exact Time Letter for January 2017 & On-Line Meditation Link

Today, in 2017, the clouds of unconsciousness and distortion all but obscure the planet. From the mountain top of Capricorn, we do not see this as something to be feared. We see it as a tremendous opportunity. Never have the forces of retrogression been so clearly exposed. Much of their power comes from being hidden from the Light, from being in the darkness of unconsciousness, or chaos, or being dead, or not alive. It has always been the exposure to the light that makes them vulnerable.

People by the billions are becoming conscious of their existence. Retrogressors cannot stand in the Light of Truth.

We are the Truth.


January 2017 Thoughtline – Triumph is Unavoidable

Dear Friends, The sun entered Capricorn on December 21st. The Sagittarian Arrow of determination is speeding toward the Mountain top and the beginning of another leg of the 18,000,000, year Journey from the darkness to the Light. This is a good thing to ponder on in these days. It is good to realize that it… Continue reading January 2017 Thoughtline – Triumph is Unavoidable

New Moon Meditation Cycle

2017 New Moon Meditation Cycle Seed Thoughts

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Here is a pdf file of the Seeds for the 2017 New Moon Cycle Meditation work. As you know the present struggle is, more than ever before, a battle over the emotional and mental planes, and in our case, particularly the lower mental plane which is the stronghold of the Retrogressors. You… Continue reading 2017 New Moon Meditation Cycle Seed Thoughts