About Arcana Workshops


ARCANA WORKSHOPS is located in Los Angeles, CA – the Heart Center of the USA. The core of our work is meditation and service, doing it and teaching it since 1958. Today we do most of our group work using video in small on-line workshops.

We continue to hold live meditation meetings for each of the full moon alignments. These meetings are held in Culver City, CA. All are welcome.

For an e-notice of these meetings, use the form below.

ARCANA invites you —

  • To explore the fresh and joyful capacities of the heart and mind..
  • To practice a certain kind of heart/mind meditation.
  • To study with others the Ageless Wisdom as presented by the teachings of Masters Morya, Djwhal Khul and Rakóczi, in the books of Alice A. Bailey, the books published by the Agni Yoga Society in New York and in the Nature of the Soul published by Wisdom Impressions.
  • To undertake the adventure of creative meditation.
  • To understand, participate and rejoice in the expanding consciousness in world harmony.
  • To help to create a heart-directed mental and emotional climate conducive to joyful and enlightened planning and living.

ARCANA is a Non-profit Tax-exempt Service Oriented Corporation

ARCANA is financed by voluntary support. The entire staff of Arcana donates its time, talent and money. The spirit of service animates all departments of the work. Members and friends of Arcana, realizing that spiritual activities require money, give to the full extent of their ability. Arcana is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation.