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Libra 2021 Exact Time Meditation

Dear Sisters and Brothers,  The enormous tension that is gripping our planet in these days of storm and strife only underlines the demand for the essential balance of Libra. Libra is more about balance than anything else. Libra is all about Harmony. It’s about maintaining a clear detached, dispassionate, point of discrimination regardless of the… Continue reading Libra 2021 Exact Time Meditation

Exact Time Full Moon Meditation

Virgo Exact Time Letter & Notice

September 15, 2021 Dear Friends, We are in the last few days of Virgo. The sun moves into Libra on the 22nd. These last few days are obviously culminating! A brief review of our living experiences as individuals, families, towns, cities, nations for the past few months will reveal the direction in which we as… Continue reading Virgo Exact Time Letter & Notice

Exact Time Letter

Libra and the “pairs of opposites…

Dear Friends, Here we are entering the three linked festivals of the out breathing cycle. The compilation of the energies and processes of the pause between the cycles which issued forth from Virgo for most of us was a powerful understanding of striking clarity regarding the imbalances Humanity is facing in virtually all sectors of… Continue reading Libra and the “pairs of opposites…