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Libra 2021 Exact Time Meditation

Dear Sisters and Brothers,  The enormous tension that is gripping our planet in these days of storm and strife only underlines the demand for the essential balance of Libra. Libra is more about balance than anything else. Libra is all about Harmony. It’s about maintaining a clear detached, dispassionate, point of discrimination regardless of the… Continue reading Libra 2021 Exact Time Meditation

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Sharing From the Supermundane

  Urusvati knows how people reveal themselves in everyday life. Biographers make the mistake of thinking that the value of a person can be measured only by exceptional deeds, and because of this they miss the truth. Celebrities are often characterized by the glory of their activities, their sparkling eyes and powerful, eloquent speech, but entirely different… Continue reading Sharing From the Supermundane