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Aries 2022 Exact Time Letter

Aries 2022 Exact Time Letter Dear Sister and Brother Warriors, As Human Beings know from lifetimes of experience Aries delivers the Intentions for the coming round. These energy inputs being of an extremely high frequency require that we register and hold them in the Light until Taurus when we can release them into the Wisdom… Continue reading Aries 2022 Exact Time Letter

Exact Time Letter

Aries Exact Time Letter 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Dear Friends: As we move into the last seven year cycle of the 1925-2025 planning cycle we can expect deep and significant changes in all of our institutions. Our educational, political, financial and religious systems will undergo massive reformulations. It would be good to keep the concept of Tactica Adversa in… Continue reading Aries Exact Time Letter 2018