September 2019 Thoughtline #2 – The “Too Much” Con

  Evolution is an unavoidable driver of Life on this Planet. Just look around. The Planet has been evolving for many eons longer than our illusionary one dimensional vision which passes for science can even imagine. Evolution cannot be stopped any more than the sun can be prevented from rising. However, there are still many… Continue reading September 2019 Thoughtline #2 – The “Too Much” Con


September 2019 Thoughtline – The Skeleton in the Closet

The current upcoming election is presenting Humanity with a very real opportunity to evolve. As we should expect, we are once again being assaulted by narrow minded, fear driven, comfortable so called pragmatists. Is it really that difficult to see that it was exactly this offering of “practical”, i.e., incremental, long range, never actually fulfilled… Continue reading September 2019 Thoughtline – The Skeleton in the Closet

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Exact Time Leo Meditation – 2019

  Saturday, August 10, 2019 Dear Friends, Cancer receives the in-breath data package from Gemini, gets it together in an intelligent package and delivers it with quite a one pointed display (lots of 6th Ray) to Leo. Leo is when it happens. Leo is where the decisions are made. We have Rays 1 and 5. These… Continue reading Exact Time Leo Meditation – 2019


August 2019 Thoughtline – Vigilance

So, when we were very, very young, when we were still the best dinner on the planet for many of our four legged brothers and sisters, and if truth be told, for any number of our two legged kin, we learned to be extremely vigilant. So deeply ingrained did this absolutely necessary condition become that even the materialist “scientists” recognize it as an automatic reflexive condition, an “instinct” of being and staying alive.

Exact Time Letter

Cancer 2019 Exact Time Letter, Notice and Meditation Link

Saturday, July 13, 2019 Dear Friends After we get straightened out and realize that the Way out of our fixation in the illusion of a one dimensional dense physical reality into the Infinite Cosmos, the word for Cancer changes from the very old and too familiar “Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd… Continue reading Cancer 2019 Exact Time Letter, Notice and Meditation Link


July 2019 Thoughtline – Conscious Government

As we know, from the beginning of our long evolutional journey virtually all of the actual word language that we have to use for trying to move Principles and Ideas from the formless realms of Cosmos into intelligently comprehendible thoughtforms have been grossly distorted. This distortion is the result of our intelligent one dimensional separative… Continue reading July 2019 Thoughtline – Conscious Government