October Thoughtline #2 – The Big Problem

As humanity on a global scale, the big problem we are presently facing is something that we think of as “Big Business”. It is really time to wake up. Business was more or less the form into which the Forces of Retrogression, on all of its many levels, migrated as the evolution of consciousness gradually… Continue reading October Thoughtline #2 – The Big Problem


October 2017 Thoughtline – What’s Up?

The more we understand the physics and chemistry of the cycles, how they work and what drives them, the better we can direct our energies into forms that will actually further the unfolding. But presently, we have this amoral unconscious, intellectual knee jerk habit to separate the things we encounter into various parts. We then… Continue reading October 2017 Thoughtline – What’s Up?


To all Proactive Initiators of the Good

The situation in the U.S. Government has been intensifying for the past year. It is rapidly (relatively) approaching a crisis point. We have been urged to focus as much of our attention as we can on the Capitol Cleaning Meditation Action. The possibility for a significant evolutionary advancement looms. Recall that this target has already… Continue reading To all Proactive Initiators of the Good

Exact Time Letter

Exact time Meditation Letter – Virgo 2017

Dear Friends, Well, something is going to manifest in Virgo. There are obvious major labor pains in virtually every nation on the planet. My human, and therefore admittedly rather limited, sense is that there has been a massive prison break. Appropriate metaphors would be like “the last straw” or the final grain of sand on… Continue reading Exact time Meditation Letter – Virgo 2017


September 2017 Thoughtline — The End of the Tunnel

It is a fact that the majority of the 7+ billion human beings on the planet are unconsciously consciously identified with the dense material world in which we are functioning. Most of us, for example, simply assume, without a single thought at all, that we are our meat, our dense physical bodies. When we say… Continue reading September 2017 Thoughtline — The End of the Tunnel


August 2017 Thoughtline – From Parts to Wholes

Thoughtline August 2017 I would remind you of the Law which states that “we grow through the medium of our recognitions.” A recognition, when it is seen as an aspect or fractional part of a greater whole, is the seed of a major expansion of consciousness. A stabilized expansion of consciousness connotes initiation. This is… Continue reading August 2017 Thoughtline – From Parts to Wholes

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Exact Time Letter for Leo 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Dear Friends, What we can guess or assume about an eclipse of the sun by a new moon or of the moon by the earth at the full moon is that at these times the inflowing energy will be greatly enhanced. Master D.K. indicates that in the “new religion”, however that… Continue reading Exact Time Letter for Leo 2017