May 2019 Thoughtline – From Separation to Synthesis

  It is good to understand that the possession of objects should be devoid of a feeling of property ownership. It is good to possess things in order to take care of them, and even to surround them with a benevolent aura, with the thought of passing them on to others. The manifestation of a… Continue reading May 2019 Thoughtline – From Separation to Synthesis


Thoughtline April, 2019 #2 – Metaphors

The Thinker said to His disciples, “Think of yourselves as heroes, and sense what heroic deed you can perform today. Supermundane #513 Recently, Mary and I attended a ballet of Prokofiev’s Cinderella Ballet. Ballet, like theater and music, is an excellent example of Group Consciousness. The individual consciousnesses of probably hundreds of individuals is synthesized… Continue reading Thoughtline April, 2019 #2 – Metaphors


Thoughtline April 2019 – Getting It

That there is no One, only Three, is an unavoidable conclusion of examination. It is impossible to have one without the other two. Simply put, if somewhat metaphorically, there is only the Intendor, the Lover, and the Builder, the Three fold Consciousness of Cosmic Physics, or essentially, the three fold process of Creation. This fact… Continue reading Thoughtline April 2019 – Getting It


March 2019 Thoughtline #2 – Things End! Things Begin!

We are well into phase three of the world war that was initiated by Retrogressive Forces in 1914. The first phase known, as WW1, ended in 1918, the year before the last seven year cycle of the 100 year Plan that Hierarchy initiated in 1825.The second phase,WW2, in which the Forces of Light also triumphed,… Continue reading March 2019 Thoughtline #2 – Things End! Things Begin!


March 2019 Thoughtline – Here We Go

The Thinker advised, “Weave the wings of equilibrium, then you will not fall into an abyss.” Supermundane #820 It is now, February of 2019, 6 years and some 10 months out, and coming at a speed that has never been seen in the 18 million or so years of our evolution from mass through self… Continue reading March 2019 Thoughtline – Here We Go


February 2019 Thoughtline – The Bondage of Self-Consciousness

Infinity is pure Intention. According to the Ageless Wisdom, it appears as a Word. As above so below! “…people must understand that the word is the pedal of thought—that each word is a thunder-bearing arrow.” Community #47 Pay attention to Intention. Less that an eye-blink ago, 1929-39, Humanity experienced an event called the Great Depression.… Continue reading February 2019 Thoughtline – The Bondage of Self-Consciousness

Exact Time Full Moon Meditation · Exact Time Letter

Aquarius Exact Time Letter, 2019

Dear Friends, Aquarius is the pause within the pause of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces between the out Breath of Libra Scorpio and Sagittarius. The work, as we know, is done in the pause between the breaths. In the Aquarian pause, we package, or to be or scientific, Synthesize, the Intender’s Intentions, reached in the processes… Continue reading Aquarius Exact Time Letter, 2019