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Love is All

“Love Is All”

It frequently seems now-a-days that our merry-go-round has been changed into a never
ending ride on Thunder Mountain. Just a few plunges: While gradually becoming able to
at least deal with the world wide Covid monster, we have the pending evermore serious
Climate disasters plus the insanity in Ukraine, serious drought, wildfires all over the
place, 6$ a gallon gas, random murders of people in churches, schools, and even super
markets, and of course, the erasing of a hundred plus years of actual evolutionary
progress by the pending dehumanization of women and their return to their
animal status.

And of course, we also have the ongoing 3rd attempt to take over the Democracy of the
United States by Retrogressive forces operating through seriously demented
individuals. The first attempt was the insertion of slavery into the first constitution. The
second was the effort to divide the nation in to Slave and Free sections which was
blocked by the Civil War and took 1,030,000 dead to fix.

The ongoing 3rd effort, which by the way is simply the same monster with different
clothes, is to take over the U.S. by the fascist efforts of the Trumpistas. Or failing that, to
again try to split the Nation into two separate nations.

These are not actions of Love!

All of these situations, both worldwide and local, occurring virtually simultaneously are
the efforts of the Forces of Retrogression to retard or stop evolution. To this end, they
have for centuries generated an energy field of doubt, fear, and hate. Presently, this
field is fostered and pushed by giant media systems in the effort to blot out any kind of
rational inclusive thinking, or efforts to reveal the Common Good and the actual unity of

In all of this chaos and fake change what is presently often overlooked or not even
thought of is Evolution! Our amazing technological advances are pushed as
evolutionary growth. Yet it is a mistake to see these technology advances as
evolution. Many are advances in weapons technology of all kinds designed to kill
human beings. Much of the other really amazing technological advances in tools and
“things” are designed to serve the acquisition of more tools and things (think of your
iPhone 13 Pro Max or Space X) with which to harvest personal wealth.

Evolution has almost nothing to do with technology. In fact evolution is all about
producing Human Beings that need absolutely zero technology to live and move and
serve the Plan on Planet Earth. It involves the expansion of consciousness that
liberates the animal man from the identification with the animal body to the realization of
his immortal conscious self. “Even the present state of evolution will in the long run
serve a good purpose as a unique tactica adversa, for in his attachment to technology
man will drive himself into such a dead end that no way will be open to him but to turn to
the joy of the Subtle World.” Supermundane the Inner Life, 1938 #366.

Obviously, we are in the Great Unfolding. We are passing through the remnants of the
decarnating Piscean Age which has been crawling through unending warfare for some
2500 or so years and, simultaneously we are evolving ever more swiftly on a much
tighter and more narrow arc into the incarnating Age of Aquarius. In the visible speed of
the current arc of evolution, Humanity has made more progress in both the
decarnatinon and the incarnation areas in the past 100 years than in the previous
millions of years.

Still, even in these remaining days we feel the pain and power of being held in bondage
by the retrogressive system of Capitalism. Capitalism, the cave of delusion, is not a
product of Love. Its purpose is not to generate Life Liberty and Justice for All. It is a
product of chaos, an ancient heartless power driven by Evil whose purpose is to keep
Humanity enslaved in the cave of separation and the deluded ownership of Matter.

It is because they are very much aware of their unavoidable, rapidly impending
disappearance that the deluded mobsters are generating as much hate and fear as they
can to blind us to the Great Unfolding through which we are now living. The “NEW AGE”
isn’t coming. It has actually been here for some years now. Its dense physical
appearance is not the technology; it is the evolutionary struggle of Human rights
and Liberty for all which since 1776 has been and is rapidly manifesting
throughout the Planet.

If you really want to understand history you have to realize that everyone and thing on
the planet is intelligent. Intelligence is! The obvious Harmony of life between the
multitudes of different forms, easily seen in the Plant Kingdom, is an overwhelming
example of the Love. What we are working on, what evolution has always been about is
using our incredible intelligence to foster and manifest on the dense physical planes
forms of government and economic systems of living that manifest the Infinite Cosmic
Principles of Harmony, Balance, Joy, Truth, Equilibrium, Kind-ness, and not least of all
Life, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!

This is what LOVE is about. Love is not an emotion. Love is the ultimate power, the
energy aspect of the Will to Good that drives Creation through the use of intelligence
into the envisioned forms of Harmony and Beauty.

None of this is or would ever be imposed on Humanity. The gift is Free Will. It is up to
us, to Human Beings to save the world. One very intelligent single action that we can
take is kind of simple. Human Beings just automatically love. Voting is definitely Love
in action.

Tom carney
Post Wesak April 17,2022

One thought on “Love is All

  1. Hi Tom

    Are you leading a full moon exact time meditation tomorrow? I didn’t receive a notification with link, and I really appreciate the service opportunity.

    With Aloha, Bryan



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