Thoughtline III – April 2022 – Free Will

Free Will

Why are the secrets of the breath so carefully guarded? Because the efficacy of black magic is found right here. There is a point where both black and white magic employ necessarily one similar stage in the work.
[Page 519] Certain men, with potent wills and clear and trained minds, but animated by purely selfish purpose, have learnt to use the lower of the two soul interludes—that which concerns the relation of mind and brain. Through an intense application and a knowledge of the science of the centres they have been enabled to work out their selfish plans and to impose their will and mental authority upon the “prisoners of the planet.” A Treatise on White Magic P. 518

In spite of almost 3500 years the Cave which Plato described in his allegory, although much altered in terms of its technology and appearance, remains the prison of delusion for large numbers of human beings. Sophistry—the technique of using the power of heartless intelligence to manipulate language and effects to destroy any possibility of the existence of an immutable Principle such as Truth—is used to create, update, andmaintain this delusion of reality or prison for incarnating Units of Consciousness.

This prison, vastly modernized but still effectively holding the prisoners faces pointed toward the Lie, is currently called Capitalism. One of the upgrades not mentioned in Plato’s description of the Cave is that there has always been a way “out” for the prisoners. If one uses their intelligence and will power to acquire more stuff, not justmaterial things—yachts, space ships, and mansions seem to be in huge demand just now—but the power to own and direct what others can do, one can become a King.

Being a King has always been seen as a natural result of the fact that one was vastly superior to the others.

So nothing new here, except that this notion of superior beings seems to have affected all levels of the Cave. The defining factor is how well one can use their physical power to generate pain, or the manipulative, sophistic powers of intelligence and the emotional power of hate and fear to con or force others into being willing to do as they are told without question, or, in effect, to surrender their basic Humanness, their Free Will. This condition was encouraged and utilized by the Retrogressors to maintain their all but complete control over the natural evolution of Humanity. Thus we have the bottom line of the Big Lie, Might makes Right!

Incidentally, friends, this is the same Lie that is driving the delusions of Putin which, just as in the old days—say before 1947 or so—are causing thousands of human beings to be killed.

I don’t know how much anyone knows about Humanity’s very ancient history, but, according to Milton in Paradise Lost, this delusion, “Might Makes Right,” was basically the argument that got a certain group of Angels kicked out of Heaven. Now, just a few months ago this same lie, with a clever sophistic twist was actually put forth by Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to President Trump. On a national media program that had millions of watchers/listeners, Kellyanne insisted that Alternative Facts exist. Basically, for these individuals, Truth is whatever anyone has the power to says it is.

This is of course not new. The ancient system is very much still operating as Capitalism. There are still “kings” in the old sense however the present top of the system is now held by Billionaires. Might still makes Right.

It is this Lie dressed in multitudes of costumes, that has driven the forces of Evil from the beginning. This lie seeks to justify the system called Capitalism through the use of “alternative facts.” Presently this system has generated a massively unequal distribution of wealth in the world. For example, in the U.S., 740 billionaires or 0.0002% of the nation’s population of around 350 million, collectively own $4.7 trillion dollars. 30,000,000 people, mostly children, live at or below the poverty line of $12,490 a year for a single person. For a Family of 4 this line is $26,500.

By whatever name, This Lie has always been the force Humanity has had to overcome to manifest the Cosmic fact of the One Humanity with Freedom, Justice, and Liberty for all. However, when we are talking about freedom and justice, we are not only talking about abstract principles. We are talking about basic Human Rights. We are talking about shoes and food and a decent house or apartment in which to live. We are talking about education, about schoolbooks, papers, pencils, and lunch. We are talking about transportation about a means to make a living wage. You know, reality!

This is 2022. This is the New Age. This is the Age of Aquarius! We have the power to enable Humanity to evolve out of the disgusting cave of Capitalism. We can do this through the expression of our Free Will simply by voting and electing those individuals and those programs that are based in Freedom and Justice for ALL. A major percentage of the individuals who have been born in the past 40 years get this. This is not rocket science. It is common sense. They have been born knowing this! You know this!

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