Thoughtline ll April 2022 – The Inner War

The Inner War

When we talk about war we are generally talking about the dense manifestation of the process and effects of a LIE. We are not talking about the cause or generator of “war.” We are talking about the effects of war, battles that occur on and involve the dense physical planes. We are talking about the implements of war weapons, bombs, and bullets. We are talking about the unavoidable products of war the destruction of nature, towns, and cities. We are talking about the creation of large numbers of destroyed or wounded bodies of human beings..

These are all effects of war. The cause of war is not to be found on the dense physical planes. The CAUSE OF WAR is the highly intelligent deliberately conscious effort by certain groups of people who use their material wealth and power to push and maintain the LIE of existing in a one dimensional cosmos as self-conscious totally separated individuals whose unavoidable end is death. (They do not talk much about that part though!)

Over the millennia of centuries, this Lie has created a very dense veil of delusion between our emotional bodies and, our hearts and our minds. In the recent 300 years of the Ancient Inner War of consciousness however, Humanity has made startlingly rapid growth. We have evolved sufficiently so that today many billions of the eight billion units of consciousness now incarnated are able to pierce that veil of “Black Power” The Rays and the Initiations P 350 and actually realize the reality of the multidimensional Cosmos.

The explosion of “black power,” the dark forces, or evil to be simple, that is endeavoring to engulf Ukraine is a glaring dense physical example of insanity. To be clear, there are similar but smaller insane explosive efforts to extend black power in other parts of our world. The Philippines is one example.

The Dark Forces, the products, or leftovers from an ancient Solar system that evolved to relative perfection through Intelligence, are usually not stupid. “Forget not that the black magicians of today were the initiates of a previous solar system.” They no not Love. They have “never freed [themselves] from the principles which governed the first solar system.” The Rays and the Initiations P 350 And as their unavoidable extinction grows ever closer, they are driven by hate, fear, and greed which all “sleep in the same bed”.

After WW2 it became apparent even to the Retrogressors that dense physical war, thanks to the development of atomic bombs was really not going to work to take over the world. After their total defeat on the dense physical plane in WW2, the Retrogressors returned almost exclusively to the Inner War. The weapons are the use and manipulation the emotional and lower mental planes. They were and are ideally situated and fixed to wage this Inner War.

This type of war does not involve bombs and guns so much as maintaining the delusion of a dense physical single dimension reality in which what one owns signifies ones value as a human being. It is within this delusion that energy or power is concretized into money, the ownership of property of all kinds, the control of technology, and the mediums of communication. Given the distribution of world wealth, it does appear that he Retrogressive forces are doing well under this form of war.

However, the current owner or President/King of Russia has decided that the nation of Ukraine should really be a part of Russia. So, he decided to include it in the collection of countries over which he rules. To fulfill that desire, he has unleashed a huge army and is proceeding to try conquer what he sees as his by divine right.

This move was not a move by a unified Forces of Darkness. It is not correct to see the Dark Forces as beings united in anyway. They are totally at war with each other for Power. And apparently most of these folks are not happy with the insane move of Putin.

From the point of view of relatively Sane persons, regardless of their individual motives, assaulting Ukraine is/was a huge mistake by a seriously insane individual. As we can see, it will take all of our wisdom and power to prevent this from causing an atomic war. On the bright side, it does appear that with one or two smallish exceptions, NO ONE on the planet with the possible exceptions of a few other insane people, is remotely interested in having an atomic war. The vast majority of people and Nations, Corporations, and personal individual owners of Money appear to be totally opposed to Putin’s insane assault on a “Free” Nation.

Again, we see tactica adversa. The United Nations power and promise having been virtually derailed by the veto power of any nation on the Security Council, the Russian assault has generated a tactica adversa in the reawakening of the value and power of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (an organization out of which Trump tried to pull the US). NATO, a unified organization of 30 member states and 3 aspiring states, has thus become the primary supporter and supplier of Ukraine. This is another example of the very real Inner War, the unified struggle to manifest the fact of the ONE HUMANITY.

This same issue is looming before us in the United States. The assault which has been unleashed in the US over the past few years and made visible by the assault on the Congress on January 6th is a major Dark forces effort to destroy Government of for and BY the People. The elections in 2022 involve not only the Senate and Congress but many forms of Government throughout our nation. The forces of retrogression on many levels are seriously engaged in putting individuals who are not at all interested in anything like the Common Good and General Welfare in to positions power and decision.

This situation is as serious if not more so than the dense physical attack on Ukraine. We need to see this. We need to deal with it with the same urgency and power that we are using to support Life Liberty and Justice in Ukraine.

We really NEED all hands on deck. We, each of us, has something to give on each of the planes like participation in group efforts for Human and Environmental Rights, like loving, thinking, and supporting in any way we can on the dense physical, those who are for the Common Good and General Welfare who are running for office on any level. And, Above all on VOTING. Voting is the absolute most powerful use one can make of her or his Free Will.

Tom Carney
April 13,2022

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