Thoughtline April 2022 – Here Now!

Here Now!

We have this problem with time. It’s like we think that today is a place in time which it is of course. What we do not get is that every individual’s sense of “today” is different. So what is here now depends very much on where one is now, and where one is in any given moment of “now” depends totally on what one is registering as being where one is.

Anyone who has any experience as a teacher at whatever level of school has registered thousands of times that the body of this or that individual student may be sitting in the second desk of the third row, but that individual unit of consciousness is definitely not occupying the perfectly functioning equipment of that vehicle and could be almost anywhere in time or space.

Most of our problems in both our incarnated lives in general, and what we experience as specific day to day events flow from our identification with the dense physical plane of reality and the dense physical vehicle we use to get around on and in it, whenever or wherever we are. This largely unconscious identification locks us into a delusional one dimensional space/time paradigm to which the Ageless Wisdom refers as “the prison of self-interest.” The instant one realizes that one is not one’s body but the consciousness that is inhabiting it many things begin to make sense. We have the “Oh! I GET IT!” experience and commence the somewhat longish path of evolution “out of the cave of delusion” and into the Light.

Historically, this initial amazing revelation or realization was usually a short lived experience. The dominant delusion we call a personality reestablished identification with, and control over the equipment. And so, we have this long, long history of climbing out of the cave, (Thank you Master Plato) of having to go through many incarnations— most of which were not that enjoyable—of learning Who we really are.

As we can clearly see, many of our sisters and brothers are still caught in this gradual shifting of identification from the delusion our being their separative bodies. They continue to be involved in seemingly never-ending battles for Life in which the most powerful and ruthless are the rulers. They are the Owners of power or money, and all others are lessers, or employees, the middle class, or commoners, serfs, or slaves, or as we call them today, “the poor.”

The ancient economic, social, and political systems that we have in place to organize our existence are totally based on this delusion of a one dimensional system of competition for the private separative ownership of property. In the lower physical, emotional, and mental dimensions, the “noise” of this delusion is the most obvious thing that one feels, hears, and sees. Its purpose is to generate confusion in those who can think a little bit and fear and hate in those who are still emotionally polarized.

Today this noise is transmitted via modern electronic media and is virtually everywhere on the planet. The vast majority of this media including what we call the “Liberal” Media is produced and controlled on various levels by the rulers or Owners. It is used to generate a 24/7 blizzard of propaganda that in uncountable ways creates, supports, and drives the delusion of a separative world in which human beings are totally involved in the pursuit and possession of material property which frequently involves taking it away or protecting it from some other human being. It is the amount and varying quality of this material property which gives these sisters and brothers a sense of value and reason for living.

In spite of the fact that the number of individuals who are occupying this level of human consciousness has been dwindling over the past 400 years—It presently accounts for just around 2/5ths of the total 8 billion incarnated human beings—the ancient systems of delusion and control are still very much “in the driver’s seat.” Fear seems to have made it impossible for anyone who holds any kind of significant position in any of the fields of Government or Science to actually state the fact of our evolving, multidimensional, immortal reality without being classed as deluded, too far out, or just fired. No one who matters has come out and said that fear of death is dumb. There is incarnation and decarnation, but no “death”!

It is true that, “The forces of death are abroad today, but it is the death of liberty, the death of free speech, the death of freedom in human action, the death of truth and of the higher spiritual values. These are the vital factors in the life of humanity. The death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation to these and is easily righted again through the processes of rebirth and of fresh opportunity. The destruction of the form in battle is of small importance to those who know that reincarnation is a basic law of nature and that there is no death. Esoteric Healing p.439,440 (also see A Treatise on White Magic P.300,301)

Instead of Commonsense, we are offered unavoidable death in the sophistic prison called Compromise. As they have from the very beginning of this, the Second Solar System, Retrogressors are working very hard to prevent this unavoidable evolutional process from going forward. Recently they have taken an extremely dangerous step in the Nazilike attack and slaughter of human beings in Ukraine.

Once again we see the cosmic process of Tactica Adversa working. This insane move by the deluded would be King of Russia and company has served not only to reignite the unification of nations in a powerful and timely way but has brought to the front the expansion of the realization by billions of “woke” individual human beings of the fact that there is only One Planet and can only be one system which recognizes and Implements the physics of reality through Life, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!

We, incarnated Human Beings, must at least bring the fact of the multidimensional Cosmos as a rational possibility into the OPEN. Whether people actually realize or even think about it or not, this is in Reality old news for a fair portion of those units of consciousness who are older than 40. And I suspect that this is so as well for a large majority of the recently incarnated 4 billion units of consciousness.

Most of these acquired this “insight” concerning who they really are in previous incarnations. Just as they naturally simply assume breathing and thinking at birth, they simply and naturally assume that they are the immortal occupiers of the equipment. We need to make it O.K. for them to live and move and have their being from this point of view!

The expansion of equality and acceptance for sisters and brothers who are identifying with different sexual senses of who they are is an indicator of how this will expand to the inclusion of those who KNOW that they are not their dense physical vehicles at all, and the nature or “type” of their dense physical vehicles in no way shapes or determines the quality of their consciousness.

The “ageless wisdom” is called “Ageless” for a reason. According to the best data we have Humanity has been “evolving” for 17 million years or so. This Age is simply the next phase of the evolution of Consciousness. We carry the consciousness of The New Age, and as it has been recently noted, We finally are the ones we have been waiting for!

PDF file of the April 2022 Thoughtline.

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