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Synthesis Is!

“Synthesis Is!”

Energy follows thought. This is an unavoidable principle of evolution. It was
pointed out some 70-80 years ago that “The steady impact of right thought
on the human consciousness by trained groups of thinkers is the method
that can be most successfully applied at this time, and here these groups
can help profoundly.”
Glamour A World Problem P.18

Obviously, this and many, other technics of “spiritual approach” used in all
areas of Human Life to impact human consciousness with a steady stream
of right thought have been going on for a very long time. Although they may
not be that evident to the dense physically focused consciousness, they are
moving today through all areas of human endeavour, government,
economic, and social, more powerfully than ever. The huge advances that
Humanity has made in right human relations and group endeavour over just
the past 120-30 years are significant.

However, the key word here is “right” thought.” Thought that deals with
abstract dreams, desires, wishes, and does not involve the nitty gritty
issues of Life, Liberty, and Justice for ALL is of little use and indeed
frequently a hinderance to the unfolding of the Plan. BTW, Energy also
happens to follow thought drivel, free association, and navel gazing. This
accounts for the clouds of confusion and delusion which pollute the lower
mental planes and surround so many. Also, the retrogressors are masters
at whipping up and jamming the lower mental planes with powerful
“thoughts” of desire, fear, and anger.

Pure thoughts are like the ozone of space.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden II #361 As we
know, the energy which follows an actually pure or useful thought also
creates a chain of cause and effect. The effect will inevitably work out on
the lower dense physical planes in some sort of action. This action will
cause other actions.

In terms of human relations and life, human beings continually take some
more or less dense physical actions. These actions will in some way hinder
or support the unfolding Plan. Meditating, for example, starts with a dense
physical action. Meditation is actually a method for the creation of a
connection between the acting unit, that’s us, and the Principles upon
which the Plan is based. This practice eventually creates an ever present2
condition of alignment with the Plan. So that when one has to act, the act
will be in line with the Plan.

The point of all of this: If we want the Plan of Light and Love to “seal
the door where evil dwells” we have to implement it! We understand
that this means we have to live it.

We, have to do it. Not any far off gods or magic will do it for us. They are
not allowed. It’s called Free Will. We can be sure that when we hear some
voice urging us to do this or that dumb thing it’s not a “good guy”

Nowhere in the Wisdom that I have seen are there any specific directions in
terms of who can or how or when to use the Light, Love, and Power! One
does not have to be a “disciple” or a male human being, or a monk, priest
or “holy man” or a senator or president, king, or queen, etcetera. There is
no list of jobs or roles or financial conditions. One does not have to have a
“high IQ,” or even know how to read.

At this point in our evolution, almost everyone is intelligent. Even the
animals and plants are intelligent. What is absolutely needed is Heart or
Love. And if we could realize it, Love is simply the energy that connects
Intention to Manifestation. You know, it connects the Will to Good to Good
Will. Love is infallible, and when looked at from a stable heart centered
focus, it is really Common Sense. i.e. it works.

Realize! Many, many of the billions of human units of consciousness that
have been incarnating over the past 100—and especially the recent 50—
years have lived all of those roles in previous incarnations. Billions of us
are being born with excellent emotional control, very intelligent, and with
varying levels of group consciousness already present.

We are instinctively driven by the energy of the heart or the Common
Good and General Welfare. We are all over the place in every country. We
are of every sex, every race, every level of human society from poverty to
billionaires and even every age… check out some of the 9 and 10 year olds
in your neighborhood.

Each of us from our own place and condition can participate in the
effort to seal the door where evil dwells. The one thing that all of us can
do even the 10 and 11 year olds, is think and talk with others. “People must3
understand that the word is the pedal of thought—that each word is a
thunder-bearing arrow.” The other thing that all of us 18 and over, at least
in the United States can do is VOTE!

Triumph is unavoidable. The current essential big step toward it is to
VOTE. Voting is the manifestation of the Synthesis that is.

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