Thoughtline February 2022 – The Biggest of the Big Lies

The Biggest of the Big Lies

I will get right to the point. The Biggest Lie is the absurdity that evil and Good are two sides of one coin. This lie enables evil to masquerade as a form of equality. It produces the delusion of “alt truth.” It generates separation and competition. It is the tool of those who would and do manipulate events in any area of life to maintain the current Lie upon which our present “capitalism” systems of government are based. It is called Might Makes Right. It supports the delusion that some people are more equal than others. It masquerades as the Con called Bipartisanism.

Of course there is no such thing as bipartisanism. Only fools compromise with Evil. Think of Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time,” the bipartisan compromise with Hitler. After 70 to 85 million deaths WWII ended with an Unconditional Surrender. The forces of Retrogression cannot deal with unconditional surrender.

In January of 1961, Eisenhower warned the nation of the “military-industrial complex”. The murders of JFK in 1963 triggered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. MLK was murdered in April of 1968, followed by the murder of RFK in June 1968. Nixon became President because Wallace, running to defend racial segregation, split the Democratic vote against Humphrey.

Since that giant win for Humanity, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we have been back-sliding into compromise. The slide became an avalanche in 1981 when Ronald Reagan became President. By the time Reagan was elected, the “Military Industrial Complex”— “the current version of the slouching rough beast, its hour come round at last” monster that Yeats mentioned, and that Eisenhower warned us about— was fully functional. Reagan announced its presence and its target in his opening speech. “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

If we look at the post Reagan years we can follow the trail of the ever growing control of the United States of America by the corporate billionaires or “business.” Today we have a power distribution that places 70% of the wealth in the hands of 10% of the population. We have around 30,000,000 people living in “poverty.” 11.6 or so millions of these are children and adolescents under age 18. This or something much worse is the “new normal.”

Our only path out of this eons old nightmare is what we call Democracy. In a Democracy all of the People vote on the nature of Path forwards. In a Democracy the majority of the voters are supposed to be the ones who direct the growth of the People. Overall, considering the non-stop efforts of the Forces of Retrogression and the above mentioned fraud called bipartisanism, Humanity has, and in the past 200 years thanks a lot to the emancipation of Women, made pretty good progress.

As the recent elections have indicated, this progress is shifting from a personality focus into a higher consideration of the presence of Commonsense and the expansion of programs which support the Common Good. This evolutionary shift is notable just in the number of young people (18-29) who voted in 2020. In the olden days, midterm elections where not well attended. That was primarily caused by the fact that the elections were personality events, and there was no battle between big national personalities.

The expansion of consciousness has significantly changed that. In the 2020 election the Republicans were totally focused on the personality of Trump. The democratic contenders including Biden were very program and issue focused. In the upcoming 2022 midterms The Retrogressors are employing the same tactics of vicious personality attacks on Democratic personalities while putting forward candidates who are Trump endorsed sycophants. They are negatively polarized personalities whose programs are not for anything but are against programs that would or do foster the Common Good and General Welfare.

These efforts to get rid of Democracy by the retrogressors are the hysterical reactions of psychopaths who recognize their looming end. The sword that will in the end, end them is not a weapon of destruction, it is the presence of Love radiating from programs and systems that foster Humanity’s evolutionary development.

The end that is coming for them is the Vote. As is obvious in their scramble to destroy the voting systems, they greatly fear the VOTE. Voting is how love drives this system. We vote for programs and systems that foster the Common Good. When we vote no, we are voting to protect the Common Good from some kind of attack.

As is obvious Triumph is eventually unavoidable. Triumph in this case requires a true control of both houses of the Government, as well as the Presidency. This will enable us to bring the Supreme Court up to date.

Love in action is voting. Let us encourage the hearts of all. It is not against anything. It is for Justice and Liberty, to say nothing of equality and civility for all.

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