Thoughtline January 2022 – Being Conscious!


Out of the shattered form of the fifth subrace of the fifth root race, built up under the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge, with the aid of the fifth Law of Fixation, will emerge the sixth subrace of brotherly love—love shown in the realization of the one life latent in each Son of God. Treatise On Cosmic Fire p.596

Well, here we are! This fact is at the core of the current rapidly unfolding Plan. Unfortunately, a relatively small number of separative self-conscious members of the “shattered form,” 5th subrace concrete knowledge folks, are still incarnated. These sisters and brothers are being manipulated by the same old group of powerful retrogressive forces to stop or at least slow down Evolution.

However, from within the very center of all of the noise which these shattered forms are generating, the Plan is unfolding. The population of Earth has, as you know, exploded over the past 40 years or so. The very vast majority of these 4 billion new incarnates are evolved to a point of consciousness that simply finds it natural to cooperate. They see others regardless of skin color, language, or geographic location not as inferiors or superiors or enemies to be feared including, I daresay, those who still are victims of ancient, primitive concepts (such as might makes right, wealth rules, poverty is natural) and limited incarnations, but as sister and brother human beings.

That said, the present situation is extremely dicey. Think for a moment. Humanity overcame the retrogressive forces known as Nazis through the use of cooperation, mutual love, and respect for each other. We were the Allies. We were concerned for the Common Good. This condition indicted the presence of a high level of group consciousness. It resulted in the creation of the United Nations.

True. Ever since they were defeated in the so called second world war, the retrogressive forces have been working very hard to stop anything even remotely like a UNITED NATIONS. However, evolution is not stoppable. In fact, it does seem that it is no longer delayable to any great extent.

Still, the social systems based on delusions, such as capitalism, and the class distinctions based on the private owner ship of wealth, are seemingly deeply entrenched in the day today activity of Humanity. However with the advancing conscious awareness of the fact that all there is energy, and that creating some dense physical form of it like “money” and claiming that only it has value and furthermore that you own it is rapidly being exposed for what it is– a con game to maintain the delusion of separation,
superiority, and inferiority.

Conscious human beings intuitively know these things. Democracy is our present effort to manifest this comprehension of Reality. As the vast majority of such group-conscious individuals come of voting age we will be able to evolve our economic and social system to better manifest these facts of Reality. The Retrogressors will resist. The challenge for the Human Beings is to cause this expansion of consciousness to manifest without war!

Dense physical action is required. Meditating and directing energy is great, but to manifest anything takes dense physical action. It requires that one do something to manifest ones will on the dense physical plane. The simplest one thing is to vote, to manifest ones consciousness in action. The next is to do whatever one can to protect this Human Right.

This is why we are here now. This is what Love is about. This is what drives our sisters and brothers. It’s called Liberty and Justice for All.

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