Thoughtline November 2021 — Humanity’s Unavoidable Multidimensional Future

One of the most basic of the Truths that make up the Ageless Wisdom has always and “forever” been the Reality of the Infinite Multidimensional Universe. That infinitesimal part of the Multidimensional Universe in which we Human Beings have been trapped consists of the three densest planes, solids, liquids and gasses, all of which are “compounds” of what we call atoms of the Cosmic Dense Physical Plane. The so-called science of our present understanding has limited “reality” to those 3 lower sub planes of the Dense Physical Plane, and thus has consequently imprisoned Humanity in a cell of delusion. Our particular cell is the highly sophisticated animal body with which many if not most of us have been totally identified for centuries.

No matter how small or large, things on those planes including our dense physical vehicles or bodies can be weighed, seen, measured, or registered in some fashion. We call the basic ones elements. Some “elements” particularly AU or gold have apparently been around for eons. In 1950 there were only ninety-six “known” elements. By 2012 we “knew” of 118 elements. In the early forties we proved these minute things existed by splitting an atom of one to make an atom Bomb!

What fool is going to say how many “elements” there are in the Infinite Cosmos? How many elements about which we may know nothing, but which may be used by others who do know about their existence to make “spaceships” that can exist and can be visible or invisible? This is only “science fiction” to those who are locked into the one dimensional delusion.

Religion and or spiritualism were excluded from Science because they could not be measured in some fashion and therefore did not actually exist. They have come to mean whatever anyone who uses them wants them to mean. However, we now have Artificial Intelligence and technology which is rapidly becoming worshiped as Humanities’ saviour.

The time will come when people will be compelled to turn to a more subtle mode of thinking. Evolution is created by man himself and nothing can impede it. Even the present state of evolution will in the long run serve a good purpose as a unique tactica adversa, for in his attachment to technology man will drive himself into such a dead end that no way will be open to him but to turn to the joy of the Subtle World.” Supermundane p.366

The Principles of Infinite Life, such as Honesty, Justice, Kindness, Beauty, Joy, Courage, Love are “abstract Energies” which cannot be measured. However, their Meaning and Intention have been warped and twisted to mean whatever the most powerful one says they mean. For example, we have this from a recent one of the reoccurring would be rulers of the world known as Hitler, “We intend to build a race of super humans therefore we need to gt rid of the weak humans.”

The day is rapidly approaching when we will be able to see and understand that this equipment we call our body is simply a dense physical vehicle designed to register, store, and act with the power of electricity just as does the automobile which we use to go to town. Sisters and Brothers from children to elders are already realizing that just as we are not the car we use to get around in, we are not the bodies we use to operate the car. We are the consciousness that lives in and uses these miraculous dense physical bodies to implement our free will and desires.

The dense physical manifestation of reality, although simply a constantly morphing dense physical presence or illusion of REALITY, is infinite. That it “exists” is dense physically provable by hitting your thumb with a hammer. Or by making a space craft and landing it on a planet somewhere. The variety and number of forms of matter which energy takes on to exist in Infinity is unimaginable. (Current estimates of the number of planets in the universe is seven hundred quintillion. This is not counting “stars.”) But they are FORMS. They are the furthest one can get from the Truth.

So, getting caught up in the ridiculous wars (over what kind of dense matter is most valuable, or who owns what temporarily existing dense physical object from a planet to an automobile) that are probably going on in other galaxies and on other planets, between various incarnated self-actuated forms is not evolution. It is simply a version of the delusion of identification with the forms.

The Purpose of the incarnating unit of human consciousness is to Free One’s Self from the identification with matter and to evolve into the Infinite, totally rational, Cosmos from which one came. As the Ageless Wisdom has indicated, (The Rays and the Initiation P350) this particular manifestation of the Earth is the second in a series of three steps involved in the creation of a Planet. In the first manifestation of Earth the primary design according to the Ageless Wisdom, was to develop Intelligence to its highest possibility as the primary driver of Planetary Life.

This effort was successful. And as can be seen, Intelligence permeates every atom of substance from the most minute atom in the so-called Mineral Kingdom through the endless varieties of the Plant and Animal (including animal-man) Kingdoms and of course the Human Kingdom, including all items or things that animal man and Human Beings have “invented”. The Planet is Intelligent!

The purpose of the Being Whose Will and Love are driving this second phase of the evolution of Earth is to replace Intelligence, the energy that drove the first iteration of earth, with Love. Love is the primary driver of the unfolding manifestation of the Plan for this second edition of Earth. Love is the great problem solver. First of all, Love utterly destroys the delusion of human identification with and the ownership of property of any kind. You have heard of this condition before, “Things are in the saddle and they ride Mankind.”

The destruction of the forms which have been imprisoning the divinity and free will of human beings is the back trail of Human evolution. As we all well know, evil, or retrogressive forces opposed to the evolution of Humanity have made this trail extremely painful and bloody. However, with each dreadful experience over the many, many centuries Humanity has evolved. And as was prophesied by the Beatles in 1967, “It’s getting very near the end.”

Avalanches of cosmic physics in conscious evolution spread over hundreds of years. This current one started almost imperceptibly in the fifteen hundreds. Humanity, 8 billion strong, is now deeply engaged in the avalanche of the New Beginning.


The sun is rising, driving darkness down.

Look now. Look, already the Eastern sky

Is tinged with faint flames of morning orange.


The sun is rising, driving darkness down.

Listen now. Listen, the plaintive sweet notes of the

Mourning Dove’s call are drifting on the morning breeze.

Rejoice now, rejoice.

We have traversed the night.

We face the day.

The Sun is rising over the land.

The Son is rising in the heart of man,

Driving Darkness down.

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