Thoughtline II October 2021 Opening Doors


Well, we finally figured out that Life is just another name for infinity. Life is of course Infinite. So, when we are talking about our “Life,” you know the few years we spend walking around in our dense bodies, breathing, and doing random stuff on the planet, it’s sort of illuminating when we suddenly realize that our “Lives” are like tiny rain drops in a never ending, or for that matter, beginning monsoon.

I suspect that such an experience has happened to many, many of the present units of consciousness in one reincarnation or another. That original experience, the planting of that tiny seed of Truth, is the power center, that deep point of Wisdom that drives every succeeding incarnation upon the Path of return. Eventually, depending on one’s Free Will Choices, we “get it!”

Again! you might say.

But this time a door opens. Or a door that wasn’t really there disappears, and we see. What we see is the Path! The door was the delusion of death and the lie of a one dimensional reality that manipulated our “personality” the individual that the delusion had created in order to get around on the planet.

Granted. The realization of this fact does not instantly eliminate the load, or the “long tail of ugly thoughts” Supermundane #669 and old, selfish habits accumulated during the many incarnations of our delusional self-centered lives in the cave. However, it does open the door to a few of the higher realities of a multidimensional cosmos and the fact of our growing ability to register, and learn to consciously direct the energies of the Cosmos within which “we live and move and have our being” into facets of the Great Unfolding Plan.

As we know from lots and lots of hiking, this is not Our Path, it is the Intendor’s Plan for Humanity’s Path. Each of us, according to the door we opened whether we are consciously aware of it or not, choose the way in which we will direct this energy.

As points of Light within the Greater Light each of is a part of a huge group endeavour within an unfolding Plan. As we consciously register this fact we experience this wave of Joy, and Confidence.

231. Shield and lance! God has blessed the warriors.
All will come. Twilight will end.
Do you not see that the Cosmic Consciousness is in convulsion?
We know the course of the battle—the Plan of the Creator cannot be altered.
From the Beginning the dark ones struggled.
From the Beginning We conquered.

Tom Carney
October 15 2021

Printable PDF file of October Thoughtline II

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