Thoughtline October 2021 — The One Dimensional Delusion

The One Dimensional Delusion

Do not get things and thoughtforms mixed up with Thinking. Thinking leads one ever deeper into the formless worlds of Ideas and eventually Principles. It is from this level that one gives birth to one’s INSIGHTS as thoughtforms or “things.”

As Plato pointed out some 2700 or so years ago, since as far back as we have any data, Humanity has been held prisoner in the delusion of a cave of a physical dense one dimensional reality. “Reality” for Humanity stops at the point where we cannot assign dense physically measurable qualities to a “thing.” Nothing means no measurable “things.” This is of course an absurdity produced by the deliberate, and biggest of all big Lies, the refusal to allow the overwhelming obviousness that a infinite non-dense physical Cosmos exists.

Any individual who sees her or himself as a scientist, or an artist for that matter— not a technician or a PhD in some “category”—but an Artist/Scientist, knows instinctively that she or he exists in an infinite cosmos of energy. They also realize that Infinity exists beyond our imagination let alone “knowledge.” Yet Infinity is one of few aspects of the multidimensional Cosmos that is obvious, that we can kind of register and at least partially understand. Harmony, Beauty, perfect Balance, motion, and inexhaustible form manifestation are others.

Thing is, we have zero dense physically measurable “things” to “prove” that we actually do live in a multidimensional infinite Cosmos where Energy systems or frequencies we call Love, Harmony, Beauty do exist. The result of this eons long hang-up was what generated the separation of Science into two pieces: The hard demonstrable stuff was called Science and the stuff that did not have a dense physical existence was eventually called religion.

Religion rapidly became the field in which any individuals who felt like it could make up a scenario for what was happening on the Earth and say GOD told him or her that this was IT! Furthermore, if the maker of any random “truth” had the power, any other view was heresy and would be subject to punishment which ranged from being kicked out of the Elected Ones or put to some kind of horrible death.

And so we have had thousands of years of wars and cruelty over whose visions, dreams, and statements about Nothing are true and whose are not. Are all humans created Equal, or are some superior and meant to be the Kings over the others? Can a person actually own as private property a part or all of the dense physical planet? Is Equality and Liberty for all, or does Might make Right? Are you a dense physical thing called a body for whom death is unavoidable?

Science was reduced to intelligence and to dealing with the dense physical world, and thus science became technology. It was in effect reduced to making new things, or more specifically modifying and updating ancient things like guns, first invented, 1000 AD or so, and which eventually pretty much did away with bow and arrow technology. Technology has evolved now to the point where it has generated something called Artificial Intelligence, the atom bomb, and space travel. All of this happens on the least of the multidimensional dimensions of Cosmos where a dwindling number of the present 8 billion units of Humanity is presently rather hung up.

Real science, or the Exploration of Multidimensional Reality was carried forward by artists, sculptors, composers, minstrels, poets, playwrights, alchemists/occultists, real philosophers such as Plato, Isaac Newton, Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell, Buckminster Fuller, and the writers and thinkers who authored and published what is called the Ageless Wisdom.

Regarding Cosmos, our advances in telescope technology have gotten us pretty convinced that Cosmos is Infinite. However there are still those who speak about the BIG BANG. It really does no good to finally get over the delusion that Earth is the ONLY planet in the Cosmos that can support Life if we have dense physical visitors in a starship from some other Galaxy, no matter what they look like, come to tell us the Good news—they are gods and have come to help us— or the awful news, they are gods too, but they came to eat us.

Once one gets over the dense physical reality hang up, it becomes obvious that, like the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human Kingdoms on Earth, Cosmos must include billions of varieties or “kingdoms” of Life. “Kingdoms” exist and manifest in the uncountable many layered subtle dimensions of infinity. It also becomes obvious that Life infuses Cosmos. Life is in fact COSMOS!

The dense physical hang-up is the Cave that Plato talked about. The Sun that we encounter when we finally make it out of the cave is “But the illumined intuition, with its power to synthesize (which is the emerging characteristic of the disciples and initiates under training), can and does lead them into a measured sequence of expansions of consciousness which eventually land them at last on the summit of the Mount of Transfiguration.” A Treatise On The Seven Rays Volume 1 p 154

Tom Carney
October 1, 2021

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