Thoughtline September 2021 – Harmony: The Frequency of Love

Libra: Love – Balance – Will

Dear Friends,

Exactly in the middle of all of this frenetic, really psychotic activity by those who would prefer to NOT evolve into some sort of commonsense manifestation of Life, Liberty, and Justice FOR ALL is where we must achieve and maintain Harmony. Light always works from the center of the darkness toward its unavoidable disappearance. Of course, as we know, each of us from our own evolution through the delusions of personal identification with our own fantasies and fears, it is a many dimensional occurrence.

As we have also come to realize, the Sun will always rise on the next chapter of the Great Unfolding. And it will undoubtedly present us with even more challenging and dare I say interesting opportunities. It is in these situations that we realize that JOY IS A SPECIAL WISDOM.

Loving US,


Harmony – The Frequency Of Love

As Humanity evolves each of us on an individual level becomes more and more aware of the fact that we actually are not our dense physical bodies. We gradually come into harmony or actually we fall into Love with Reality. Eventually, we experience a kind of consciousness that allows us, even as we see our individual selves as separate from others, not just humans but everything, to simultaneously in some non-dense physical way know that we are somehow joined with or a part of not only our sisters and brothers and animal friends but with what we call nature or the Plant Kingdom and also in some inexplainable way, Earth.

We feel the frequencies of the Kingdoms and we know that we are a part of them. We resonate with them. Mostly it is beautiful, joyful. However, we feel the pain too, the incredible discordance of hunger, fear, and despair.

You will have noticed that as we evolve, we become more and more conscious of our actions and the effect they have on the others to whom we are unavoidably linked both physically and in consciousness. This growing realization is the huge difference between revolution and Evolution.

And then at some time in some place, maybe on a very clear night when we happen to be out in the country, or at the ocean’s shore, or in the mountains and the moon is not so bright, we will get a glimpse of the Milky Way, and, like Keats, we will be stunned into silence. And we will realize that we are THAT. Silence is of course the Harmony of Infinity, or as we call it, the Music of the Spheres, or Love.

This has or eventually will if not on this planet at this time, of course, happen to every individual “Soul” or Unit of Consciousness there is. Many of us may have experienced this “stunning realization” in previous incarnations, and for those it is often a matter of re-membering which seems, in many cases, to sort of creep up on one as we stagger through the daily delusions of a separative sense of consciousness. And also, it stands to reason, it is frequently a matter of Karma.

I cannot say much about Karma except that it is unavoidable. But sooner, as in some individuals such as Greta Thunberg, or later we simply Know. We have that Understanding of the Obvious.

In any number of incarnations, we have all probably gone through the technical training and have at least a minute basic understanding of how the energies of the Rays and centers function. It is something that is studied, learned, and practiced through many lives of experience. The point of these incarnations has not been to make us intellectual giants who can manipulate energies and forces to gain selfish power and wealth. The whole process of incarnation has been to help us come into Harmony with Reality.

I suspect that, as was indicated, (Treatise on Cosmic Fire P.165 & 391) a significant number of us have been arriving at that point in the Great Unfolding in which somewhere around 3/5ths of the 8 billion reincarnating units of consciousness now in manifestation will have managed to harmonize their lives or “fallen in love” with the Plan. We are finally closing the book of delusion described by Macbeth.

Out, out, brief candle!
Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

“Knowing” is now an almost automatic function of the manifestation of Intention through the Heart into the Intelligent forms that meet the specific needs of the environments into which we have chosen to incarnate. It is all really a simple matter of Loving One Another.

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