Thoughtline August 2021 – The Esoterics of Politics

All You Need Is Love – a book By John Lennon and Paul McCartney Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal

The Esoterics of Politics

Before we get into the esoterics of Politics, we need to dig the word “esoteric” out of the dung heap of emotional nonsense and delusion into which the ignorance of those of us who have anciently identified with the delusion of existing in a mortal, dense physical body have caused Johnson to Webster and most other dictionaries to bury it. In a word or three, that which is esoteric are those aspects of the infinite multidimensional Cosmos of Energy which are still beyond our (that is Humanity’s) capacity to even guess at, let alone comprehend.

For example in say 1600, what electricity is and how it works was totally “esoteric” for most Human Beings. Given what tiny bit we now know about electricity or Energy, we can imagine what still remains “esoteric” or beyond our current knowledge. That such a condition will always be the case in an Infinite Cosmos is obvious.

Of course, there have always been various individuals and groups of wise men and women on earth. They became wise because of greater incarnated evolutionary experience resulting in relatively deeper understandings of some aspects of the Energy Systems that govern Life on planet Earth than others are as yet able to understand, that is to Stand Under. Obviously, as long as a person lives in the pseudo reality of a one dimensional, dense physical world, the Infinity of Cosmos will not, for that person, be esoteric. It will simply not exist.

For those of us who have at least agreed to assume that we actually may live in an infinite multidimensional Cosmos, and that we might really not be our dense physical bodies but units of immortal consciousness that are using these bodies to get around on the dense planes of this specific planet, “esoteric” still refers to those aspects of the infinite cosmos about which we either as yet know very, very little or as Socrates observed “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Still, Cosmos is unavoidably Real, and in a beautiful, strangely comforting, even exciting way, Infinite. Ends are what start beginnings.

Which is all well and good. However, as we experience every day, Energy Follows Thought! Hence, what we think is what we do, and this fact makes “politics” very, very important.

On this Planet, politics is a deeply significant part of the field of living which is called Right Human Relations. There are two basic groups of players of politics about which we need to be very conscious.

One, which is referred to by many names such as the Forces of Light, seeks to help to evolve the individuals use of their unavoidable Free Will so that the choices they make will tend to serve the Common Good and the General Welfare. These Forces work from the Heart through the energy of Love.

The other, also known by anciently numerous names such as the Forces of Darkness or Evil and to which I refer as the Forces of Retrogression, seeks to eliminate the fact of Free Will, the basic aspect of being Human. They work to do this through the imposition and maintaining of a separative program of delusion which fosters the control of many by the chosen few. Their weapons are Fear, Doubt, and Hate.

The current effort to undermine and destroy the recent open and free elections of Governmental leaders, the manipulation in numerous States of the basic right to vote, the covid denial and vaccination fear mongering are live examples of these efforts going on right now in the United States of America.

If we can think of The United States of America as a body of Humanity, we can clearly see that our past has been a great evolutionary struggle between the forces of Light and the minions of Darkness. Since the beginning the forces of Light have at great cost in pain and suffering made steady progress. Much of which this was highly visible on the dense physical plane: the Civil War and WW1, the Emancipation of Women in 1920 and WW 2 for example.

All of these were great gains in the expansion of Right Human Relations. Along with these visible gains (and perhaps even the drivers of them) was a huge explosive, not so obvious “esoteric”, manifestation in the evolution of consciousness throughout Humanity. For eons, we have been evolving from the, deliberately and constantly nurtured unconscious delusion that we are objects, things which can be owned and sold by some other human beings. This “explosion” The explosive realization of the fact of our immortal presence as conscious individuals each of whom has a Free Will, has brought that delusion into the Light of group consciousness.

This is all about Right Human Relations; and as I indicated, Right Human relations are all about politics. Politics are the processes that create the Laws and rules that govern political systems. Such Laws and rules either advance the Common Good and General Welfare or they warp and hinder it in an effort to impose the rule of the Powerful few on the many.

Laws and rules either reflect the will of the People through fostering the Common Good and General Welfare or the will of the Retrogressive Few. In a Democracy, such as the one in the U.S., individual human beings— sisters and brothers— in free elections elect individuals to serve in these positions in the government and to make these Laws and rules.

All of this process is the Heart willed manipulation of energy to achieve a goal. This is working with energy, or esoteric work. This is about having and using our Free Will to cause a more Perfect Union. More perfect unions are not “prayed” or hoped or wished or meditated into existence. “The seed of the spirit and action constitute the center of life. Action, issuing from the potential of the spirit, is predetermined by the accumulation of the Chalice; hence the link between the cause and the effect.”

Real meditation will put one in touch with principles that carry the solutions to all problems. Meditation will not create a form or implement the solution. That is the action or work of the meditator. Each one has, actually is born with, a unique set of energies with which to build forms. “The Chalice is the past; the heart is the future.” Hierarchy #448 These must be manifested through the heart motivated dense physical actions of human beings. “Everyone can do something useful. Each consciousness can perceive the necessary path. Thus spoke the Thinker, “Cooperation is predestined for all.” Supermundane #311

It is fine to download concepts and release them as thoughtforms into the field of the mental and emotional planes. What matters here is not the kind of act but that there is deliberate conscious effort to serve the Light behind every ACT. “There are three words which are directive words for the disciple as he manages his life, his environment and his circumstances. They are Integration, Direction, Science. His task—as he faces it after the third initiation—is to produce a greater personal integration so that he becomes increasingly a soul-infused personality, and also to integrate himself with his environment for service purposes.

Just to say, the current energies we are using are Rays 1,2,7. These are the tools of political action. This is not an accident!

Tom Carney
August 2021

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