July 2021 Thoughtline – Love: The Great Motivator

Love the Great Motivator

As the Ancient Wisdom indicates, “Energy follows Thought”. However, it is Will or Desire that motivates the Goal, Quality, and Purpose, of the initiation of the thought. As Animal Men we are self-identified as our dense physical body immersed in a one dimensional, dense physical world of competition for personal value and meaning, and the fact of eventual unavoidable death. Consequently, most of our actions were the results of motives of self-preservation, or self-gratification. Or to be blunt, in whatever situation we found ourselves, we act first for our own separative welfare and “good”.

This reality is not good or bad. Self-preservation is simply the natural law of the animal kingdom. To the degree that we are consciously willing to act in a manner that serves the Common Good and the General Welfare we have evolved from the ancient, deluded identification of being our animal bodies into a growing realization that we are in fact immortal units of consciousness who have “incarnated” or taken on dense physical animal bodies to help unfold the obviously multidimensional Reality in which we find ourselves.

As we know from multitudes of sources regarding ancient history, Retrogressive Forces of Evil have resisted the evolution of the Plan from the beginning. That these forces are presently working “over-time” is also painfully obvious. To ignore this or treat it as something that should not be mentioned is foolish and actually empowers it.

Likewise, to try to “cooperate” or achieve some form of “bipartisan” agreement with these ancient evil forces is simply playing into their game. The fact that they do not cooperate is obvious to anyone who looks at the past 2/300 years of our bloody history.

An inexhaustible variation of the above occurs in the daily lives of many, if not still the most, Human Beings. I am sure many of us recognize, often with pain, the efforts to compromise and make deals with our own struggles with the delusion we call our “personalities”. The solution of both the macro and the micro of this situation lies in the heart centered analysis and exposure of the MOTIVE.

On an individual level, Why! Why do we as individual human beings do all of the things we do? All of Them! For whose sake?

What Motivates This Behavior?

Why are 689 million people, living in extreme poverty, $1.90 or less a day while at the same time one single person, the “richest” person in the U.S. possess $177,000,000,000?

Why is $741 billion, 55% of the U.S. national 2021 budget, the projected spending for the military, and 6% or $70 billion is being projected for Education.

Why do we have a worldwide economic system that separates Human Beings into various categories of worth?
Why do 2,755 billionaires in the U.S. hold not just the greatest dense physical amount of money, but the power that that money represents in a materialistic focused world?

Who benefits from this incredibly unbalanced system?

What motivates this literally insane situation?

The motive power that drives these obscene conditions is the blindly accepted ancient delusionary lie that we live in a one dimensional world in which might makes right and death is the end of the road for all! Consequently, the forces of fear, hate and greed have been major creators of the social and political systems which we have created and through which we have had to evolve, and in which we are still struggling.

In the present rapidly unfolding of the Real World, harmony, cooperation, the realization of Unity and the value of every single life form is a given. The motives that drive the thoughts that drive the energies of those of us who are incarnating and incarnated are heart sourced facets of Love.

The more than obvious insane chaos on all three of the lower dimensions, physical emotional and lower mental, are the results of last struggle of the forces of Retrogression. As Intelligence was the basic energy that created the Earth of the first Solar System, Love is the basic energy of this manifestation.

If we look at the period of time from the fifteen hundreds to the present, we can see that our progress from the delusionary state of reality that has created the systems of war, poverty, death, to the realization of the existence of a Love generated system of Life, Liberty, and Justice for all has steadily gained in power and presence.

The powers which use hate, fear, greed, and lust to block our efforts to evolve into the true destiny of Love in manifestation are still powerfully present. Their delusionary programs of separation and death are no more powerful or present now than they were three hundred years ago. However, in the recent 100 years those retrogressive programs have become highly identified and visible as the numbers of those who can see and understand the natural harmony and unity of Life on earth have increased,

Evolution, of course is unavoidable. However, the speed of this growing sense and appreciation of our Unity, not only with one another but with the entire Planet, is not fixed. The speed of our evolution—from the delusion of being animal men living and dying in a one dimensional reality, to the recognition of the multidimensional Cosmos and our own immortal existence as Units of Consciousness temporarily occupying dense physical animal vehicles—has exploded.

The old form of evolution required numerous incarnations spread out over many hundreds if not thousands of dense physical years just to evolve from the first initiation, the realization that one is in fact an immortal unit of consciousness, to the second initiation which demonstrates in the domination and control of the astral body by the mental. The “new” form of human evolution on the planet, coherent with the ever expanding energies of the Aquarian Age (Rays 1,2,7), as Master R lays out in Ashramic Projections PP123-125, is the taking of the 5 initiations in three incarnations.

It is not clear just when this Hierarchical adjustment to the Plan was initiated or how long this “new” method for human evolution has been getting “phased in”. However, it is notable that it took over 100 years (from 1804 to 1927) for world population to grow from one billion to two billion. In just the last 110 years the world population has increased by 6 billion and of that some 2 billion units of consciousness incarnated in just the past 25 years.

Well as the Poet Laureate Bob Dylan said, “Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is do you Mr. Jones!” And as the murdered poet John Lennon pointed out, “All you need is Love!”

Tom Carney July 15, 2021

Printable PDF file of Love – The Great Motivator

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