Thoughtline II June 2021 – All In


Non-understanding of the purpose, and the excessive expenditure of energy in the erection of mirage—all because of ignorance—is the greatest incommensurability of the spirit! Infinity 1 #52

The political and economic systems which are presently used to organize life on this planet and are almost totally intertwined with each other are probably the best examples we have of this mirage. The political system, supposedly a Democracy, operates under the delusion of “bi-partisanism”. The economic system, currently called Capitalism is the present form of the ancient delusion or the Big Lie that we live in a one dimensional dense physical system and that cosmic energy can be commoditized and privately owned. Money such as U.S. dollars, “legal tender for all debts, public and private” is the current paper form of the commodified energy.

Products of the Mirage

“Money is the manifestation of energy.” DINA 1 P. 273 Actually all there is, is Energy! Every “thing” is a manifestation of energy, including each of us. Anciently, the acquisition and ownership of anything gave the “owner” a form of energy which we call personal power. Early on, before “money” as paper dollars or pounds etcetera, came into existence we had gold, silver, jewels, land, and slaves and the sword among other “things” as manifestations of energy. For example, the number of slaves, or humans one owned was a mark of one’s superiority and wealth. The acquisition and ownership of things is imposed and maintained by competition and sheer force such as in sticking up a bank, or going to war and conquering another Kingdom or country.

Just to be clear, the sense that some things are more “valuable” than other things is a basic aspect of the delusion of the mirage of separation. “Value” is not an actual aspect of any-thing. Value is a given quality. The value of any-thing depends a lot on who and why is making some things more valuable than others. A loaf of bread is way more “valuable” to a starving person than is a lump of gold.

In the old days, the only distinction between a human being and any other thing was whether one was a free person or the property of some King or other. Nowadays such an obvious degradation of a human being is frowned on. Now, we are free to sell our energy to some employer for wages or money which we can use to buy the needs of Life, like food, from the other owners.

Today the big battles are over which owner has the controlling interest in the stock of a Corporation. Salary or “wages” are another area of contest involving the amount of money the owner will pay the employees. Obviously, in such a system, those with the most stuff, the longest knives, the biggest bombs, are the superior beings.

Paper money, what in the U.S. we call the “dollar”, came into use in the 17th century. It was used to represent various kinds of owned energy i.e., gold, silver and other such dense material forms which had become too cumbersome to haul around. Currently actual dense money, paper dollars, pounds, and or what have you, is also rapidly disappearing from actual use. We used personal checks to transfer dollars from our private bankholds or checking accounts, to pay for purchases and bills. We now use electronic forms of money called credit cards, and even those have started to become quaint.

Today, besides the apparent tons and tons of gold just in the U.S. that we have stashed in Fort Knox (4603.125 tons) and several other places, we have all kinds of “money” including something called Cryptocurrencies. These are a kind of “digital currency” that exists on privately owned computers in a kind of computer program called a Block Chain. Bitcoin which is actually the name of one of such currencies was made legal tender in El Salvador as of June10th this year.

Money, as said above is the manifestation of energy.DINA 1 P. 273 The delusion that some forms of matter are hugely more valuable than others, and that these more valuable ones can be personally owned, collected and hoarded in banks, vaults, or computer programs by Superior human beings has currently created 2,755 billionaires in the world. 746 of these obviously very superior human beings live in the United States. According to World Bank, there are 689 million obviously non-superior people in the world living in extreme poverty, on $1.90 or less a day. 30,000,000 of these live in U.S.

But, if “money” is energy, and all there is, is Energy…? Anyway, Capitalism, all of it, is a great delusion. It is a significant part of the mirage that MM mentions, because energy is infinite. For example, a rough estimate of the market value of the Gold Owned by the U.S. is $496,065,500,000. However, our Government has recently given about $2,000,000,000,000 to the people. Our “national debt” is $21 trillion! 21 trillion what?

A trillion dollar bills, laid end to end, would stretch 96,906,656 miles—further than the distance of the earth to the sun. If you spent one dollar every second around the clock, it would take you 31,688 years to spend a trillion dollars. And believe it or not, Energy is not only free, it is unavoidable. In 1 second the Sun generates 3.8 x 1026 Joules of unavoidable energy. Nobody owns the Sun.

The point is that Money is basically anything we say it is. So just what is the 4.1 Trillion dollars that 746 human individuals privately own? It’s a Mirage! But, make no mistake this mirage can kill you.

It is not what we have that actually matters; it is why we have it, and what we do with it!

The Political Malfunction

Anciently, what passed for “government” was the King owns everything bit. As Human Beings evolved Government of for and by Humans evolved as well. This of course, did not mean that King and Owners went away. They simply revolved. They changed their clothes.

Much of our political system in the U.S. has for some time actually been transformed into a purchasable commodity by the very wealthy few. That is, various people in various positions within the government are the action bots of the owners. These “owner” individuals, terrified by what FDR accomplished, have with various periods of success and failure, endeavored over the years to purchase a controlling interest in all three aspects of our Government: President, Congress and Courts. When not in a controlling power mode, they have ruthlessly in dense reality ways, as for example their murder of the Kennedy brothers and Dr. King, and the use of the bipartisanism con, within the Congress to “slow walk”, or stop any kind of effort to advance the Principles of the Constitution.

Their murder of the Kennedy brothers and Dr. King resulted in the far reaching Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, both of which have been the target of the Retrogressive forces ever since. At this moment retrogressive forces in many States have launched an all-out offensive to modify our voting rights to prevent many millions of qualified citizens of the United State of America to vote in our open and Free (since the 24th Amendment in 1964) federal elections.

To anyone who understands the Purpose, the Principles upon which this nation stands—We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happinessthe gimmick we call bipartisanism is obviously a sophistic fraud. Such a person understands that Principles do not make deals. There is no “alt Truth”. The action either promotes the Common Good or not. We also understand that Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are Ends toward which we constantly strive. There is no compromise, no halfway time-wasting discussions, no deals. One either advances as far as possible or recedes as little as possible. We never give up. We go All In always. That is the only way forward. Think of the Civil War and Lincoln. Think of Hitler and WW2.

Retrogressors do not compromise. Retrogressive forces primarily use the “bipartisan con” to use up time, and to water down Bills that would make the distribution of Energy equitable for All. The con works in this way: Present a nice, well dressed, respectable, and friendly appearing front. Work as long as possible to consume time and to water down or interject aspects to the Bill under consideration that would reduce the common good aspects of the Bill in any way possible. Then, if you are not happy with the watering down process, vote against or filibuster the bill when it is brought to the floor of either the House or Senate. Retrogressors do not compromise. They get as much as they can, and still often they filibuster or vote the bill down.

Hillary won the popular vote in the 2016 election by some 3 million votes. Biden won the last election by 7 million votes. This is writing on the wall! And it is this that is motivating the Retrogressive forces to pull out all the stops.

They have worked in the shadows from the beginning of the creation of this democracy. They manipulated it in whatever way they could. They got slavery into the Constitution, and when they were stopped at the slavery thing, they tried to split the Union. That cost over 7 million dead. That was the price we had to pay for being for Liberty and Justice for All rather than a “bipartisan” continuation of slavery.

The above noted writing on the Wall of evolution has brought them out of the shadows! The fraud which has actually generated 760 billionaires and 30 million individuals in poverty has been exposed. They are terrified!

They actually tried to assault and take over the Capitol! Presently, at the top of their real carnivorous, take-no-prisoners agenda is the multi-state assault on the election system. Enough with trying to look like nice well balanced businessmen, we can identify a Snake when we see it; they all have forked tongues.

Tom Carney – June 15, 2021

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