Thoughtline II May – From the Heart

From The Heart
Calm is the Heart of Joy

As the Great Unfolding continues, Humanity is becoming more and more aware of a massively significant paradigm shift. The shift is from the unconsciously held delusion of being a physical dense individual, a human body, with a birth-to-death existence to a conscious realization of being an immortal individual unit of consciousness presently living within a physical animal body in an infinite multidimensional Cosmos in which uncountable billions of Life Forms including Human Beings live mostly in a Harmony of Beauty and Joy.

Obviously, the delusion paradigm which has kept Earth Humanity enslaved in the prison of their bodies for eons is still very much in concrete evidence. Perhaps no data more clearly demonstrates this condition than the fact that since June over 8 million Americans, 2.3 million of whom are children, have been added to the 30 million already living in poverty. At the same time, the number of billionaires In the U.S. has grown from 614 in 2020 to the present 724.

What exactly is a billion dollars? If you had a million dollars and you spent $1,000 every day, it would take about three years to spend it all. If you had a billion dollars and you spent $1,000 each day, you would be spending for about 2,740 years before you went broke.

The following is a bit “esoteric”. (Esoteric is the word used by Scientists to refer to the chemistry and physics of the non-dense physical planes of Reality.)

Looking at humanity as a whole, the % of the Common Unity and Common Good paradigm compared to the % of the delusional paradigm of competitive, separative self-service has been expanding rapidly for the past few hundred years. My personal estimate is 65% Common Good paradigm to 35% Separative Delusion paradigm.

At any rate, looking at Humanity from this perspective it is possible to see this shift manifesting in numerous areas: the growth of governments of for and by the people, the elimination of dense physical slavery, the huge expansion of literacy, the ever growing equality of women, the two recent world wars fought to reject the domination of the present would be Kings, just name a few.

True, since the total defeat and unconditional surrender of the of the retrogressive forces in the Second World War on the physical planes, they have generated great resistance, actually all-out war, to our inevitable evolution on the more subtle dimensions of our existence. For example, we had the almost 40 years of the Reagan Virus of business replacing government. We had the well-meaning failed “halfway” or compromise efforts of the Obama administration. These halfway efforts led directly to the mask off vicious multilevel attacks on our very freedom by the neo fascist Trump.

However, we can also see the growing upsurge of Light and Heart in this present Biden Administration that indicates we are finally getting that halfway and compromise are other terms for SUCKER? Evil does not ever compromise. The triumph over the Nazi Retrogressors was unconditional.

This growing expansion of the Common Unity and Common Good paradigm is the result of massive incarnations over the past 60 years of Units of Consciousness who are group conscious. The presence of these group conscious individuals is easily visible in the results of the last two general elections. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton received 2.9 million more votes than Trump. In 2020, in an election held in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic, Biden received over 7 million more votes than Trump. It is very possible that this margin will continue to grow as younger individuals continue to come of voting age.

Group Consciousness has been the normal next step in the Great Unfolding, the goal of which was established in the beginning and brought definitely into dense physical manifestation by the Christ. “He inaugurated the “age of love” and gave to the people an expression of a new divine aspect, that of love.” Education in the New Age P.52,3

Group Consciousness is a deep realization on the part of the individual units of consciousness of our unity. This sense of Oneness is accompanied by a real concern for the Common Good and a recognition of our individual responsibility to serve that good. It is this heartfelt and directed energy that is driving these events.

It is also the realization of these facts that is generating the intelligently driven fear and hate of the retrogressive force’s efforts to destroy the Free Will of Humanity, or as it presents itself in today’s world, the one person-one vote bed rock of Democracy.

Basically, on the higher dimensions of feeling and thought we have been rapidly approaching this confrontation of major significance between the ancient and immensely powerful intelligent mind-driven Lie of a one dimension prison of eternal fear, hate, and death and the Heart driven Wisdom of Love for the past 40 some years. That the Heart will “win” is of course inevitable. If the corona virus could not diminish the will of the People to vote, certainly no dense manipulations of the voting right laws will be a big deal to the Heart-driven sisters and brothers of the Post Delusion New age.

Heart is the only door through which the future can pass.

Intellect does not initiate. It enables. Only the Heart can initiate.

Heart is the core of Life, the center of all Being.

Heart is the 3 part Breath.

Heart is another word for Infinity.

Heart is the radiator of Love which holds everything together.

Heart is the key that unlocks any door.

Heart is the steps on the Path.

Heart is the Great Unfolding.

Heart is the embrace of Infinity.

Heart is the Sound in the Silence

Tom Carney
May 13, 2021

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