Thoughtline May 2021 – From How to Why


Actually, the how to, the Principles of Intelligence were developed, manifested and evolved to their absolute highest possible level on the dense physical plane of this planet in the first Solar System. This was a period “so remote that the number of years of distance can be stated only in super-astronomical figures” The Ray’s and the Initiations P. 350. In this Solar System the dense physical plane is intelligent. Every thing from the thoughtforms that underlie the dense physical forms on it, in it and around it is Intelligent.

If “it” exists within the world of form, including thoughtforms, Intelligence deals with it. Intelligence does not deal with anything that is not included in our dense physical One Dimensional Reality. For example, intelligence does not deal with emotion or abstractions or morality. Intelligence is Amoral.

An intelligent “scientific” version of the development and evolution of the planet generated and published by Charles Darwin in 1859 maintained that “all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.” Darwin was born and raised in a world that only recognized two aspects of a planet: the living, which were the organic, and the dead, which was everything else. It had also long ago been assumed as obvious that “the most fit survived”.

This was undoubtedly Darwin’s view of reality as it was/is of many if not most humans today, and of those who have been born for thousands of centuries. Given his belief or unconscious acceptance that he was born in and would die in a dense physical one dimensional world in which the fit survive the “longest”, Darwin could not have found or discovered anything else.

It is obvious now, at least for those who can see, that on planet Earth every single form, from the tiniest atom of dense Matter through the Plant, Animal, and Human kingdoms, is living, evolving, and intelligent. Just consider the dense physical body of any human. It is a product of intelligence that is totally beyond the comprehension of any known individual.

As we said, Intelligence is amoral. For example, we humans have used what intelligence we have to make a bomb that killed 66,000 sisters, brothers, and their children in a few seconds in Hiroshima, and just lately we made a little car/vehicle that is driving around on the surface of Mars while a little helicopter is also flying around in the 95% Carbon dioxide atmosphere of Mars. Amazing feats of Intelligence!

It is notable that we have failed to create an economic system that would feed, clothe, educate, and provide shelter and medical help for everyone on planet Earth. Still Intelligence is not bad! Neither is it good. It is Amoral.

Intelligence deals with the physical dimensions from thought forms to their manifestations of all kinds in our one dimensional reality. The problem was/is the motive that drives what the intelligence is used for. If the individual is imprisoned in the delusion that she or he is actually their dense physical body, intelligence is used to do what such a separative self-centered consciousness wants.

In this case, the individual considers the wants or needs of others only as far as they would benefit or inhibit the desires, the wishes, wants, demands of the separated Personality doing the creation. Frequently the choices are beneficial to others too. The point is that the choice was motivated by self-satisfaction.

In the end, what drives the intelligent action of a self centered individual is Desire. Desire as we know is an extremely powerful energy. This energy can be and is controlled by an intelligent person to obtain for her or himself, regardless of the impact it may have on the surrounding environments, that which is desired from food to super wealth and power.

It is more or less this setup which has created the social, economic, and governmental systems which have been keeping Humanity mired in materialism and the power of the wealthy few. It matters not what the holders are called, or what kind of wealth they have. If there are Kings or billionaires, there will be serfs, slave, and thralls. Today, in the U.S., there are 640 billionaires. There are 30,000,000 human beings living in poverty.

Why is that do you suppose?


You will recall that this Second Solar System the Plan of the builders was to develop “another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature)” The Ray’s and the Initiations P. 350. Love embodies that “set of Principles”. Love does not generate the exclusive conditions of the delusional reality in which many are held prisoner.

Well, there is a missing ingredient. It is called Love. There is absolutely zero Love involved in the above decision making process. Desire is not simply not Love.

We must always understand that Human Beings have Free Will. Love is not, cannot be forced on anyone. In this second Solar System, Love’s goal is to enable these “prisoners of the Planet” to free themselves. We call this process of “Getting It”, evolution.

In spite of, (or if one considers tactica adversa, perhaps with the help of) the Retrogressive forces, We on Earth are just getting started as far as technology goes. We do have what we call “Science Fiction”, and lo and behold it turns out that if we can imagine it, we have the sufficient intelligence to build a working model of it. So “How To Make It”, is not something that we need worry about or idolize, as we have.

As we have indicated, the why, the motivating Principle behind any action needs some truly clear and deep consideration. The WHY of the present system is simply to maintain the highly intelligent yet delusionary materialist existence that holds us in prison.

However, in the recent past explosion of the human population, billions of the individual units of consciousness who have been incarnating on the planet have evolved over their many incarnations out of the delusion of separation and into a natural condition we call group consciousness. Group consciousness is simply Love.

These individuals are not polarized in their minds so much as in their Hearts. Such individuals work from a natural, inborn realization of the scientific unity of all Life. The uncountable diversity of appearances in and forms within the Kingdoms is seen as the incredible beauty of Natural Life.

They do not see themselves as separated with the planet but rather as inseparable parts of a magnificent whole. The fact that they are actually dense separate units of the whole is not seen as being in competition or at war with one another but as being at one with them in a joyful and harmonious effort to further the evolution of the Planet into its destined place of freedom and liberty for all. Our present systems, mainly the products of a delusion, will be replaced by intelligent scientific systems based in the Reality of Unity. They will produce Social, Economic and Governmental systems that support only the Common Good and General Welfare.

There are and have been for some time now systems within our societies that do work toward these Principles. Think of Democracy replacing the Divine Right of Kings, the mandatory free educational systems, the universal health care of England, the long difficult and at time horrendous path we have traveled to get here.

We are now in the Post Delusion Age. We can and do responded to the guidance we have been given, “From the center where the Will of god is Known let PURPOSE guide the little wills of men!” We will be moving forward on motivation that demands the Common Good and General Welfare.

Think of the motive that drives a consciousness such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders. The Why is driving them. The more focused light we can put on motive the more obvious will be the failures of the separative systems.

The old Age is, well, worn out, and is, faster that we can see, disintegrating. Time for recycling! I am sure that there is another planet somewhere out there where these folks can continue their evolution.

PDF File of May 2021 Thoughtline

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