February 2021 Thoughtline – The Moderation Disease

I wonder how much longer are we are going to take to understand that compromise in areas of Principle, like Freedom and Liberty for ALL, is a really nicely dressed up and happy looking road into darkness. Remember the guy, Neville Chamberlain? He came back to London after cutting a deal or “signing a peace pact” with Hitler! Talk about “peace in our time”! Practically before the ink was dry Hitler had basically conquered a significant piece of Europe and was trying to bomb England to submission.

Evil does not compromise. It takes as much as it can possibly squeeze out of anyone who attempts to compromise with it. We compromised in 1776 to get the Constitution. By 1860 that compromise had led to the enslavement of over 5 million people. We paid for that compromise with the Civil War, the death of some 750,000 people, and the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.

There was no compromise to end WWII. The surrender of the Retrogressors, who, in this case, were called the Axis Powers was unconditional. Numbers vary, but some 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians, many of whom died because of deliberate genocide, massacres, mass-bombings, disease, and starvation.

That was the cost of not compromising. Imagine the cost if we had compromised.

Moderation, we are told, means “the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions.” So in the Congress when we are striving to get pencils into the hands of “poor” children, and food, clothing, housing, to say nothing of a decent job, a healthy meaningful life for the “bottom” 40 or 50% of the population we are faced with the Moderation Con. Compromise means that we nest and feed 614 billionaires, while 30 some million people—12 million of whom are children—live in poverty.

We must, we are told, make “moderate” headway. All in “good time”, we are assured.

However, as is blatantly obvious, moderation does not apply to those who are members of the Wealth Class, or those who lean toward the rule of the many by the few. In fact, the billionaire owners of the Corporations and their lesser multimillionaires are quite pleased with compromise. They continue to own the system and to harvest their billions from the people, or as D. Trump called them, “the suckers.” They think nothing of buying a pair Nike Air Mag 2016 shoes for $26,000, or maybe a pair of Nike So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max for $50,000. Or why not go for The Air Jordan Silver Shoes. They are only $60,000.

But then, all of these shoes are very hard to find. They get snapped up. Really, $60,000 is only 6% of $1,000,000.

And, oh yeah, we should note that the “workers” in really enlightened States can get up to the new magnificent wage of $14 an hour. So the air Jordan Silver are worth 4285 hours of that labor’s work. Why is that reasonable?

Moderation is a word that is manipulated by those who are willing to “cut these deals” or make those compromises to make them sound “reasonable” and fair. This halfway ignorance would have us “assume” (a word that means making an ass out of you and me) that it would be unethical, or not fair, or something to use the power of the a very hard won majority to pass real Laws and take real steps forward for the Common Good And General Welfare. It takes enormous love or, if you will, courage which is simply Love in action, to refuse to compromise.

Many of our brothers and sisters still think that being “nice” and that trying to be “moderate” with the Retrogressors is the way of growth. As 500 years of dealing reveals, it is not! And it certainly has nothing to do with Love. These well-meaning sisters and brothers are motivated more by fear than anything else. They tend to get Love confused with weakness and being “fair.” It is the spawn of halfwayness.

Love is never weak, and Love would never make a deal with Chaos. Love manifests Truth and Power. Truth always and only goes as far as ones Free Will and courage can possibly move it.

Is there a price for loving? You bet! Recall the price of WWII. Or ask Jesus or anyone of millions of others who have paid the high price of modeling Life with Reality. And, also recall the price we paid for compromising with the Constitution.

Compromise is the delusion that we can give up some amount of the Principles of Life in order to avoid a struggle for Truth. We can compromise. We can give up some part of our Truth and reach an agreement with those who are in hateful opposition to those Principles and thereby avoid pain and strife.

First, there is no “some amount” to the Principles. When we are dealing with Self Evident Rights, compromise means to surrender Equality, to surrender Life, Liberty, and Justice for all. It’s either Truth or a lie, Equal or some level of slavery. Secondly, the pain and suffering are only temporarily avoided by those who are already comfortable. The Poor, the lessers get the whole impact of the betrayal, which is really the correct word for compromise.

There actually is only One Way. It is All the Way!

Tom Carney
February 1, 2021

Printable PDF file of The Moderation Disease

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