The Unfolding Revelation……. The Birthing of Humanity

What we have been witnessing over the past 20 years or so is the amazing acceleration of the numbers of Human Beings present on the planet who have over time evolved into true Group Consciousness.

This evolutionary process, as the Wisdom tells us, started with the planting of the “spark of Mind” in highly developed animals. It started with what for lack of a better term is called mass consciousness. This is a kind of a mass soul consciousness that generated herd awareness in the ancient animal Kingdom and which appeared as tribe or clan awareness in what modern science has labeled “animal man”. As animal man evolved into separative self-awareness or the consciousness of his existence as a separate self-contained individual, he became more and more identified as actually being his body. However, the mass consciousness of belonging or being a part of something outside of this separative existence was still operative and generates within animal man linkages or group awareness with other individuals or groups with whom one registers frequencies, whether we realize it or not, of an emotional and mental nature with which we feel comfortable and familiar. In this respect separative self-conscious individuals use a kind of group consciousness.

On a much more universal level, this is the kind of “group consciousness” that while it, in a way, binds families, and sexes, and races, and Nations together, it also underpins and supports the delusion of separation and the normalcy of competition for power and life which still exists today within the mass of humanity. (This delusionary condition was on clear display during the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.) So, regardless of the “grouping” about which we are talking, be it just another person, or a gang, or a “mob”, or a sex, or a nation, the very second that a “difference” of intention or beliefs is registered, a separative self-consciousness will automatically assess its power/safety position with the separated other—is this a threat of personal danger or not?—and then act according to its own separate best interests.

Seeing as how our long, long ago past included the reality of being food for other groups of animals more physically endowed than we, this ancient automatic or “unconscious”, reflex became an unavoidable product of our development as we evolved out of mass consciousness into the separative self-consciousness of “Animal Man”. As the centuries went by, the process of feeding on the weaker (the survival of the fittest) changed from actual dense eating to simply feeding on the strength and productivity of the weaker. Thus, instead of lions and such, we had Kings and what we call slavery. It is not that difficult to see that that system, with some amenities and the creation of levels for the classes of the weaker, is still thriving. As Senator Elizabeth Warren pointed out, “The top 0.1%, own about the same wealth as 90% of America.”

Basic to this intelligently created and fostered delusion of reality is the blind belief and fear of being forever trapped in a one dimensional dense physical reality that ends in death! This inescapable reality is exclusively a world of intelligence and forms. There are no formless Principles or Truths that sustain a system of Liberty and Justice for all. Truth is what one decides it is and has the power to enforce that truth on others: other individuals, groups, nations or an entire planet.

It is from within this delusionary system that Human beings have evolved from animal man, from the darkness into the light, from the unreal one dimensional delusion of separation and chaos into the Reality of the multidimensional Cosmos of Love Wisdom, or from separative self-consciousness to Group Consciousness.

True group consciousness, as we have learned, does not “happen” overnight or all at once. It is the eventual result of many “learning” incarnations. It is, finally, the realization, you might say the Revelation, that one is not one’s dense physical vehicle but the Consciousness that lives within it, and furthermore, that lives within all of the human beings on the planet who, as well, are the manifesting vehicles of incarnated immortal units of consciousness.

True group conscious individuals realize that while they are totally aware of their existence as a unique separate unit of consciousness with a totally Free Will, the consciousness which they are lives in all others as well. Each is a unique unit of consciousness with a Free Will. Each one lives and thinks. Each one makes decisions, and generates karma. Group conscious individuals also realize that their sisters and brothers who are identified with their equipment are not that equipment but are the Consciousness that exists within it.

It is the understanding that we have of this situation that on an individual level enables us to treat the sister or brother with loving understanding and will do whatever is best for the evolution of the consciousness that is in that sister or brother. It is also this understanding or heart consciousness or Love Wisdom that enables us to solve the problems of the Whole with the heart energy we call Synthesis rather than competition and the rule of the most powerful.

It is the process of synthesis which works through the power of Good Will that drives evolution, not the ancient deluded delusion of Might makes right. The future is birthing right before our eyes, if they are open!

Tom Carney
January 2021

The following from Master D.K. may ring a bell, or open a door:

There is a curious and ancient Atlantean chant which is no longer used but in those far off times was chanted by the initiate who took the third initiation—the consummating initiation of that period. It goes as follows. The translation of the symbols in which it was written necessitates the loss of rhythm and potency.

I stand between the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both. Naught do they mean to me, for one I cannot reach, and for the lower of the two I have no longer any love.

Torn I am. Space and its Life I cannot know, and so I want it not. Time and its myriad forms I know too well. Pendant I hang betwixt the two, desiring neither.

God from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which is visioned, yet visioning could not reach, is nearer to my heart. Old longings come again, yet die. Old chains with clamour snap. Forward I rush.

Myriads of voices speak and halt me in my tracks. The thunder of the sounds of earth shuts out the voice of God. I turn me on my forward path, and vision once again the long held joys of earth, and flesh and kin. I lose the vision of eternal things. The voice of God dies out.

Torn again am I, but only for a little time. Backward and forward shifts my little self, e’en as a bird soars into heaven and settles back again upon the tree. Yet God, in His high place, outlasts the little bird. Thus do I know that God will victor be and later hold my mind and me in thrall.

Hark to the joyous paean that I chant; the work is done. My ear is deaf to all the calls of earth, except to that small voice of all the hidden souls within the outer forms, for they are as myself; with them I am at-one.

God’s voice rings clear and in its tones and overtones the little voices of the little forms dim and fade out. I dwell within a world of unity. I know all souls are one.

Swept am I by the universal Life and as I sweep upon [Page 387] my onward way—the way of God—I see all lesser energies die out. I am the One; I, God. I am the form in which all forms are merged. I am the soul in which all souls are fused. I am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain.

These words, chanted in the ancient formulas on peculiar and selected notes, were most potent and brought definite results in certain ancient ceremonies that have long since died out.”

Discipleship In The New Age I, P678

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