January 2021 Thoughtline – Out of the Closet!

We have been in the closet, or the Dark from the Beginning. By beginning, I mean from the point in the 4th round of the Lemurian Age when the “spark of mind” was planted into the brains of the most highly evolved animals available. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire P.425 For the rest of the Lemurian Age, the closet was an equipment lack and the process of the development of intelligent Self Consciousness.

Apparently by the Fourth or the Atlantean Age humanity had made a lot of evolutionary progress at least in using intelligence to satisfy our desires. The legends tell of huge cities, all provided by the Hierarchy who lived among the people. Also very much present were the Retrogressive forces. Apparently by the 4th Round of the Atlantean Age these forces of Darkness were doing very well and the Hierarchical workers, not so good.

Unfortunately, the present time fully corresponds to the last period of Atlantis. The very same pseudoprophets and a pseudosavior; the same wars, the same treasons and spiritual barbarism. We take pride in the crumbs of civilization; the Atlanteans likewise knew how to fly across the planet in order to speedily cheat each other. The temples likewise became defiled, and science became a subject of speculation and dissension. The same occurred in construction, as if they did not dare to build solidly! Likewise, they rebelled against Hierarchy and were stifled with their own egoism. Likewise, they disturbed the equilibrium of the subterranean forces, and by mutual efforts a cataclysm was created.” Hierarchy #145

The situation got so in the toilet in the fourth Round of the 4th Age that the Intendors had to flush the whole thing. I have no real idea regarding time lines, but it seems that since the Great Flush came in the 4th round of the Atlantean Age it has taken a bit of time to get to where we are.

The big difference, of course is that now there are 8 billion of us, and we are in the fifth and sixth Rounds of the 5th Piscean Age. However, the one dimensionals still call us “intelligent” animal humans.

In fact our intelligence and the evolutionary ability to employ it, relatively early on, served the one dimensionals, or the “Snakes”, to use “science” to intelligently concretize within the consciousness of Human Beings, the delusion of the one dimensional reality. All animals die, and in a one dimensional reality where we are determined to be animal men, that is the end of the story!

Or maybe the beginning of the Story. Does this sound like Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the Garden?

At any rate, Death became the major “scientific” proof and weapon of the Forces of Retrogression, or the Snakes. Anything else concerning any kind of God or “afterlife” scenario, and there were thousands of both, were relegated to the non-scientific box called religion.

This “Animal-Man” bit, by the way, is one of the more insidious closets of delusion into which The Retrogressors managed to stuff us. This identification with our animal bodies and unavoidable death conveniently and effectively did away with any possibility of their being an actual real multidimensional Cosmos, or a Human Being, or a 4th Kingdom.
To this day, this delusion is the unquestioned assumption of what passes for modern Science and the pseudo science called economics.

This Fake Reality, The Closet, the One Physical Dense Dimension, in which each one is a simple piece of matter that comes and goes with the sunrise is still pretty much the common accepted view of reality. As Emerson observed in 1837,” Things are in the saddle, and ride mankind.”

As many of us have noticed, over the last, at least couple of hundred years, evolution has in a major way been involved in a conscious, public, and deliberate act called “Coming Out”. Coming Out is a process that requires great courage and, believe it or not, a loving will. We have mainly been coming out of the one dimensional closets within which we were imprisoned by the made up laws of those controlling the System. Let me make a small list of the closets and what comes out of them.

  1. Closet of Kings> Free Will and Individual worth. (This is conditional, because the same game is still going on only instead of Kings we have Billionaire’s and Corporate Executives.)
  2. Closet of Slavery> Human Equality
  3. Closet of Disenfranchisement> Female Equality and the Vote
  4. Closet of Racism> Equality, Freedom, and Wonder of Human Variation
  5. Closet of “Queerness”> Equality, Freedom and Wonder of Human Variation.
  6. Closets of Shame> Equality, Wonder of Variation of Human Beauty

One could go on, but you get the drift. The next Closet out of which we must definitely get is the closet of our identification with our dense physical mortal bodies. This is of course the goal of evolutionary development.

My observation is that there are many, many millions of sisters and brothers who are very well aware of the fact that they are not their equipment, but the immortal unit of consciousness that gives it Life and Meaning. However, to present this fact as a reality is hyper dangerous in the present delusional, and highly controlled systems. Just because one knows one is immortal does not mean that one cannot be placed in various psychological confinements or killed, usually in very unpleasant ways. We mention Doctor King and the Kennedy Brothers just as examples.

But this is the next step, sisters and brothers! To come out of this closet into public awareness requires, again, a certain amount of courage and loving will.

A few Steps:

  1. Finally realize and be courageous enough to say openly to any others that one is not one’s dense body, but the immortal Consciousness that inhabits it and is responsible for what is done with it.
  2. Recognize the fact of reincarnation, without which being born so one can later die is stupid.
  3. Realize that one has had a number of previous incarnations in various kinds of situations the purpose of which were to evolve through experiment, experience, and expression into this awareness.
  4. Be prepared to ignore ignorance and help curiosity.

It is more and more obvious to those who are looking that within the 8 billion units of consciousness presently incarnated this knowledge is more and more commonplace. It is demonstrated by the way individuals act. Wherever they might be, in whatever social situations they may be, anyone who is using her or his life and power at some level to serve the Common Good and the General Welfare is involved with Right Human Relations. Such sisters and brothers, regardless of any “esoteric” knowledge or not, know either upfront or at some deeper level of consciousness that they too are immortal. They do not fear death!

This is all well and good, however it is time to come out front with it. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. This single piece of unavoidable Truth will alone restructure the entire way live. When the billions who have the courage to live it, find the courage to state it…I mean we can’t all be crazy! The systems of delusion and separation will be eliminated with relative rapidity, and, hopefully, with little need for physical combat.

So, it is the Winter Solstice and it was rather remarkable last night to see Saturn and Jupiter cuddling up! Good time to do something useful. Next time someone asks you “How are you?” tell them that you’re immortal and your equipment is doing whatever it is doing.

Happy Solstice,


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