December 2020 Thoughtline – The Real New Age

The Reality:

The Age of Aquarius has been “incoming” for what is probably hundreds of years. Likewise, the Piscean Age has been “outgoing” for hundreds of years. What is important but hugely over looked, and more insidiously, purposefully ignored is that an incoming Age is supposed to be a NEW Age. It is not Intended to be the same old stuff in new clothes!

This is exactly what, for a very long time, has been going on! It’s even called Revolution! In revolution, as we can easily see by looking back—with dribs and drabs of evolution in the mix—there is a great deal of going around and around in the same one dimensional frequency delusional reality. You might say that in the big picture, the only thing changing is the efficiency of the weapons used to control each other. The rest is Revolution, the same old Con of Might makes Right dressed in different costumes.

Actually Evolution only superficially involves the world of forms. At this point in the Great Unfolding evolution is all about the expansion of consciousness from the delusion of a being a separative selfconscious, dense physical, mortal body to the realization of being an immortal group conscious Human Being. This quite natural part of the Plan has actually been evolving within the delusion of the “self-consciousness” of animal-men for many centuries.

Over the past 3 or 4 hundred years of exceedingly rapid evolutionary change, Humanity has been gradually but steadily liberated from its ages long delusive ignorance of separative self-conscious mortal animal-man existence. During this same period, the presence of group conscious human beings on the planet has, via reincarnation, gradually increased. Now, as we know, world population just over the past the past 45 years, has doubled from 4 to 8 billion. Within this population explosion, there are many, many of these group conscious individuals.

The individuals of this present population explosion are divided in to various age groups. The youngest are known as the Gen Z, age 8-23. There are about 68 million of them in the U.S. The number of Gen Y1, age 25-29, is about 31 million, and Gen Y2, age 29-39, are about 42 million. These are, of course, all approximate numbers, but they give a pretty good BIG picture of what is HAPPENING.

Just too be clear, in 2030, when the present 8 year olds are 18 there will be approximately 141 million individuals in this grouping. Each of these is born with free will and the vote. It is only reasonable to assume that the presence of group conscious individuals will continue to become a larger and larger portion of the total population.

Huge numbers of these individuals really do not need “Spiritual Training” to become group conscious. They have been trained and have been building the antahkarana in who knows how many previous incarnations. The antahkarana, of course, does not disappear at the end of an incarnation. These sister and brothers were born that way!

This perfectly normal process of evolution is generating a significant difference between the way a very large number of these younger individuals and the older Gen X age 40-55, and Baby boomers age 56-74 view reality. Given the explosion of present day technology which has matched the explosion of group consciousness, this difference is markedly obvious in how they “see” and what they actually see. Of major importance is the fact that these younger individuals tend to have a much wider and inclusive view of what constitutes Humanity. And they have a very different set of basic values.

Again, they were born this way. It’s called evolution.


All of this is well and good. And to be sure, triumph of the light is Unavoidable. The problem we face is that the vast majority of the present social, political, and economic systems which control the way we actually live on this planet, are still very much the children of the delusional absurdity of a separative selfconscious reality.

As usual, we are engaged in a very serious battle with the creators, controllers and manipulators of these delusional systems. The success of the Light in the recent elections was a massive indicator of what is coming. (Think of an avalanche!) It was evidence of the present and rapidly growing tsunami of Human Beings, group conscious individuals who will work to replace these systems of ignorance with systems of Equilibrium and opportunity which serve the Common good and General Welfare.


The immediate issue of great importance is the upcoming election for two Federal Senate seats in Georgia. I expect that the Light forces will go all in on that effort, and that we will be successful! However the real challenges are going to involve generating a release of the delusion of moderation that still grips many individuals.

We need to take real steps forward, steps that address the terrible lack of equilibrium that is generating the pain and suffering of billions. We need to take these steps not just on economic and political fronts, but on social and scientific fronts as well.

These steps need not be radical wild steps but rational badly needed steps. The steps such as those put forward by Senators Warren and Sanders are far from radical and are desperately needed to fuel the unfolding. There is no one main problem. They are all main problems, and being Human Beings who possess group consciousness, we can deal with all of them at once.

All it takes is Heart.

Just a little reminder, friends, this is not the time for moderation or halfwayness. “There is no evil to equal the offense of faint-heartedness. In it is hidden treachery; in it is concealed a fraudulent magnanimity; in it is secreted a ruinous half-wayness; its master is Satan; its motive power is selfhood; its actions include construction with the one hand and destruction with the other; its face displays aspiration but its reality manifests egoism; its domain is a manifestation of selfhood; its affirmation is selfhood; its evidence is compromise, and each of its manifestations for good is a self-affirmation and justification of obvious destruction. The pledge of selfhood lies in the foundation of faint-heartedness.” Fiery World 3

Also, it is good to realize that all there is in Cosmos is ENERGY. Money is not a real problem. That it has value is only because we say it does. It is the delusion of separation that gives money or gold or anything like that value. In the Reality of the multidimensional Cosmos, the problem is how to use energy, not how to get it.

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