Meditation Work – 2021 Seed Thoughts

Dear Sister and Brother Warriors,

It is obvious that the Triumph of the Light is eventually unavoidable. (Or we would not be here now.) The issue is and has forever been “How much are we WILLING to go through to get to it”? If this present and rapidly ending 100 year chapter is any indicator, the answer is a whole lot! Of course, for anyone who knows anything about them, the previous, say 400 years were also very far from being a beautiful stroll in the wonders of an enchanted garden.

However, it is and has “forever” been precisely these efforts of the Retrogressors to stymie evolution and turn this planet into their “private property” that honed Humanity into Swords of Light. And so, in some 31 days we will enter 2021. 2021 is the fourth year of the last seven year cycle of this 100 year cycle. As we know the fourth year is the pause between the three year cycle inbreath and the final three year cycle out breath.

We also know that the “work” is done in the Pauses between the breaths.

2021 will require all we have to give wherever we are in whatever situation on every possible level of our daily lives, every day. Regardless of the “where” we are or the “what” we are doing in our daily lives, do recall frequently that the  “thought that issues from the heart is like an unstoppable arrow.” Heart #48

We have come this far, which if one cares to look really back, is an amazingly LONG WAY! We will continue. We WILL triumph!

To help to harmonize our service, we have attached the meditation work for this upcoming cycle. You will note that it is synchronous with the breathing cycle of the Planet.

With deep love and regard for all,


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