November 2020 Thoughtline – The Half-Way Con

Since the Beginning, there has been a conscious highly intelligent one pointed effort, on the part of the Retrogressors, to delay and eventually stop the expansion of human consciousness at the point of achieving the separate self-conscious identification that is common among most human beings today. As we all know, this stage of our evolutionary process involves the inclusive expansion of consciousness from the self-conscious fixation of being an entirely separate, mortal, human, animal-man to the realization that one is the non-dense unit of consciousness that is using the mortal body and its existence on the dense-physical plane to evolve into the amazing awareness of the One Reality.

Over the past 5 hundred years or so, this new consciousness has manifested powerfully in the population explosion of the last 60 years (from 3 to 8 billion). During these years we have attempted to take major steps in liberating Humanity—that is ourselves— from the delusions of exclusive separateness in all areas of our lives. We have made much progress in areas of Government of, for and by the People, the liberation of women, large gains in the elimination of race and genderisms, the recognition of and respect for the synthetic connections between all aspects of our Planet, to name a few.

However, gradually, the ideas for which we strove, Justice, Equality, and Liberty for all, seemed to get sidelined and enmeshed in jungles of exceptions, conditions, and minute details. After their total defeat in WW 2, it did not take long for the Retrogressors who are Masters at sophistry, to make government the cause of the problems and issues that arose as we attempted to expand Democracy. They hastily inserted capitalism and business as the solutions to our many problems. Thus, we entered the recent four decades of Liberty of, for and by the Corporations.

During this period of subtle but sometimes obvious Cooperate control, the primary tool used by retrogressive forces to maintain their façade as considerate but careful individuals is called moderation. Moderation is the sophistic term for halfwayness. It is the tool the Retrogressors use to ensnare or give cover to the faint-hearted among us who are all too willing to be used in this fashion.

Every effort to bring forth programs, rules, and policies that are designed to support the Common Good and General Welfare are swiftly labeled as socialism, a dreaded disease. These efforts if they survive at all are generally reduced to faint shadows of their original intent. Hence in the United States of America we ended up with 38.1 million people living in poverty and 630 billionaires.

This condition inevitably triggered an enormous tactica adversa.

The recent election in the U.S. was the response of the unstoppable next step on the path to Humanity’s Liberation from the delusionary myth of Retrogressors one dimensional reality within which we have been enslaved for eons. That we have been able to actually get this far in just the past 500 years is evidence of the exploding evolution of consciousness and the growing willingness for Human Beings to go all the way.

However, it was just the next step, and as we should by this time realize, we will need to go all in, we need to STRIVE for the Common Good and General Welfare if we expect to maintain Liberty and Freedom for all, including the 38.1 million sisters and brothers living in poverty, a condition that most of us cannot imagine.

Friends, this is not the time for moderation or halfwayness. “There is no evil to equal the offense of faint-heartedness. In it is hidden treachery; in it is concealed a fraudulent magnanimity; in it is secreted a ruinous half-wayness; its master is Satan; its motive power is selfhood; its actions include construction with the one hand and destruction with the other; its face displays aspiration but its reality manifests egoism; its domain is a manifestation of selfhood; its affirmation is selfhood; its evidence is compromise, and each of its manifestations for good is a self-affirmation and justification of obvious destruction. The pledge of selfhood lies in the foundation of faint-heartedness.” Fiery World 3

This cowardness is primarily the reason we are in this state. We must not allow the delusion of comfort and fear interfere with the message of our Heart.

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