September 2020 Thoughtline #2 – Winning @ Losing — The Great Delusion

Numerous pseudo sacred concepts are actually worshipped by millions of faithful followers with more passion and participation than is expended on all of the traditional religions put together. One of major significance in this group is the delusion of competition. Competition is presented as a basic law of Cosmos, the holy driver of practically all aspects of daily human interaction, not just all our social systems with other humans but with the very Planet. Actually, while we were assuming that we were “conquering” Nature, we were simply making deserts, generating typhoons and hurricanes, and destroying ourselves.

Competition has created the overwhelming social concept of winners and losers. This has produced the pyramids of Power which are usually focused on wealth holders at the very top and the totally poor at the base. You can tell how “good” you are by your net worth. In this delusionary system, the few, the Winners, the superior, the deserving, the better-than individuals, the .01 to the 1%, are found at the very top of the pyramid. The “masses”, the Inferior, the losers, the non-deserving individuals are found in the bottom 70%.

However, such pyramids of power domination exist in any system or category of differences. For example, besides all of the isms, sex, race, age, we can see power competitions present in many families, in school rooms, on play grounds, and employment systems. Our entire system of paid labor is competitive. Those who are in functions or jobs that are said to be more important or superior in some way are paid more than those in lesser functions. Average CEO Income in 2018 was $14.5 million. Average income for a regular worker was $39,888. Where human beings are interacting, Power holding is winning. Lack of power is losing.

In the Real Cosmos, there are no winners and losers. There are the self conscious ones and the relatively group conscious ones. Although the relatively group conscious ones mostly exist and participate in various ways in the current competitive systems at all levels of society, they have realized or are coming to realize that they are not their bodies or their net worth.

These individuals are driven by a completely different set of motives than those which drive the separative selfconscious ones. These immortal units of consciousness use whatever “property” they have including their more highly unified mental and emotional power, their thought and speech, their love, for the purpose of advancing the evolutionary development of Humanity.

And then there are those who within their separative self consciousness see their dense physical equipment as who they are. They become a piece of mortal property. Most of them are not even aware that they are identified with their bodies; however, they all suffer from the fear of death. They live caught on the competition merry-go-round of the pleasure and satisfaction of being winners and the fear and hate driven pain of being suckers or losers as the current president of the U.S. calls them.

At the very core of this merry-go-round is the delusion that the ownership of property is evidence of superiority. The assumption is that the reason they are wealthy is that they are in some way vastly superior to other humans. They assume that they are literally “entitled” to their wealth.

This delusion has been present as far as our known history can tell. It has manifested in what is called inheritance. It assumes that the children of Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchesses, etcetera, are— as are their parents—superior human beings. The children of such beings are entitled to their property including whatever titles their parents held. This delusion is still present in that the individual owners can pass their estate to whomever they like.

This delusion of being one’s dense physical self/property is rapidly diminishing in the presence of the group consciousness of many, many of the recently incarnated billions of units of consciousness. However, the ancient delusion of competition still controls most of our social, political, and economic systems. These present dominant social, political, economic and now our so called tech or information sharing systems are all based in this insane notion of competition for Life. These systems are also dominantly owned as private property by a select few of those at the top of the delusional pyramid. “To the victors go the spoils.”

As we have seen for eons, this system is self-perpetuating. Competition generates a condition of static delusion based solely in dense matter which manifests as revolution, or going around in circles. The delusionary game is the same. The winners and losers are the same; only the toys differ, like going from rock hammers to machine guns.

However, actual Life has a different agenda which, from the beginning, has been unfolding in spite of all the efforts of the Forces of Retrogression. Evolution rather than revolution is the process of Life. Continual, unquenchable, unstoppable striving by the incarnated unit of consciousness for greater Light, and the rapidly evolving manifestation of the Will to Love—these are the driving forces of the evolution of Synthesis on Planet Earth.

Striving has no time for or interest in winning or losing. Each effort is a step toward the Light. Each effort reveals the way forward. Striving is totally focused on the Light at the end of the long tunnel which stretches between the delusion of competition and the reality of cooperation.

Love is the basic all powerful energy system driving the striving and the evolution of this Planet. Love reveals the Reality of the Synthesis of Truth which is the LIGHT.

It’s here. It is the post delusion unavoidable wave of what we are calling the Aquarian Age. We are all part of this manifestation of Beauty. Cooperation is really the beauty in action within which we live and move and have our Being. Humans are Beautiful, and Beauty is Human. This is what Keats was saying when he said “Beauty is truth—truth beauty—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” 

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