September 2020 Thoughtline – War Is War!

A column by Eugene Robinson in the June 11 edition of WAPO clearly pointed out that the U.S. Civil War which we supposedly won with the surrender of the traitors to the U.S. Constitution at Appomattox in 1865, was in no way the end of the Civil War. The evil intentions and agenda of the Transgressors simply focused their war on other areas of the political, economic, and social structures of Humanity. Here they have managed, in all but its name, to maintain the presence and effects of slavery of various peoples at various levels and forms throughout most of the United States and the world up to this very day.

The very same thing may be said about our apparent triumph in the Second World War with the surrender of the Nazi forces on May 7, 1945, seven days after Hitler committed suicide. The surrender of Japan came after the atomic bomb was dropped on two of its major cities in August of 1945. In these situations, those who perpetrated the wars—and we do not mean the Hitlers and Tojos, who are merely tools of those individuals of power and wealth who support and finance such evil—simply moved their operations pretty much off of the dense physical plane and focused on the more abstract areas of Human life…the political, economic, and social systems of Humanity.

The purveyors of these viruses, the concepts of separation and exclusivity, of the beliefs, and delusional systems of the righteous superiority of the few that drove these wars, were still very much alive. These self-identified Supermen lost very little of their actual power.

Most of these economic, social, and government systems already based on concepts of separative power and rightful domination of the weak by the “beautiful strong” have been in place for centuries. It is on this subtle front that the Retrogressors are focusing their efforts. In this “non-dense physical” battle field, they have pursued their assault on the sacred innate, unique individuality and value of every human being, with even greater cunning and power.

The point to realize here is that there is nothing new in the causes of this chain of events. We, Humanity, have been struggling with these forces from the beginning. As far back as our presently known history, there have been wars between differing power factions over who got the flowers, who owned or controlled this or that bit of the planet or that group of people.

Free Will, Human rights, and individual value were seldom the point of such wars. The identification of the human being with his dense physical body and belongings created a delusional reality in which might did make right, and personal value is to this day based on material possession. It has only been the past 4 or 5 hundred years that Human Rights and the innate value of every individual actually became a seriously noticeable voice in our ancient struggle toward Reality.

So, Sisters and Brothers, the current struggle for our Divine Human Rights in which we and the rest of the world are presently involved is actually phase 3 of the world war. This war started with WW 1 in 1914. Phase 2 started with WW 2 in September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. For the U.S. it began with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.

To give the actual starting date of Phase three, the current ongoing war, is very difficult. It is a war that has been sort of unfolding in the economic and social dimensions of our lives for a long time. However it could be said that it became more obvious on the physical plane on January 20, 1981, when Reagan said “Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.”

Of course, there could be no collective society of any kind without a government to implement the Laws of the Society. Still, we have been very slow to realize the sophistry in Reagan’s statement. What it actually means is government of for and by the people does not work. We need a system that is based on the private exclusive ownership of property and power. Minus the crown, and dressed up in a respectable business suit, this is Same Old Lie that has been in effect for eons.

The Reagan statement was the opening salvo of the Retrogressor’s new war on Human Rights. What we are living in right now is a forty years long effort, a very, very serious effort to replace our Government with a Business run by and for the benefit of the “stock holders” or Owners. The care and wellbeing of the People is a very, very second or third matter. Witness the sneak attack on the U.S. Post Office, and the non-effort by our national Government to go all in on the danger of the corona virus Pandemic, as we did when faced with the physical threat of WW2,.

At its primary level, this is a war over the Principles of Reality. It is in many respects a civil war for us in this nation. The principles upon which this nation is based are under supreme attack by the same forces that drove the traitors to try to divide the nation when we decided to eliminate slavery from our Constitution.

The same exact concepts that drove the civil war of 1861/1865 are driving the current struggle. When we say Black Lives Matter, we are actually saying that all Humans matter regardless of any of their amazing and beautiful differences. The racist persecution of blacks is being done not because the persecutors have white skin but because they are insane, deluded human beings who will and do persecute anyone whom they see as less than themselves, regardless of skin color or anything else, and who seems to them to be a danger to their power and control.

Is this insane? Yes! This is the emotional/mental condition which drives the current Government of the U.S. What can we do about it?

Everything that we can think of that lets in the Light. In this war, the final and effective bullet of Light is our VOTE!

Sept. 2020 Thoughtline – War is War!

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