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July 2020 Exact Time Letter and Meditation link


July 2020

Dear Friends,

Those of us who pay attention to things like energy breathing cycles understand that “the work” is done in the pauses between the breaths. We also get that each of the in breaths and out breaths have the same rhythm. That is, the first sign in the breath cycle is the inbreath, the second sign is the pause between, and the third sign is the out breath. So in this outbreath cycle Leo is the pause between the in breath of Cancer and the outbreath of Virgo.

Leo is consequently a very significant deal. We have the efforts of Hercules as a metaphor of this significance. Hercules ends up, as you will probably recall, killing and skinning the Lion, which he had to finally trap and come face to face with in the “Cave”. Obviously, we each have a little cave to run around in and we are each the Lion, or the “personality” in our respective caves.

NOTE: Those caves can be for individuals or Nations!

What gets born in Virgo depends on how the decisions we make in Leo work out! Perhaps nowhere else on the planet will this be more so than in the United States. The decisions or choices that we make in Leo will be born in Virgo. (“these two signs are regarded esoterically as inseparable” Esoteric Astrology P. 261) They will be weighed in Libra tested in Scorpio and manifested in Sagittarius.

I have no specifics regarding choices other than if it is Good, it is Good for everyone. I do think that the decisions we are talking about have to do with the comprehensions of the Heart with Light and Will, with sheer determination to have Justice done and Freedom guaranteed. I suspect that hate and anger will detract from this and generate despair rather than determination.

Do not confuse righteous indignation with anger and hate. Righteous indignation is infused with and driven by the Love of Truth and Justice. We will, as we always have, triumph over the present assaults on Human Freedom and Dignity. We will because we love freedom and justice.

Lots of love



Exact Time Full Moon Meditation

This is the notification for the on-line exact time meditation for the Full Moon of Leo in 2020. Please see the Link for this On-Line Meditation below

Everyone may not have a copy of Full Moon Magic 2019-2021, so we will provide the essential data that is found in that publication. (Please note: Copies of Full Moon Magic 2019 – 2021 are now available @ no cost. Just drop me an e-mail and a snail mail address for copies.)

Please Note:

The first time given below is Pacific Standard Time. The second time is GMT time. When and where Daylight Savings Time is in use, add one hour to the given times.


Ray I, V

Exoteric Ruler, Sun (Ray II)

Esoteric Ruler, Sun, (Ray II) veiling Neptune (Ray (VI))

Hierarchical Ruler, Sun, (Ray II) veiling Uranus (Ray (VII))

The dates and exact time for the full moon of Leo are as follows:

August 3, 2020 @ 8:00 AM PST

August 3, 2020 @ 4:00 PM GMT

Seed Thought:



To synthesize the work, it is recommended, but not mandatory

1)     Use the current group seed thought.

2)     Participate in either the 5 or 3 day rhythm by substituting the full moon meditation for the regular daily meditation.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Heart of the Sun, and

Loving us



Exact Time Full Moon Meditation
Mon, Aug 3, 2020 7:15 AM – 8:45 AM (PDT)

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