June 2020 Thoughtline – Restoration is Unavoidable

For as long as anyone can recall, billions of humans all over the planet in whatever language have been repeating, chanting, singing, thousands and thousands of various mantras, shibboleths, slogans, mottos, prayers, invocations, evocations for thousands and thousands of reasons and purposes. For example here is the one that Eleanor Roosevelt voiced at the United Nations on World Invocation Day, 1952.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men—

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light workout.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

As am I, I expect that a number of you are familiar with this “mantram”. Like so much of Humanity’s great science which has forever been revealed through art, poetry, music, philosophy, actually all of our “Ageless Wisdom”, these particular kinds of statements are usually dealt with as prayers or symbols. The scientific Meaning, Significance, and Light that they reveal is missed in intellectual discussions and interpretations which seldom get above the forms, the symbols, or the dotted line you might say.

I have sung, stated, recited, and “chanted” this mantra alone and with thousands of sisters and brothers all over the planet. Some years ago I began to see that this statement is actually a Word of Power. It is a driver of Intention. It is actually an artistically (rather than numerically or mathematically) presented scientific formula for Evolution. (It is really time to understand that Art and Science are actually the same thing! Both deal with the dimension of Cosmic Principles.)

For me, like what is true about most of the statements we call mantras, the Invocation is a series of statements each of which happens to reveal a scientific fact. For example: Light is the Infinite Presence of Cosmos. “Christ” refers not to a dense physical being but to the power of Love, another infinite Presence in Cosmos. The word Purpose is the generalized term for the various frequencies of Energies which manifest Life and Love. We call them, Beauty, Joy, Equilibrium or Harmony and Justice.

The word “let” is not a request but an order, a command, which when implemented will restore the Plan on Earth. The command is to cause these energies to work out through their implementation by Human Beings into systems and ways that support the Plan for Life to unfold on the planet.

The big deal for me has always been the bit about restoring the Plan on Earth. The mere fact that we are being directed to restore the Plan indicates that a great deal of what is happening on the planet is not the Plan.


Obviously, if we are going to restore the Plan we need to have some kind of clear understanding of what the Plan is so we can discriminate between what is and what is not the Plan. According to the Ageless Wisdom, in the first manifestation of the Planet (“so remote that the number of years of distance can be stated only in super-astronomical figures” Rays and Initiations P.350) the goal of the Plan was to manifest a set of Principles which we call Intelligence “entirely related to matter and substance,” on this planet to their highest possible level.

In the BIG PICTURE the Intendor, or “God” if you prefer, had a different goal for the second manifestation of the Planet. That goal is to develop to its highest possible level on this Planet another Cosmic Principle (“more expressive of the divine nature”) which we call Love.

The simplest scientific way that I can put this is to say that the Plan is to evolve human units all of whom have total Free Will to become conscious of and operate through the Principle of Love and using the innate presence of Intelligence, developed to its highest possible level in the first System, to manifest forms that operate on and for the GOOD of the Whole system. The path is literally a road map of experience, expression, and expansion to evolve from the identification with form to the realization of the fact that Humans are actually incarnated immortal units of consciousness who exist in a multidimensional Cosmos on a the dense physical sub-planes of a planet which contains myriads of different life forms to live and evolve from their densest appearance to their most Harmonic relation with Infinite Intention, Truth and Beauty.

In the first manifestation, we did Intelligence. In this one, we are doing Love. So that’s clear. That is the Plan.

However, at the end of the first system, when it came time to sort of put “intelligence” on the shelf and to move on to the next project, the manifestation of the second solar system of the BIG PICTURE, “One group [which] has never freed itself from the principles which governed the first solar system…principles entirely related to matter and substance,… then existent—were so completely conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of “fixed and selfish material purpose” and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them.” The Rays and the Initiations P. 35 How clear is that!

So, at this point, we encounter the fact that there is more than one plan at work on this planet. It does not take a genius to figure out which plan is presently dominant on the dense physical or matter level of this Planet. And this obviously begs the question. How best to proceed in this effort to Restore the Plan on Earth?


Restoring the Plan means the replacement of the currently dominant systems of delusion with systems that function on the Principles of Cosmic Physics. This has been the effort from the beginning. It will continue to require some very big “restorations”.

Well, we are very familiar with big change. Since 1500 there have been nothing but changes. Many were small, but many were highly significant and of relatively enormous proportions which were very destructive even if not approaching Atlantis proportions.

Evolution has always been about our Free Will to choose our path. Evolution practically means struggle! As Humanity, we have always had to choose to evolve. And evolution has always involved the overcoming of not only the armies of the Retrogressors who would keep us enslaved in their manufactured reality, but their highly efficient systems of thought control and manipulation, what we now call propaganda: A few recent examples just from the West: 30 Years War- 8 Million dead, 7 Years War-853 thousand dead, U.S. Civil War- 750, thousand dead soldiers plus 50 thousand civilians, WW 1- military and civilian deaths 15 to 20 Million, WWII- 85 million.

You have to wonder if we could have evolved without such obstacles to overcome.

Our effort now is to continue to bring about the restoration of the Plan without destroying the Planet. Old fashioned war has, given the atom bomb, hopefully been more or less rendered extinct. So change, if we are going to live through it, is going to have to happen with people and the ballot box.

How incredible is this? We have to choose our way forward…or not! Anyway, that is going to take a little more time, but, considering how fast things are actually changing, probably not that much. Still, nobody wants to blow everything up. With continuing adoption of basic moral changes, such as the minor ones suggested by Individuals such as Warren and Sanders, in 16 or 20 years we can save the Planet and the People from what will otherwise be a dreadful spiral into the oblivion of the New look or version of Kings and serfs, or perhaps Atlantis 2.

Global population is near 8 billion. The vast majority of the recently arriving sisters and brothers hear a different drummer. They innately understand that energy is all there is, that no one has to be hungry or homeless or doomed to a life of poverty and illness.

The presently structured systems that generate wealth and poverty are seen at the very least as dumb and ineffective. There is right now probably a solid majority of humans who will vote for sanity, for life, and justice for all. Trump has only 40% of the vote. And each year as the young can vote this is rapidly shrinking.

There remains, of course, the immediate specter of some insane form of last gasp violence on the part of the Retrogressors. It is a scary thing to think about. But remember who got the atom bomb and who lost their last grand effort to conquer the world.

“From the beginning the dark ones struggled, from the beginning We conquered.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I #231 I see no reason to think that will change. Here is a list of simple, straight forward, scientific facts from the Ageless Wisdom that make me think that.

“I am a point of light within a greater Light.

I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine.

I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God.

And thus I stand.

I am a way by which men may achieve.

I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand.

I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.

And thus I stand.

And standing thus revolve

And tread this way the ways of men,

And know the ways of God.

And thus I stand.”

Printable PDF file of Restoration is Unavoidable

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