April 2020 Thoughtline – The Post Delusion Age – Group Consciousness


Over the last 100 or so years we have all heard a lot about the externalization of the 5th Kingdom and the reappearance of the Christ thing occurring “someday”. The someday turns out to be when Humanity is able to implement it. Remember this little thing we call Free Will.

The externalization/reappearance cannot be forced upon us. On the other hand, it is unavoidable. And, in fact, it is, as it always has been, occurring right now through the presence of the incarnated units of consciousness who can function within the accelerated frequencies of the Evolving Plan.

The externalization/reappearance is not a movie where exotic beings appear from the sky and make everything nice again. The ongoing externalization is the effect of the evolving merging of the 4th and 5th Kingdoms. The reappearance of Christ will manifest in policies and programs that serve the Common Good and General Welfare. These will be driven by the Energy we call Christ, by Love and Right Human relations.

The Primary Effort

The primary effort is and always has been, (since the Atlantis fiasco anyway) a specific human relations, political, and economic issue. It requires physically present and engaged group conscious Human Beings to freely generate, manifest, and implement the specific human relations, political, and economic systems necessary to further human evolution in harmony with the Divine Plan. Again, remember this little thing we call Free Will.

The world systems that mankind presently has in place, like the cults of the personality which own and drive them, are manifestations of delusion. It is the dominant influence of these systems of greed and power that present the major blockage to the externalization and reappearance. We need to replace them with something that is sane.

After, who knows how many incarnations, it is reasonable to think that many, many of us have created an instrument that can actually handle the frequencies of an aligned consciousness. We have to work through our own vehicles, macro and micro, to create those systems—human relations, political, and economic—which will manifest as a common sense evolving phase of the Divine Plan.

Group Conscious

The Brothers of the 5th Kingdom have been fostering the evolution or “training” of animal man forever. It seems, to me anyway, that the meditation training from Hatha through Raja to Agni Yoga which has been going on for 17 million years has finally generated billions of humans who can actually THINK rather than process data. That is they are group conscious.

These present individuals are members of the Fourth or Human Kingdom, and are the forerunners of the 6th root race of the 5th round. What we need to realize is that since 1974 the world population has doubled from 4 to 8 billion. As a result of numerous incarnations which undoubtedly included entire cycles of “esoteric” training, there are literally billions among us who are to varying degrees group conscious. They are heart, or love, motivated. They do not need to be “saved”. They need to be involved

They do not need “meditation training”. The connection that Raja and Agni yoga meditation teaching has, over the past 4 or 5 hundred years, created all over the world in many languages, customs and cultures is intact. Or to put it into “esoteric” language, they are born with the “antahkarana” or the link between the mental unit and the “manasic permanent atom” functional.

They do not have to be aware of this connection or even know that it exists. Like beating our hearts or breathing, it is a natural development of evolution that has fallen below the threshold of consciousness. It is simply what Humans do. We need to speak to and work with the sisters and brothers who are incarnating now in language that is suitable to them.

For example, the following list of the Principles came from Discipleship in the New Age P. 237 The Principle of Goodwill, The Principle of Unanimity, The Principle of Essential Divinity. Not one of these principles would be “esoteric” to anyone who is relatively group conscious. To such people these statements are matters of common sense.

If it is Good, it is Good for ALL, not just the few. There is only One Humanity on this Planet. Everything in on or around it is connected to everything else. We get that we are units of LIFE in a Multidimensional Cosmos of LIFE.

Eight Billion Units of Consciousness

Remember there are 8 billion Units of Consciousness incarnated on this planet now. We have been evolving for 17 million years you would think that we have made some progress. Within that 8 billion, there must be a huge number of individuals who are relatively group conscious.

Think of Greta Thunberg, or Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren and tens of thousands of others working in significant areas of the national governments. But group consciousness does not limit itself to positions of high public notoriety or power. Think of the millions and millions of school teachers who attract no notice and work 60 and 70 hours a week for the benefit of their students. Consider the billions of parents, many of whom face totally inadequate resources of food clothing education and healthcare, who are raising children with love and concern for the Common Good.

So, Greta is not some highly unusual child. Like us, she is the product of many lives of experience and sort of an example of what is being born or incarnating into the planet. What did you think the emerging 6th root race would be like? If one looks closely at the Planet, there are Greta Thunbergs all over the place.

The Human function is to work from Principles into forms. These recent arrivals get this intuitively, without a ton of jargon. It is a reflex action for them. As we all do, they come in with an agenda. Depending on their relative environments, and sense of mission, they gravitate toward their place of Service. “One cannot be initiate without also being in the process of taking initiation. Ashramic Projections P. 111

What is needed is to bring what is known into manifestation. It is no longer “esoteric” to realize that we are incarnated units of consciousness. This is not “spiritual”. This is not “religious”. It is scientific common sense. We need to start talking about the future of our children. We need to reveal that these values of Life, Liberty, and Justice for ALL are Scientific Principles of Cosmos. They are the common sense principles of daily living within an unavoidable unified field of Human Beings.

Almost in spite of our Human efforts of Democracy, the present primary systems of human organization, political, economic, social, are still mired in a delusion. This is the ancient and ridiculous notion of Class separation and Value. The separate classes are divided into a hierarchy of wealth and power based on the possession of wealth, money and ownership of property. “In 2018, the richest 10% held 70% of total household wealth.” The top 1% own 32% of the top 10%. America’s Humongous Wealth Gap Is Widening Further The driving force of this delusion of value and worth being a product of the ownership of property and wealth is driven, as it has always been, by the dark energies of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

The present corona virus pandemic is destroying the fake cover of such delusions. For one example: That nations are separate from one another and in eternal competition with other nations for their liberty and status is being revealed as a total delusion. The virus is making it very clear that nations are not separated from each other but involved in an unavoidable life relationship with each other.

Our growing understanding of this unavoidable fact of Cosmic Physics will rapidly be demonstrated in the “birth” of “systems that serve everyone not just the wealthy few!” Want Conscious Human Beings in action? Look at Warren and Sanders and dozens of others all around the world that it would not be difficult to name.

And actually, just look in a mirror!

Tom Carney
April, 2020

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