February 2020 #2 Thoughtline – The Sex Delusion

Inevitably a more homogeneous humanity will appear during the changes of the next one hundred years. Many attitudes and many customary reactions which today hold sway will vanish, and types and qualities and characteristics for which we have as yet no precedent will appear upon a large scale. EH P. 224

The primary factor which generated the Age of Delusion was the identification of the individual unit of incarnating consciousness with her or his dense physical body. The body that was being used was actually a “high end” animal body.

Probably, the second most powerful delusion generator was the implanting in human consciousness of the delusion of the superiority of the male over the female. This delusion was a product of the separative self-consciousness. However, this implantation, the watering and cultivating of it over time was more than likely a part of the “planned distortion of the divine will”. “One group has never freed itself from the principles which governed the first solar system. They were principles entirely related to matter and substance, and were at that time and in that period (so remote that the number of years of distance can be stated only in super-astronomical figures) the conditioning factors for the initiation of the time. Certain units of humanity—then existent—were so completely conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of “fixed and selfish material purpose” and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them.” 7R5 p.350

The Basic “Go Withs”
Many of the basic instincts and emotional behaviors which govern the evolution of the Animal Kingdom on the planet were present in the vehicles used by the incarnating souls to manifest. These animal values and needs were very strong drivers of the proto humans. However, that the male animals considered themselves to be superior to the females is not something that was part of animal consciousness. This sort of dividing and categorizing of value is not a factor of discrimination in the animal or for that case in the plant Kingdom where many species are self-pollinating.

Male and female animals and plants have different roles, or natural functions, but the sense that any one sex was superior to the other is something that was projected upon those Kingdoms from the Separative self-conscious humans. On Earth, there is an equilibrium of value and necessity without which the Kingdoms would not function. Lions are not superior to mice. Roses are not superior to dandelions.

This equilibrium of value and presence in cosmos is one of the lessons that we humans have been and are still struggling to comprehend. Only in the mind and vision of one dimensional ignorance is there a war of exclusivity and privilege within the Plant and Animal or for that matter the Human or any other of the “Kingdoms” or Dimensions of Life. However, this absurd version of human evolution has been propagated by deluded personalities for untold centuries. The common cartoon of a “cave man” dragging a “cave woman” around by her hair is the epitome of ignorance.

The sense of separateness, or the awareness of one’s individual existence was essential to the expansion of consciousness from identity with the mass to identity with a separate or individual self. Just when or what initiated the delusion of male superiority on that 17 million year trek (Treatise on White Magic. P.378) is not really knowable. However the Book of Genesis which, according to a growing group of scholars, was produced in the 6th or 5th century B.C. Wikipedia, tells us that God, who was depicted as a male, made Adam “from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” Genesis

This relatively modern use in Genesis of one of the known anciently anthropomorphized versions of a God (Zoroastrianism. 10th BC) as a male human being indicates that the concept of male superiority is of very ancient linage. The modern religious versions of God most of which are dominated by superior male rulers did a lot to keep this ridiculous delusion front and center in the various civilizations that humanity created.

If we look as far back as any of the one dimensional versions of the history of humanity is known with any clarity (some 5 or 6000 years or so is the relatively agreed on tiny- weeny piece of time.), we will see that, with the very occasional exception, females were always the “weaker sex”. In this case weaker does not only apply to muscles, it applies to every aspect of their being. There is to this day a large portion of the population who still believe this insanity. As a high school student in the late fifties, my wife got to choose between nurse, secretary, or teacher for her career path.

But to cut to the point: Seeing one sex as superior or inferior to the other is simply ignorant. There is zero scientific evidence which supports this. In the realm of Energy and cosmic physics there is no 1. There are always and only 3. There is no battle between the sexes. There is Equilibrium. There is Intention, Love, and Creation, or Will through Love into Matter.

Unfortunately, accepting sexual superiority as an unquestionable normal thing remains a delusion vis-vis Reality that still infects the consciousness of many, many of our brothers and sisters. Likewise, the delusion of male superiority still dominates many of our social norms. The principle of my youngest daughter’s elementary school tried, and failed, to deny her right, based on her test scores to take advanced math classes at the local Jr. College because girls do not do that well in math.

One of the factors that comes with our gradual escape from delusion is our understanding of those who are still held in captivity. Firstly, let us not feel all that superior and realize that there, except for a few years, or an incarnation or three, goes us. This particular delusion, the male superiority or, for that matter, female inferiority, hang up, is a hall mark of the deeply deluded personality. Whether this identity fixation is obviously or more subtly acted on, it is a serious impediment to consciousness. It warps one’s vision of reality on really basic levels such as: What is power? What is strength? What is beauty, love, Truth? What is “Right Sharing”?

The forms which such a twisted consciousness, of either the individual or collective, generates and identifies with invariably serve the delusion of a separated and at war with its self vision of Life. Thus we had God Chosen Kings, and now we have Capitalism. The evolutionary progress from the self-conscious separated individual to the realization of the One Humanity made over the centuries has not come from such a deluded focus, but in spite of it.

As soon as one registers this condition in a person, we know that we are dealing with a deluded individual. The person may be a very selfish individual, self pitying, mean, or manipulative. Seldom are they actually evil individuals. They are simply deluded.

They do not actually know the difference between their one dimensional delusion and reality, and they do not know that that they do not know. The issue instantly becomes one of how can this person be helped? Telling them that they are deluded will definitely not help.

Even if the condition is generating pain and harm for others, it is not necessarily “bad”. It is mainly stupid, an ignorant, and usually unconsciously learned way to get along in a one dimensional world where “might makes right” in all situations. It is also commonly the effect of being the victim of that kind of experience. If it is a deliberate or conscious use of free will to gain power over others it is tending toward a serious problem of consciousness.

How to deal with this?

We talk a lot about constant vigilance and the fact that we are living in the ending of the Black Age, the Kali Yuga. (Letters on Occult Meditation P.353) It is appropriate to use the metaphors of combat in these times, but the combats of today are seldom ones that require bows and arrows or guns and bullets. Even so, Warriors are either constantly vigilant or they are seriously wounded, or dead.

Maybe some of us wonder why we are here at this particular time. My sense is that it is the heart. We are here now because we know, to some small part at least, of the power of the Heart.

It is really time for us to understand the power of the Heart. The heart is the organ of multi-dimensional wisdom. The heart does not give up, ever. It takes over! Every major triumph on our long journey was the product of the Heart, of Love. Every Hero on whatever level was literally driven by the Heart. The source of Courage—that without which nothing else is possible—is always the heart, Love.

That we have to this point avoided a global shooting and bombing war is commendable. But to avoid or ignore the fact that we are engaged in a life and death struggle for billions is a major aspect of the delusion.

The age of Post Delusion is the age of the heart. It is not an age of sweet sayings, of flowers and nicey, nicey. It is an Age of struggle on levels much more powerful than the dense physical. It is perhaps the greatest struggle in which we, Humanity, have ever been involved.

The entire effort is to transition, i.e., evolve into the Post Delusion Age, which is unavoidable, with as little harm to as small a number of humans and the Planet as possible. Only the heart will serve that end. The heart does not know anything about halfway efforts. Getting over this nonsense about male superiority right now would be a good big step in that direction.

If we actually, carefully look at the past 150 years we can see a steady, and gradually accelerating rise of feminine power within the Human race. The evolution of “feminine” power has actually got very little to do with sex. It is the power of Love, the 2nd Ray of Love Wisdom. It is the key note of the incoming 6th root race of the 5th Round Aquarian units of consciousness. Love Wisdom is the energy frequency which, very mainly, almost exclusively, women have been nurturing and growing from the beginning. In the Equilibrium of Evolution, it was their function! It did not make them any “weaker” than the males whose function was to guard and protect the whole.

As Humanity evolves out of its animal nature, it actually synthesizes into Human nature. Human nature contains both so called feminine and masculine natures in a synthesis of Love. This energy is being more and more revealed in the literally billions of human beings including now many males who have been taking action worldwide and at every level of manifestation to bring about the emergence, the Birth of the Post Delusion Age from the womb of time. In short, Human Beings are not animals.

On at least one level, this all has to do with the 2nd Ray, the energy that Christ anchored into Humanity some 2000 years ago. It is the energy that links the 1st Ray to the 7th Ray thus manifesting the Post Delusional Aquarian Age. It is the umbilical cord which has always connected The Will to Good to Good Will. Creation is the role of the Mother.

Did you ever wonder why the men who created the Catholic Church made the Trinity “The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost?

Tom Carney
February#2 2020

Printable PDF file – The Sex Delusion

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