Special Meditation

Taking Action


Dear Co Warriors,

In the eternal battle for Human evolution we are once again approaching a supreme point of decision.

It looks as if there will eventually be a Senate “trial” of the Trump impeachment. We are planning to cover that event with a continual meditation action focused directly into the United States Capitol (See attached Meditation Images) especially focusing on the Senate Chambers. The purpose of this targeted meditation action is to clean and protect the meeting spaces from the powerful consciously directed hate/fear energy that is even now being used to generate delusion and confusion with in the public mind.


Anyone can take this action. Other than having a heart generated motive, (meditation won’t work otherwise) there are no special requirements to carry this kind of energy action forward. While focused in, on, and around the Capitol building, the fields exists in no-time space and consciousness within the group conscious field of Humanity.

After using the general meditation action outlined once or twice one can re energize the field with a heart focused thought of Love. You know, it’s the energy follows thought thing…. a simple, powerful, heart driven action.

Many of you have been using this meditation action since 2014 when we first used it. Please continue to focus a beam of heart energy into the field. The opposing forces are pulling out all the stops.

For others who are willing, If you like, a simple meditation action outline for your use in invoking and using Synthesis energy is attached.

“The major characteristic of this new energy is its dynamic, precipitating faculty. It is the precipitating agent of the Divine Plan for humanity in specific circumstances and situations, in specific happenings. The disciple will use the energy by focusing it into those situations and circumstances which should be the vehicle for the manifestation of the Plan, but are not necessarily so at that given time. By focusing this energy into this specific situation or this circumstance even though that happening appears to be in opposition to the Plan, the energy itself precipitates the Divine Plan into manifestation via or through that specific happening.” Ashramic Projections P. 186

Loving US


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