January 2020 Thoughtline – The Delusion of Moderation

Joan of Arc

Dear Co-Warriors,

The primary driver of a warrior is Love. This is after all a Second Ray Solar system. So, it is Love, love of Freedom, of Justice, of Compassion for The Common Good and the General Welfare that has, since the beginning, driven Humanity towards our unavoidable destiny.

We know, if we are even faintly aware of our exceedingly bloody history, that those who are generating this insanity are loath to let it go. Every step from the delusionary bonds of our eons long struggle for Life, Liberty and Justice has been paid for with pain and battle. Every one of us knows what I am talking about. We have fought these battles within our own psyche.

Now is the time for us to Love not only Humanity, but the entire planet. We are all under attack. To Love is to serve.

Realize that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is the only motivator that can drive Triumph. Love is not a bunch of mumbling. It must reach the dense physical plane in actions. Why do you suppose Jesus/Christ showed up? And He knew the end from the beginning…That’s Love.

2020 is upon us. It going to, pardon me, Blow our Minds with the power of Love.

Lock and load! Or at least buckle up.

With Joy which always and only exists with Love


The Delusion of Moderation

You already know sufficiently about the temperance of certain characters. What is to be done when moderateness has crept into the broadest circles? Those who are seemingly the champions of good give themselves up spiritually to moderation.” Fiery World II # 193

According to The New York Times, the richest 1 percent in the United States now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent.

Well, shocking as this data may be to those who like myself and Mary are comfortable, this struggle and condition has been ongoing for many centuries. So, in a way, this is a great jump. In centuries gone by, the top OOO1% owned everything including all the people.

Before the 10th century, little if anything was heard or is recorded in history about the freedoms and rights of all individuals. People were called serfs. Slavery was as common as dirt. When a king conquered a city or country, he usually won all of the people too; they like the dirt became his property.

For individuals to advance ideas or concepts that challenged this ownership of everything by the Select Few, the Kings, or the billionaires as they are now known, usually resulted in some sort of death. Socrates, for example, got to drink hemlock. Plato was simply sold into slavery. But if discovered, the majority of those who strived to bring Light into the planet, such as Jesus, usually faced some sort of execution of which crucifixion was far from the most horrid. Take for example the 19 year old Joan Arc.

However, for the millions of years of Human presence on the planet the deep struggle for Free Will, for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All has never ceased. Why would it? It is the entire purpose of evolution.

That we will eventually succeed in this endeavor is a given. And, from time to time over the millenniums various instances occurred where we were able to manifest a city and occasionally an entire nation or country in which the Common Good and the General Welfare were the basis for life. As humanity expanded from Europe into the re-discovered “new world”, the Ideas that Free Will, that Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All were natural rights expanded with them. In fact, a significant percentage of those who first came to the new world in 1620 were motivated by these Principles.

And in 1776 a miracle called the Constitution of the United States, was made to manifest on this planet through the efforts of a small group of farsighted human beings. Still, the struggle while hugely significant had only made an initial step. Even as this miracle was being made manifest, it was poisoned with a clause that made slavery legal. To remove this flaw required the total undeviating rejection of slavery from our Constitution, and at great pain and cost of life, the total defeat of those forces wishing to divide our nation into half free and half slave.

This effort, as you know, was Civil War. There was nothing moderate or halfway about the Civil War!

Since the Principles of Free Will, of the Common Good, and General Welfare have been evolving over such a long period of time, it is difficult for those who lack a long view of planetary history to see their gradual, and I might add, inevitable evolution. These Principles have been manifesting, slowly but steadily through Humanity’s presence on the Planet. True, the motion seems to flow in spirals of progress and retrogression, each involved in the other, as the manifestation of our Constitution shows. However, the IDEAS of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All continue to grow within the manifested consciousness of humanity.

Since1400 the appearance of deeply significant changes in planetary life, such as discovery of the “New World” have greatly accelerated. In terms of Human Relations, it took untold centuries to evolve from Ruler/Ownership by the few and powerful to, say, the Magna Carta. It took only 450 years to evolve from the Magna Carta to the U.S. Constitution. It took the U.S.100 years to evolve from slavery to Freedom.

In terms of technology, In 1903 the first man-made plane flew for 59 seconds over a distance of 852 feet. 63 years later, we flew from 852 feet to 1,261,392,000 feet or 238,900 miles. We landed a man on the moon and returned the 238,900 miles to earth. Actual personal computers became easily available in the 1980s. Think of what computers are able to do now some 40 years later. If we can imagine it, we can probably make it.

These lists highlight change in two areas of Human Life. The most obvious is the development of technology. Not so obvious is the evolution of Consciousness.

Over these past 450 years compared to the snail pace of the previous tens of thousands of years, the shift in consciousness from the delusion of our personal identification of being one dimensional individuals, totally separate from all other humans, to the realization of our actual unity with the presently incarnated 8 billion or so other human units of consciousness—to say nothing of the not presently incarnated 52 billion units of consciousness— has literally exploded. The Community of Nations, the Allies, that emerged to defeat the last major ground war effort of the Retrogressive forces, the Axis, to dominate humanity, and the subsequent creation of the United Nations are modern major examples of this expansion of Human consciousness. We could list many, many other examples of this incredible speed up, but the realization that this explosion of realization occurred over this literally tiny bit of time (450 years) is what is significant.

In 1500, the Hierarchy began an “outreach” program to Humanity. 500 years later, in October of 1934 Master D.K. released this: “The Hierarchy has for hundreds of generations sought to aid humanity, and since the fifteenth century has steadily approached closer to the physical plane and sought to make a deeper impact on the human consciousness. This has resulted in a recognition which has in it (at this time) the seeds of world salvation.”

Here we are 85 years later. Only the one dimensional blind cannot see that deep significant change is not only happening it is unavoidable, and it is happening incredibly fast.

Looking back over these past 450 years and especially over the past 85 years, what is always present, even in small examples of an individual’s evolution, is that halfway efforts, compromise, or “moderate advances” have always and only led to a kind of carousel of suffering and disappointment. We need to understand that compromise is not a result of caution. It is a product of fear.

Caution is the consciousness of the Heart. It is simply not stupid. It was not the heart that drove Neville Chamberlain.

There is a huge difference between “compromise” and going all in in the first breath. We go as far as we can with every breath. We may pause to regroup, but even the pauses are but spaces between the breaths. We never actually stop moving. We are All In, even to death toward a given goal.

We must realize that the Forces of Retrogression are always All In. They do not compromise! To make a “Deal” with them, to compromise, means that you have already lost.

Perhaps some of you will relate to this example. I knew people who were raised in a household of cigarette smokers and then tried to quit from a “3 packs a day” habit by reducing it to 2 packs then 1pack. Several of them eventually died from lung cancer while still smoking. Or, what do you suppose the result of Operation Neptune would have been if it had not been a total all in effort by Eisenhower?

Currently, a number of individuals who are seeking to serve as the President of the U.S. are spokespersons for something they refer to as moderation. They prefer to make progress in what they call moderate advances. The ancient con game here is that change must be very slow so that people will not become frightened that they are losing or being deprived of their property. Fear is one of the many disguises of retrogression. It is not a good adviser.

As usual, MM says it best.

In legends giants crossed the seas, breaking off monolithic rocks. Let us resemble the giants and our thoughts the monoliths. Let us dispel any timid half-wayness, as otherwise it will take possession of us and deliver us to a shameful execution by beating with accounting books. We know monolithic thinking.

When conflagrations are strong, think monolithically.” Community #238

People’s striving is always measured by their service either to Light or darkness. By this may be judged their destination in life. Thus, the worst of all is halfway thinking and halfway striving. The destroyers always build solely upon halfway striving. There is nothing worse than a halfway servitor, for he screens himself by halfwayness. Therefore, a direct enemy of Light is preferred by Us. We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist. Thus, halfwayness must be avoided. One should always and in all ways avoid any intercourse with halfway people. Halfwayness shown by the disciples throws them back a millennium, and therefore one should know when to affirm one’s own consciousness. Thus, the servitor of Light will not admit halfwayness.” Hierarchy #302

Tom Carney
January 2020

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