September 2019 Thoughtline #2 – The “Too Much” Con


Evolution is an unavoidable driver of Life on this Planet. Just look around. The Planet has been evolving for many eons longer than our illusionary one dimensional vision which passes for science can even imagine.

Evolution cannot be stopped any more than the sun can be prevented from rising. However, there are still many in the World whose own ignorance—in spite of Pythagoras’s and Plato’s and multitudes of other “Avatars” best efforts—has kept them immersed in the cave of one dimension. And too, there are those leftovers from the first System to whom we refer as the Retrogressors who tirelessly work with fear, hate, great intelligence, and cunning to foster the Great Lie of Separation.

Too Fast Too Far

“You are going too far. We must make changes slowly so as not to alarm or upset the system. We must not frighten the weak ones or challenge the powerful ones. We must take small steps, just go halfway.”

From the beginning this has been the deluding sophistic cry of retrogression. For a recent example, as far as Government of for and by the people went, in the beginning circa 1776, only white men age 21 and older who owned land could vote. It was not until the 1820s, that we had anything like universal white male suffrage. It took another 100 years for women to get the vote, and 42 more years before we decided that if you were old enough to die in a war you were old enough to vote.

The U.S. Civil War was not a halfway event. It took 4 years, April 1861 to April 1865, to go from the halfway deal, half free, half slave, we had to have to get the Constitution, to All Free and no slave. The price, to eliminate slavery from the U.S. Constitution, besides the deaths, pain, and suffering of the general population, was the deaths of 620,000 soldiers.

These things and dozens more were absolutely Just corrections to ancient Lies. Such lies like the ones that were used to justify slavery are still being consciously employed all over the world to thwart the progress of Evolution.

These dark ones manipulate the ignorant ones. With illusions of gaining personal power and wealth, they keep the ignorant ones enslaved. They stoke the desires of greed, the worship of grandiosity, and the illusions of being superior to others and the rightful ownership of Kingdoms. All this is done in the execution of their anciently planned (7R5, p-350) effort to stop or at least slow down the inevitable manifestation of Life, Liberty and Freedom for All.

The Real Boundaries

In scientific fact, our boundaries are not left and right or conservative and liberal. They are Reality and Illusion, Beauty and Chaos, Good and Evil. There is no Too Far Left. We cannot get too Beautiful, or too Good, or too Real.

Every effort to reach for something better for Humanity and the Planet needs to be all out. There is no halfway into the Light, no baby steps.

Caution is not fear. Caution is the bedrock of progress. It has nothing to do with halfway efforts. Halfway is the hand of the retrogressor in the glove of the coward.

Caution is the wisdom in the heart of the courageous. Caution has everything to do with unquenchable willingness to intelligently face and overcome obstacles of ignorance and chaos with every ounce of everything we have, including our very lives when that is required.

There is a factor here that is little understood. There is no such thing as failure for us because there is no such thing as the end or death. Every love inspired effort to aid the Good is a step into Reality. If it fails, it is simply Light on the Path. “Even a mistake in daring is more easily remedied than is abject mumbling.” New Era Community #48

Under the present dominant systems of capitalism—the exclusive ownership and manipulation of just about everything for the exclusive benefits of the super wealthy few—a large percentage of humans are literally being murdered in wars, starved to death, and deprived of basic human rights such as education and healthcare.

This system has been maintained by greed, murder, theft, and lies for centuries. It’s like a rotten melon ready to burst.

All we have to do is to go as far as we can go toward Equality and Liberty for All. We set no limits, no halfway stuff. The time is not tomorrow or maybe next year. It is Now.

“We” of course does not only mean we as a people working through our elected representatives; it means each of us striving within her or his own immediate environment to actually do whatever it is that each sees as fostering Life, Liberty, and freedom for all. This requires some sort of vigilance and understanding of the interconnectedness of our personal lives and our communities with the whole of the Nation.

It also requires that we understand what motivates our actions. Nice things done for others motivated because they will profit us in some way, may be nice things; however, such things are frequently not what the other actually needs. The conscious or sub-conscious self-centered motive to gain a goal or reward frequently distorts the understanding of the needs of the receiver.

The heart knows the best way, actually the only way. Self-centered motivated and mind driven actions are a merry-go-round that seldom meets another’s needs.

That said, We as the “People” are totally and personally responsible for that which our elected representatives in a democratic government vote. Shirking this absolutely vital aspect of Democracy made Government of for and by the People available for purchase by the super wealthy retrogressors. From their point of view, voiced in the clearest possible words by Ronald Regan in 1981 “Government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem.”

Their solution to the problem was to buy the government. They accomplished this by purchasing the loyalty of the people we elect to be our representatives. These, Representatives, Senators, Presidents and Court judges would be beholden to them rather than to us.

In this way really smart businesspeople, i.e., the self-appointed super wealthy owners or heads of the corporate world, could run the government as a business. The Common Good and the General welfare are not the Principles that usually guide the decisions of Business. It is this scenario that has been quietly unfolding in the background for the past 35 years. However, in the recent 10 or so years it has become more and more obvious and is presently occupying the Executive Branch, the Senate, and many of the Court Judges including the Supreme Court.

Fortunately, we now have the power and the opportunity to take most of the government back. Real threats to evolution cannot be dealt with simply by being “spiritual”. Humanity must of its own free will cause democracy or Freedom and Liberty For All to manifest. What we need is the Will to battle.

As Master M. indicates, “We are often accused of frightening people by putting so much stress on the concept of battle and for saying that Our Battle is endless. People assume that creation is peaceful, and battle destructive, but how can one think of creation without mastery over the elements, without a courageous struggle to overcome obstacles? Thus, Our Battle, too, is mastery over chaos. If there were no such defense, the waves of chaos would overwhelm all achievements. It is important to realize fully that battle and creation are active principles of Be-ness… We advocate battle not as fratricidal slaughter, but as a beautiful defense of the whole manifested world. One cannot remain at peace when chaos is raging. Supramundane #116


Energy follows thought. But thought is made manifest through actions! We must acknowledge and look directly and fearlessly at the realities on the ground, face the monsters with eyes open, and do whatever we can in a physical dense way to aid the Forces of Light.

Firstly, we vote and encourage everyone else to vote.

Also, many of us have at least some money. Money, as WE know, is simply concretized energy. We can use this concretized energy to support actual efforts that are working for the Common Good and General Welfare. We can support the efforts of sisters and brothers who we see as co-warriors.

We can write letters to anyone. Letters can be thunder bearing arrows, especially letters that have been crafted by hearts.

We can actually go to meetings and lend our voices and thoughts and our presence to the groups of caring warriors. Every heart matters. And it is time for us to go All IN. There is absolutely no time or place for halfway-ness.

I have been wondering frequently over these past 20 years, “Why did I incarnate at this particular time.” How about you?

Tom Carney
September 2019

Sept. 2019 Thoughtline #2 – Printable pdf file

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