September 2019 Thoughtline – The Skeleton in the Closet

The current upcoming election is presenting Humanity with a very real opportunity to evolve. As we should expect, we are once again being assaulted by narrow minded, fear driven, comfortable so called pragmatists. Is it really that difficult to see that it was exactly this offering of “practical”, i.e., incremental, long range, never actually fulfilled programs and proposals by the Democratic Party in the last election that actually lost the election? Is it not obvious that it is this halfway technique dressed up in respectable clothes so as not to seem overreaching, or crude, or heaven forbid, LIBERAL, that has kept Humanity in bonds of poverty and ignorance for centuries? We are offered only hopes and scraps of practical “progress” by the so-called moderates while the “Owners” continue to pile up power and wealth.

What drives pragmatism today is that same ancient delusion of a one dimensional material Reality that Emerson pointed out in 1846,

Things are in the saddle,

And ride mankind.”

Ode, Inscribed to William H. Channing”

This still widely prevalent delusion lies at the base of every system – philosophical, economical, or political – that has been used by retrogressive forces to perpetuate the power of the “Owners” by whatever name: king, ruler, sovereign, monarch, emperor, dictator, and the very modern version, CEO. However, there is a significant difference between the ages old tool of power used by the Owners to maintain their power, and the somewhat modern, circa 1500s or so use of the halfway excuse known as pragmatism.

The original Rulers or Lords or “Owners” used the blunt power of Divine Right. Their word was Law. Period! They were appointed by god to rule. They were seen, especially by themselves, as being in fact Superior to common people, peasants, serfs, or simply slaves as the case may be.

Yes, there was the occasional Ruler or King such as Elizabeth with a somewhat advanced consciousness under whom Beauty and Truth would flower and consciousness would expand rapidly if briefly. However, even under the majority of this very ancient con of lies and cruelty, “The Divine Right of Kings”, consciousness slowly, but unavoidably expanded through the people. By the 16th century throughout Europe, huge splits began to occur in many areas of the Divine Right facade.

At the Diet of Worms in 1521, Luther made enough of a crack to be kicked out of the Catholic Church. In 1535, Henry VIII kicked the Catholic Church out of England. These were just two of the huge rents in the delusion of the Godly power of the Pope.

In 1689, John Locke virtually destroyed the non-dense or Spirit aspect of the multidimensional Cosmos, “Spirit into Matter”, and made Humans into one incarnation, one physical dense dimension

. At the same time the theories of empiricism and pragmatism that challenged the Divine Right of Kings were spreading, the door to “business”, to commerce and commercial wealth were opening. The realization that power did not only reside in the ownership of land or Titles, but also in who owned or controlled the “money”, was a mega shift in numerous aspects of the social frame work.

Multitudes of individual human beings who were by this time somewhat able to think realized that they were actually free individuals. Thus, newly aware Individuals all over the planet began to realize that they were in fact free individuals. They began to rebel on their own behalf and refused to be seen as mere property. Eventually, blunt power gradually became inefficient and way too impractical or costly for the Kings et al. And war, it turned out, took a whole lot of heavy investment in people and gold. It was simply not a practical way to maintain power over the masses.

Thus, in an effort to maintain their grasp on power, the Skeleton, what came to be known as empiricism and pragmatism, came lurching out of the materialistic closet of retrogression and onto the stage. Rather than trying to maintain power and control over the “masses” with power, they would allow changes in the power structure. These changes would appear to share power with the “masses”; however, the changes, of course, could not happen overnight. They would be rolled out, gradually and “practical”. (Recall that the original Constitution validated Slavery, and slaves were only 3/5ths of a person.)

Thus conditioned, we had Liberty and Justice for all, as long as it does not upset the ruler/subject paradigm. This system to maintain real power over Humanity is quite active today in all of the above mentioned areas of human interaction.

Today, power to rule is gained and maintained simply by, in effect, buying the governments. However, because of the fact of a multidimensional cosmos and the actual existence of evolving human souls (60 billion or 60,000,000,000 Treatise on Cosmic Fire p. 579) the evolutionary development of humanity, obvious in the massive appearance of what we call “group consciousness”, has greatly accelerated since the Hierarchy’s Conclave in 1500. “Their object was to determine how the urge to integration, which is essentially the keynote of our universal order, could be hastened, and what steps could be taken to produce that synthesis and unification in the world of thought which would make possible the manifestation of the purpose of the divine life which had brought all into being. When the world of thought is unified, then the outer world will fall into a synthetic order. A Treatise on White Magic P. 402

There are numerous milestones in many areas of the planet of the effective and increasing manifestations of the efforts of the Hierarchy: The US. Constitution, the ending of slavery, the emancipation of women, the incredible comprehension and manifestation of atomic power by the Allies, the defeat of the Axis powers, and the creation of the United Nations, are just a few.

All of these and dozens more about which we know little occurred in what is, compared to just the relatively tiny 10,000 years about which we have any hard records, the split second we call 400 years.

Another hugely significant event in the area of the rapidly expanding consciousness of Humanity took place in 1932. Alice Bailey tells us, “In 1932 when we were at Ascona I received a communication from the Tibetan which was published in the fall in a pamphlet entitled, The New Group of World Servers. This was epoch making in its significance though only a few people as yet realize its true meaning.” The Unfinished Autobiography P. 230 At least part of the “true meaning” to which AAB was alluding is that in 1932 there were on the planet a sufficient number of human beings whose consciousness had evolved to a point that they could be impressed or utilized to assist the Hierarchy in the work of the Great Unfolding.

This worldwide group was initially formed 86 years ago. The population of the world in 1932 was about 2.2 billion. The world population in 2019 is almost 8 billion. That is a 263% increase in the population since 1932.

Realizing that the Hierarchy is not in the habit of doing things in a halfway mode, I would assume that the rate of expansion of incarnated units of consciousness probably accelerated. It seems reasonable that there are at least enough if not more than enough to continue the planetary evolution beyond this present Retrogressive manic effort.

I suspect that a relatively significant number of these recent incarnating units of consciousness tend to be group conscious. Rather than warring races, fear, and greed driven blocks, they normally see One Humanity. They rejoice in rather than fear our amazing, wonderful diversity.

They are actually tired of hearing halfway solutions that deal with effects and insure the continuation of the causes of our poverty, suffering, and gross inequality instead of eliminating them. Halfway efforts are simply stupid. That they do not work is borne out by thousands of years of pain ridden history and the continued presence of the causes of that pain.

What we face at the moment is not just the carefully and exceedingly detailed attacks of the Retrogressive forces; it is also the ignorance, timidity, and fear of the well-meaning, so-called, moderates. Such individuals push the delusion of progress through halfwayness within the population.

The issue as always, is that Humanity must choose of its own freewill to evolve. And although the United States is at the moment a highlighted point, this is not just an American issue; it is a worldwide issue.

Truly, truly, there is no separation. “When the world of thought is unified, then the outer world will fall into a synthetic order.”

Just a thought. Do you think if Barack Obama were a halfway guy he would have won the election?

Tom Carney
August 22, 2019

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