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Exact Time Leo Meditation – 2019


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Dear Friends,

Cancer receives the in-breath data package from Gemini, gets it together in an intelligent package and delivers it with quite a one pointed display (lots of 6th Ray) to Leo.

Leo is when it happens. Leo is where the decisions are made.

We have Rays 1 and 5. These are the “what to do and the how to do it” Rays. We also have a lot of 2 for accuracy. (Nothing is more accurate than Love. It never misses, if we use it.) Ray 6 makes certain that there are no deviations, and that the process goes until it is finished, accomplished, no halfway stuff allowed. And, of course we finish up with Ray 7.

Leo is the only sign in the zodiac in which these three rays, 1-2-7 are simultaneously present. So Leo is sort of a crucible in which, over time, the Thinker is finally able to generate a synthesis of the vehicles and the Consciousness.

Leo is where it happens, or not. It finally boils down to who is wearing the lion skin, and who is going to get born in Virgo.

As we have all experienced this is an evolution, not a divine fiat. Consequently, Leo is a really good time to be vigilant or to pay attention as to who’s wearing the Lion skin, it matters, big time in Aquarius.

Lots of love



Exact Time Full Moon Meditation

This is the notification for the on-line exact time meditation group for the Full Moon of Leo in 2019.  Please see the Link for this On-Line Meditation below


Everyone on the list may not have a copy of Full Moon Magic 2019-2021, so we will provide the essential data that is found in that publication. (Please note: Copies of Full Moon Magic 2019 – 2021 are now available @ no cost. Just drop me an e-mail for copies.)

Please Note:

The first time given below is Pacific Standard Time. The second time is GMT time. When and where Daylight Savings Time is in use, add one hour to the given times.


Ray I, V

Exoteric Ruler, Sun (Ray II)

Esoteric Ruler, Sun, (Ray II) veiling Neptune (Ray (VI))

Hierarchical Ruler, Sun, (Ray II) veiling Uranus (Ray (VII))

The dates and exact time for the full moon of Leo are as follows:

August 15, 2019 @ 4:30 AM PST

August 15, 2019 @ 12:30 PM GMT

Seed Thought:


Looking forward to seeing you in the Heart of the Sun, and

Loving us




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