July 2019 Thoughtline – Conscious Government

As we know, from the beginning of our long evolutional journey virtually all of the actual word language that we have to use for trying to move Principles and Ideas from the formless realms of Cosmos into intelligently comprehendible thoughtforms have been grossly distorted. This distortion is the result of our intelligent one dimensional separative identification with our brains and consequently the lower physical planes of our planet.

Vehicles of Truth

These words or thoughtforms which we so casually throw around are actually the dense vehicles of the majestic concepts of Truth or Cosmic Physics. This distortion is most obvious, of course, in the usage of words such as Life, Beauty, Love, Justice, Freedom, etcetera. These terms have been rendered practically meaningless by the superficial application or use for every passing emotion or thought regardless of how banal.

“Life” is probably the most trashed word in the language. A close second, frequently not even noted in this group, is the word “Consciousness”. Consciousness is commonly defined as the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings, or the awareness or perception of something by a person, and this includes the fact of awareness by the “mind” (which is another grossly distorted word) and has been reduced to a function of the dense physical brain.

All of these “definitions” are based in the delusion that consciousness is a condition of being alive, which means that a dense physical body is able to breathe and beat its heart. Consciousness is assumed to be something that can only exist within a “live” human being. Dead means not conscious. “Consciousness”, again largely because of Humanity’s delusional identification with its dense physical body, is a term that is not just “misunderstood”, Consciousness is not understood at all.

That the dense physical planes of Cosmos manifest, that they do so in an infinite diversity of forms, from radio waves to Galaxies is obvious. However the identification of one’s self as being a form, is perhaps the most basic blockage to Reality that individual humans must overcome. This situation is what is referred to as the Great Lie. It is the delusion that we are our bodies.

The Path of Evolution

The efforts and struggles to overcome the challenges this delusion generates are essentially the content of the Path of Evolution. Through—who knows how many— repeated incarnations and a scientific process which is called “Experiment, experience and expression” The Rays and the Initiations p. 337—we finally arrive at a point in some incarnation where we have launched an experiment, and had a resulting experience that opens a door, maybe just a crack, but it is enough for us to have an experience of realizing that we are more than our bodies. That “more” is Consciousness.

The Path of Probation

Eventually we actually accept that Reality and begin to try to live it. This period of our evolution from ignorance to Wisdom is aptly named the path of Probation. As we all know from experiment, experience and expression, this path is like spending lives riding Kingda Ka. However, what we finally get is conscious.

Consciousness is not “the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings”. We have been awake and aware of our surroundings for many, many incarnations. We have mostly always thought we were mortal objects. Every interface was, still is in most cases, instinctively and instantly evaluated for danger. Fight or flight was our number one response. We lived in fear of death, and totally separate from all other “things” of whatever kind.

A Point of Light

Consciousness is the realization that one is NOT one’s thing or any of the surrounding things but a quite detached, dispassionate, and discriminative individual unit of consciousness or, as it is known in the Ageless Wisdom, a Soul. In a word, we are consciousness. And as such we are “aware” of both our unique individual self and the unavoidable fact that we are simultaneously also “a point of light within a greater Light”. Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle p.197

When we realize that this process has been going forward for a very, very long time, certain kinds of phenomena become understandable, even expected. Evolution proceeds, and even a superficial look at the past 5000 years of recorded history will reveal that the speed at which evolution has progressed over the past 500 years is literally amazing. It is quite easy to see this acceleration in terms of dense physical areas such as transportation. We went from sailing ships which were used for untold thousands of years to deep space in 189 years. We went from the first telephone call in 1876 to an estimated 5.7 billion cell phones on the planet in 2016.

What is most striking but seldom considered is the speed of population growth. In 1500 there were an estimated 450,000,000 humans (units of consciousness) on the Planet. In1974 there were approximately 4,000,000,000 people on the planet. By 2019 that number has almost doubled to 7,800,000,000.

It is reasonable to conclude that the evolution of “consciousness”, the realization that one is not any dense form, also expanded and accelerated. That means that a significant and steadily increasing number of those units of consciousness that were incarnating before and during these 400 or so years have achieved consciousness, at least on some level. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that a significant number of the units of consciousness that are in fact presently on the planet are Conscious, i.e. they “know” intuitively that they are not separated from others by the fact that they are in a body. They intuitively know that they are one with Humanity.

This does NOT necessarily mean that they think, “Hey, I am not my dense body. I am a soul or some sort of “spiritual” being”. In most cases, this is simply knowing. It is a previously achieved level of consciousness with which they incarnated. It is not something about which they have to process data. It simply makes sense. Any other conclusion seems ridiculous to them.

Conscious individuals are usually very much aware of others who see reality as they do. And they are well aware of the fact that many, if not most of the other humans see reality in a different way than they do. However this understanding does not generate disdain or a sense of separation. Such an attitude is simply not possible for a conscious person to harbor. Such attitudes are ignorance, unawareness, and a clear sign of an undeveloped consciousness.

Of course, there is growth and expansion on all levels of Consciousness, and for all of us the space between the steps was, time wise, lengthy. It takes a lot of experimenting, experiencing, and expressing to gradually get it Right. Again, however, we need to understand that the path of evolution is a spiral. Nothing is lost, and every gain shortens the circumference and the length of time between the spirals. That’s what makes a spiral.

Conscious Government

So, we come to the point of this Thoughtline. Humanity has forever been evolving toward a Conscious Government. As the presence of conscious individuals increased on the planet, how we behaved or “governed” ourselves changed as well. For literally thousands of years, with an occasional exception here and there—during which exception we would make significant progress which would be lost as the next aware, but non-conscious king gained power—Humanity was governed by non-conscious individuals who fostered the Great Illusion of separation.

Under the rule of these individuals most of our present governmental policies were developed. However, there were moments when a conscious individual would gain some measure of power or would be able to influence the direction of the unfolding and in this manner, consciousness by fits and bursts slowly but steadily evolved policies that were synchronous with Cosmic Physics.

Presently, the previously sophistically obfuscated fissure between the illusion of a separate, exclusive, and power driven reality and Reality has been forced once again into unavoidable visual manifestation by the frenetic and fanatic actions of the Retrogressive Forces. There was nothing like the Nazi invasion of Poland with 1.5 million troops in 1939 to get our attention. These present actions, by Retrogressive Forces are global and are being driven not just by occasional horrendous acts of brutal murder and dismemberment, but 24/7 by raving media of all kinds.

They are now, as then, designed to separate and depress people, and to engender fear and hatred between groups. The ancient goal has not changed. A self-designated super race wishes to own and control this planet.

“Verily, a great page! Verily, the Banner unfolds powerfully. Verily, when the world is in convulsion We intensify the forces of the higher means. But the front of opposition uses the lowest means. Therefore, the most powerful possibilities are being brought forth. Hence, Tactica Adversa is Our measure.” Infinity 2 #367

Literally billions of people all over the world have in the past 6 or 7 years been involved in protests of all kinds. These protests range from fiction and non-fiction books, poetry and movies, to musical lyrics and operas, photography and paintings of every kind from ten story murals to images on our cell phones along with a half dozen doing stand-ins, sit-ins, lie-ins, camp-ins, in the offices of reactionary politicians, to tens of millions marching in streets from small towns to the largest cities on the planet.

This is just the beginning of the Tactica Adversa response.

A much more powerful response is the sudden appearance of a group of 20 or so women and men candidates for the office of the President of the U.S. These twenty individuals have been physically campaigning all around the United States for the past several months. And, we have had many, many media opportunities to observe, and hear each of them in various settings speaking about their views on a number of policy issues, their vision for the Nation, and the planet, and the actions they would take if elected President of The United States.

Toward Synthesis

What is totally amazing about these 20 odd individuals is that while they all have individual styles, approaches, and opinions concerning priorities, there is a remarkable unity in the consciousness and basic values and visions for the Nation they each have. Together it does approach an expanding synthesis. Our Government is designed to be a government of, for, and by the People. While every human being has a free will, we are all just one. So the freewill of one cannot intrude on the free will of anyone else.

Some people are NOT more free than others. It is this simple fact that is utterly destroyed by the present retrogressive systems of the illusion of superiority, inferiority, separation. “All men are created Equal.”

We need a government of conscious individuals, not just the Federal government but government all through the system. This is the goal toward which we have been evolving, and the appearance of this group of individuals is a blazing tactica adversa indicator that we are evolving.

By The Way

It might be interesting to note that in 1776 a similar group of 56 Conscious and concerned for the Common Good and General Welfare individuals gathered in Philadelphia and created the Declaration of Independence. In May of 1787 another group, containing many of the same individuals, gathered and created a synthesis called The Constitution of the United States. “On June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify that document, and it was subsequently agreed that government under the U.S. Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789.”

Tom Carney

July 4th 2019

A Printable PDF file of the July Thoughtline

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