June 2019 Thoughtline – The Unavoidable Emergence Of Reality

Soul's Journey by Freydoon Rassouli -
Soul’s Journey by Freydoon Rassouli –

Besides the dense physical events that are constantly and horrendously occurring, political, social, and economic dramas of extreme natures are also constantly unfolding in the higher electronic/media dimensions of our mental and emotional lives. All of this, physical, emotional, and mental is being presented, frequently in real time, on radio and television. These events, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, virtually impossible to avoid are assaults on our consciousness. And, they powerfully impact the dense physical kinds of policies and laws we make to govern ourselves.

The entire Planet is now the battleground. These events are the battles of a World War. Actually, this is the same war that we already “won” twice in the first half of the last century. This current war is in fact the third phase of that war.

This phase was initiated by the Retrogressive Forces in their ancient, relentless efforts to stop, or at least delay, the evolution of the Planet. It was already underway and functioning before the great healing effort by the forces of Light for WW2, the Marshal Plan, a huge offensive by the forces of Light, was even days old. “The Marshal Plan, officially the European Recovery Program, ERP, an American initiative passed in 1948 to aid Western Europe, in which the United States gave over $12 billion, nearly $100 billion in 2018 US dollars, in economic assistance to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II”. Wikipedia

Since the advent of the Atom Bomb and the devastating defeat of the Retrogressive Forces on the dense physical plane, made further efforts in that arena unimaginable, the Retrogressors’ primary focus of this phase of the war was moved to the emotional and lower mental dimensions. The major offensive on these dimensions (a very early indicator of which was the so called Berlin Wall) gradually became apparent, to those who could see, with the election of Ronald Reagan. When Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem”, he enunciated the basic goal of the retrogressors, which is to conquer the Democratic governments of the People through the use of media weapons, subversions, corruption and lies, and to replace them with oligarchic rule.

Since 1981 the ebb and flow of this battle is easy to see in the advances and losses of the Forces of Light, again for those who care to look.

Global Struggle
Today this battle is raging Globally. It is, of course, present in the use of bombs and bullets on the dense physical in a number of nations. However, its primary, most serious, and damaging presence is being carried forward through electronic media on the emotional and mental dimensions of most nations. And in most, the Forces of each are present in the political, economic and environmental consciousness of local populations.

In the United States the battle is “In our Face”. Only the blind cannot see it. Besides the 30 or so percent of the population consisting of delusional self-focused, mostly under-educated fanatics of one sort or another, there are the usual groupings: The .01%ers, their sycophant wannabes, and the “half-dead” ignorant materialists who do not want to be bothered or made uncomfortable.

Together they constitute the forces of the Dark Side. Their numbers are very large. Their masters’ goals are the same as they have always been: to generate cleavages by augmenting hate, fear, superiority, inferiority, to empower a world ruling class and an ignorant, obedient, enslaved population.

However, over the recent 500 years there has been amazing evolutionary progress—or we would not be here now—and today there are many millions of awakened sisters and brothers who understand that unity and equality for all is the only Path ahead. Rather than the sophistic lie of making America great again, they demand an America that recognizes the equality and goodness of every individual, an America that serves the Common Good and the General Welfare rather than the self-proclaimed genius kings.

Group Consciousness
The factual overwhelming presence of these vibrant Ideas in the group mind of Humanity is what is driving the movements of large and small groups of heart focused, intelligent, and dedicated people all over the world and especially here, now, in the United States. Perhaps the most telling example of this fact is not only the number of relatively group conscious individuals who are standing for election in the upcoming Democratic primary elections, but the fact that 6 of them are highly qualified and experienced women.

This fact is mega indicator of the speed of the unfolding Evolution. The declaration of Independence was July 4, 1776. Only white men who owned property were allowed to vote in the first election. That women should be given the vote was not even a point of discussion. It took 144 years for women to gain the right to vote in 1920. 96 years later a woman, Hillary Clinton was the first woman to ever run for the President of the U.S. She won the popular vote by 2,800,000 votes.

From Principles into Policies.
The Idea threads that run through most of the messages of the present “candidates” for the Democratic nomination pretty much agree on the basics Principles which underlie the Concept of Democracy: Liberty, Equality, and Justice for all and specifically the sanctity of “One person One Vote” or Government of, for and by the People. This means governing from Principles into Policies. The “end”, Life Liberty and Justice for All, dictates the beginnings and the generation of the forms being used to get there.

Each of these women and men is presently trying to differentiate her or himself from the others by the order of relative importance with which they arrange the issues and the intensity to which they think they should be pushed. I expect that soon several will begin to realize that the way forward is to project an inclusive presence that recognizes each of these specifics as an equal part of the whole we call Equality, Liberty and Freedom for All. Rather than approaching the individual issues one at a time, in some intellectual form, of “first this then that”, they will press for all of them at once.

Walk and Chew Gum
There is utterly no reason that Government of, for, and by the People cannot move in a harmonious, cooperative manner on all fronts simultaneously. This will be a relatively new synthetic and more accurate presentation of the Cosmic Concept of Democracy. Those who do proceed in this manner will be guided by the heart, or to be more energetically specific, Intuition or Love.

With the possible exception of one or two of the candidates, what is notably absent from this group is the timidity and halfwayness that has plagued many of our leaders in recent years. As Master M. has frequently indicated, “The destroyers always build upon halfway striving. There is nothing worse than a halfway servitor, for he screens himself by halfwayness. Therefore, a direct enemy of Light is preferred by Us. We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist. Thus, halfwayness must be avoided.” Hierarchy #302

Love or intuition works from Principled wholes into parts. It uses the mind to generate a series of thoughtforms that will manifest the idea of the Principle. The mind arranges little thoughtform boxes in a logical order that will produce the specific detailed objective demanded by the heart over a specific period of time.

When the intention of the individual or group is not being sourced, or initiated by the heart, the same creative process is used. However, the will or intentions of a separative self-serving personality or group, does not work with Purpose. It uses the mind with relative intellectual skill to create the thoughtforms that will produce the specific detailed form that serves their specific separative end which is to acquire and hold whatever is considered to be wealth or power. They work to manipulate to “improve” the efficiency, the effects or processes of their previous forms. And considering the degree to which planetary wealth has been allotted over the past four or five decades—the bottom 90 percent of the population holds only 23 percent of the wealth of the U.S.— they have had great success.

The difference is that this approach ignores anything like a Common Good. It does not generate human interface systems that serve the common good or Evolution. It instead serves the exclusive separative desires of whoever is directing the energy. Obviously, those who have the most power easily enforce their separative will on others.

The Prison of our Liberty
It is precisely this manner of working that has hung Humanity up in an ancient series of revolutions of forms that are all based on the same misconception or delusion of reality, namely that all things are separate from all other things and are in a constant struggle for life. For example, we have the predatory systems we call Capitalism and the private ownership of property. These systems are delusions. They cannot evolve. They can only be revolved through endless manipulation of the forms. It is this delusion that produces “revolution” rather than Evolution.

The present problem is not with the Intention of the Founders. The problem is with the way that intention was/is being misunderstood and misapplied either from ignorance, or deliberately ignored and is being implemented by retrogressive forces for their own separative ends. The three aspects of our government are actually meant to be co-equal and co-operating parts of One Concept: The Common Good and the General Welfare.

It does not take a “genius” to understand that if a thing is good it is good for everyone.

To see the branches of the One Tree of Government as a system of “checks and balances” is to assume that one branch will “naturally” try to dominate the other. This is the delusion of a self-centered separative, competitive point of view which misses the entire point of Democracy or a totally inclusive government of Equilibrium. The branches of the One Tree of Liberty are not at war with one another. They only make a tree when they are in Harmony together.

It is becoming more and more apparent that significant numbers of human beings are seeing this, and what is more, are acting on it.

That those of imaginary power who still dwell in the delusion of competition and privilege are still struggling to maintain their delusion is all too obvious. The “job” of being President of the United States is seen by those who seek and like power as the most powerful job in the World. Over the past couple of decades, we have gathered ample evidence that such persons usually create very poor systems of government for a Democratic Institution. Every time we consult our various media devices it is also obvious, from the frenetic and fanatic presentations we see from the current holders of government positions, that they are more and more rapidly slipping beneath the tides of Evolution.

Concerning the Present Candidates for President: Based on my observance of their public appearances and my knowledge of their history and public actions, the individual women and men who are presently offering themselves as candidates for what is actually the opportunity to participate as a significant group member of the most creative opportunity in the World, the Government of a Democratic Nation, are all fine.

What is possible is that such a gathering will create a synthesis of heart/minds that will actually begin to produce the government of the Aquarian Age that lies in the heart of our Constitution.

I, me, just another guy, do have a “chosen one” for whom I will vote. But honestly, we have never been so blessed with human heart quality as we are today. I will happily, willfully, and as powerfully as possibly support whoever is nominated.

Tom Carney
June 2019

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One thought on “June 2019 Thoughtline – The Unavoidable Emergence Of Reality

  1. I have the same sense that all of these candidates will be able to serve in one capacity or another in the coming administration. Their individual talents will lead to a united group effort for change.


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