May 2019 Thoughtline – From Separation to Synthesis


It is good to understand that the possession of objects should be devoid of a feeling of property ownership. It is good to possess things in order to take care of them, and even to surround them with a benevolent aura, with the thought of passing them on to others. The manifestation of a creative hand dwells in a house whose occupants are without attachment to property, and being improved it will carry joy further. The sign of the bestowing hand will be preserved continuously, and therein lies the justification of objects. Through this understanding is solved the most difficult problem. I say this for the world, because the ruination of the world arises chiefly from attachment to non-existent property. Leaves of Morya’s Garden II #92

We look at the unfolding events of history. We see a process of new forms replacing old “inadequate” forms. For example: Occasionally, over the centuries, now and then, and here and there on the planet, it would be decided by some relatively conscious Rulers that slavery, the notion that humans were simply another form of property, was considered to be not that good, or maybe even wrong. This concept was a very long time in coming.

In the 16th Century, it was still sort of a new thing to posit that every human being was an individual born with a free will and as such was an equal to all other humans and could not therefore be made property. Let us recall that even in what was perhaps the most “progressive” action ever taken up to that point in human history, the creation of the 1797 Constitution of the United States of America actually included the right to own slaves. It wasn’t until the amazingly deadly—620,000 soldiers and 50,000 civilians—Civil War that the Thirteenth Amendment to that Constitution, in January of 1865, abolished slavery in the United States of America.

So, in the U. S., instead of owning the humans, which involved caring for them, feeding and housing them like the rest of the animals, it was mandated that they could be free.

Freedom it turns out was not that great of a deal for the newly made free.

As free people they could then, as the rest of the already free people did, choose to commoditize their free will, their time and energy. They could sell this free will, time and energy to the property owners for “pay”. They could then use or spend this “pay” to purchase their food and housing from the property owners.

Or, as was common in the pre-industrial South, the former slaves could keep doing what they were doing. Only instead of being cared for by the owners, they could care for themselves, and the owners would let them do the work for a share of the profit from the sale of the crops they raised on the Owners’ land. They could also, if they were clever or whatever, gradually become entrepreneurs or “small business owners” themselves. Eventually, they could hire other humans to “work” for them, and they could gradually form companies, corporations or mafias. (For a detailed and amazing account of how this worked out please read William Faulkner’s Snopes Trilogy: The Hamlet, the Town, and the Mansion. which will shed a lot of light on the current political situations in the Southern United States.)

The Machine Phenomena

As we know, with the development of machines and technology, the focus of Property Ownership Power, gradually shifted from an agrarian to an industrial based focus. This shift eventually generated what is known as the Industrial Revolution. “In terms of social structure, the Industrial Revolution witnessed the triumph of a middle class of industrialists and businessmen over a landed class of nobility and gentry.”

In all ways this change was not an evolution but a revolution. The basic driving forces, private, that is separative, ownership of Wealth and Power, were identical to the agrarian forms that preceded it. The only changes were the types of labor available for the free but property-less, or powerless people.

This “triumph” was not the result of a war between the different types of Owners. And it had nothing to do with the free but powerless people. It was a simple process of “clever enough entrepreneurs” moving from an Agrarian ownership focus to a Manufacturing ownership focus.

The Industrial Revolution was in effect a shift, but more accurately, an expansion in the location or focus of what constituted value in the realm of Property. Undoubtedly there were some new Owners in the so-called industrialists and businessmen class. However, it is obvious that a large, probably dominant number of the previous “nobility and landed gentry” were by this late date involved in what was then the Stock Exchange and became if not the doers, the actual Owners of the new industries. Furthermore, those who were not actually born members of the “nobility and landed gentry” found it quite easy to purchase a “Noble” title like Barron or Earl or even Duke.

Another important difference between agrarian ownership and the new industrialists’ ownership was the ease which with the Owners could obnubilate their ownership, thus avoiding personal identity and responsibility for conditions, wages and taxes.

Meanwhile, in the realm of “ordinary people” not much changed. “Ordinary working people found increased opportunities for employment in the new [privately owned] mills and factories, but these were often under strict working conditions with long hours of labor dominated by a pace set by machines. As late as the year 1900, most industrial workers in the United States still worked a 10-hour day (12 hours in the steel industry) yet earned from 20% to 40% less than the minimum deemed necessary for a decent life.”

Of course, Free people could exercise their free will by quitting. Or as it happened, they could form Labor Unions (actually an early example of Group consciousness) to bargain with the Owners of the Property, be it a factory or a farm, over working conditions and the value of their collective time and energy. However, Labor Unions were an attempt to fix or modify the effects of the problem. They were not concerned with the cause of the problem, the fact of the private ownership of the resources.

Obviously, as it seems to be the case in the United States, any such “fixes”, which are actually only manipulations of the effects, are doomed to fail as the Cause reasserts its power. The mostly hidden Owners could and did break unions simply by hiring “scabs”, people who would choose to work for the minimal wages frequently in unsafe and egregious conditions.

As we continue to see, these half-way efforts that deal with the effects of the problem rather than with the cause, have done nothing to solve the basic generating cause of the problem, the private or separative ownership of property of any kind. It is and always has been a delusion that a mortal individual can actually separate a portion from the whole of this many, many billions of years old planet and have private, which means exclusive, ownership of it.

This fantastic nature of this delusion was demonstrated on a mega level by the “discovery” and claiming of ownership of roughly half of the planet—what is now called North and South America—starting with a ship load of “lost travelers” from Europe. This claim totally ignored the fact that these lands were and had been occupied for countless thousands of years by indigenous human beings. This original “ownership” was established simply by claiming it as the exclusive property of an individual person and literally killing anyone who attempted to say otherwise. In this case the lands became the private property of the various individuals who happened to be the Kings or Queens of Spain, Portugal, and England.

These ridiculous claims were thence enforced by the use of arms. The native populations were enslaved, killed off in wars, or wiped out by various kinds of European diseases to which the natives were not immune.

It is this delusion of the private ownership of property which has plagued us and entrapped us in a one dimensional illusion of Reality for as long as we have any known history. It is also this delusion that is the underlying cause of the Big Lie, or the Illusion of Separation which creates the illusory scales of individual human worth and perpetuates untold centuries of war and death.

The conception of the private ownership of property has its roots in the evolution of the ancient sense of mass consciousness or union with the pack into what we call a separative self-conscious identification of a person with his or her separate, exclusive dense physical body. A major part of this iteration of the Plan is intended to generate a discrimination between what constitutes the 3rd or Animal Kingdom and the 4th or Human Kingdom.

The Essential Difference

The essential difference between Human Beings and Animal Beings is that each individual human being, while having what is essentially a dense physical animal body, must realize that she or he is a separate individual with a free will to do as she or he wills, and that, as a free will individual, each of us is totally responsible for the actions that we take using our free will. The Ancient Wisdom—and common sense—makes it clear that this unavoidable responsibility generates what is known as Karma.

Through the manipulation by Retrogressive Forces opposed to the Plan, this identification of our self with our separate dense bodies became an unquestionable fact of our reality, as did the fact of our unavoidable mortality or death. (An ancient syllogism used to teach Aristotelian logic: All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.)

This delusion of Materialism, generated our overwhelming fear of death and our so called mortality turned our actual multidimensional Reality into a single dimension of superficial empirical philosophy on the one hand, and the stuff of which religion and other forms of magic and non-reality are made.

This delusion was extended from our ownership of our actual physical bodies to include whatever we thought of as “ours”. Thus, was the illusion of Private Property made manifest.

Today, we are deluded to the degree that we identify ourselves with our owned Property, be it our actual physical bodies, our “personalities”, or our personal property: stock, money, real estate, cars, ships, planes, or how many pairs of shoes we have. Our free will is thus unconsciously trained by ancient customs and animal based instincts, practically from birth, to be identified with and dedicated to amassing as much property of whatever kind we can. Ownership of such material things gives one an identity, makes one a “somebody” and endows one with personal privilege, status and value.

The lack of Ownership

Conversely, the lack of such ownership by self-conscious individuals also powerfully affects not only our psychic sense of personal worth, but our actual worth in society. Many people are considered both by themselves and by people who are supposed to be superior to themselves to be “nobodys”. As for worth, the vast majority of the members of the armed forces which have fought and died in the practically uncountable number of wars that have raged in one place or another on the planet over the past 5 or 6 thousand years have always been made up of the relatively nobodys, the property-less persons of a society. Another example: Very few somebodies have ever involuntarily starved to death.

It is precisely the identification of the Self with property that motivates and generates an enormous amount of what is called “white collar crime” as well as just “ordinary” crime. Both “types” of criminal activity involve larceny or robbery, extortion, and murder. The difference is that when apprehended, white collar criminals often get much lighter sentences and are frequently sent to relatively less dangerous and more up-scale prisons. Most crime is perpetrated by the effort to get some, or to get more property of whatever kind.

In addition, identification of self with property actually lies at the root of much of the emotional and mental sickness that humans experience. It generates the deluded sense of one individual’s superiority or inferiority to another. For example, if one’s basic identification is with one’s own dense physical body, having a body that does not measure up to what society thinks of as beautiful, or being thought to be ordinary or average, or common, or stupid can be devastatingly damaging to the individual’s psyche. If on the other hand one who has wealth or what is called beauty can and frequently does see him or herself as superior to others. Thus from this delusion springs on the one hand the stupid notion of one person having a natural right to rule, and basically own others by whatever means it takes, or on the other, to fall into despair and wither away.

The problem with all of this, that we are apparently still learning after millions of years of pain and suffering, is that the “new” fixes which we are generating to deal with the problems of the present old fixes or forms are still based on the delusions of reality that engendered the old forms. The new forms are simply the children of the old fixes. They are a new iteration, of the attempts to ameliorate the damage which the present solution has not fixed. They do not address the base cause of the problems at all. For example, the creative manipulations of current tax law are automatically used by wealthy individuals to avoid paying taxes. Jeff Bezos whose 2018 net worth was 123 Billion$ (Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index), paid zero taxes in 2018. This was accomplished, you can be sure, through “legal” manipulation of tax law. As the President of the United States has pointed out “Only suckers pay taxes.”

So, the new forms still carry the delusions of reality upon which the old forms were based. The new fixes seem to correct the problems for a while. However, they ultimately fail as the basic delusion upon which the laws are based regains its power and dominance.
None of this means that we must give away all of our “property” and become beggars or whatever. Self-chosen poverty is not the solution to pride, gluttony or greed or even a minor sense of ownership of personal things. In fact, it is simply another “glamour” or iteration of selfishness, the path of hypocrisy and cowardice. It is an effort to demonstrate one’s purity by shedding or shifting to the shoulders of others our responsibility for our individual physical presence.

Embracing Responsibility

The issue is the difference between ownership of property and embracing the responsibility for all that we possess. The solution to this problem is to evolve, to expand our conscious identification from owning and therefore identifying with Property of any kind to the realization that we are not the property, we do not own the property, in fact we are “That”. We are incarnated units of Consciousness or Souls and as such we are totally responsible for what happens to our possessions or what is done with or to them.

The evolution of Ideas or Images of Truth or Principles into the lower frequencies of matter are not the punishments of some paranoid god, they are simply the unfolding of the Plan. ‘Ownership of’ is the delusion of a self-separative consciousness. ‘Responsibility for’ is the Wisdom of group consciousness.

The eternal evolution of consciousness from the dimensions of Principle via the Heart into the manifestation of Human Beings is inevitably replacing the one dimensional illusory need to get and own power or money. This “literal” insanity, is being replaced by an enlightened will of billions of now incarnated units of Human consciousness for the right sharing of the Planet’s resources.

Given the growing speed of the evolutionary process over the past four hundred years, which can be seen even by our myopic abilities, the present scenario of the Retrogressive Forces to re-establish a rule of the many by the “powerful” few is more like a pathetic last gasp. That it is causing much pain and damage is true. However each day that goes by increases the power of the inevitable Tactica Adversa.

Consider the ever growing Light of The Principles of Goodwill, Unanimity, and Essential Divinity, and the Laws of Right Human Relations, Group Endeavour, Spiritual Approach!

Using the greatest power in the Cosmos, Thought—Think! Triumph is not only unavoidable, it has already happened. We are simply helping it to finish up through manifestation in the dense physical.

When by the power of Light the property of darkness is surpassed, the affirmation of the ray of Truth enters life. When the ray issues from the potential the striving spirit attracts all fires. Therefore, when humanity will understand the power in the quality of thought it will master the mightiest lever. Humanity must strive indefatigably to the realization of this mighty lever. Infinity 2 #508

Tom Carney
May, 2019

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