Thoughtline April, 2019 #2 – Metaphors

Long journey home...

The Thinker said to His disciples, “Think of yourselves as heroes, and sense what heroic deed you can perform today. Supermundane #513

Recently, Mary and I attended a ballet of Prokofiev’s Cinderella Ballet. Ballet, like theater and music, is an excellent example of Group Consciousness. The individual consciousnesses of probably hundreds of individuals is synthesized into a Ballet. In this particular example, the music, the incredible grace of the dancers, the fusion of every movement, the costumes and props are all woven together to manifest the beautiful Principles of Life that Cinderella’s story breathes. Through the expression of music, human forms, and movements these Principles live and become a synthesis in the energy field, the consciousness of the performers and the observers.

It occurred to me as the ballet unfolded Cinderella’s story, that this whole thing we each call our life is a kind of ballet. What if a day in our life was a scene from the ballet of an incarnation? In the dance of every day interactions, the movements of the classical ballet, become the multidimensional millions of the nuanced movements of human language. This language involves not only our dense physical bodies, but the massively complex motions of the emotional and mental energy fields as well as our personalities and the incarnated units of consciousness, or souls we actually are.

In the ballets of our daily lives, we are speaking to our environments. We speak not only with the music of our voices and our words, but like ballerinas, with every feeling, every movement. So, each day becomes a scene in the evolving metaphor of our life.

And all of this, the entire performance moment, by moment is being driven by our thoughts! This fact, that energy follows thought, is a little known or understood Law of Cosmic Physics. However, every feeling, every movement is driven by our thoughts, and our thoughts are ultimately generated by our Intentions. Intentions, depend on where in consciousness the “thinker”, the creator of the ballet is focused in any given moment.

Mostly, people who are centered in their separate selves, or self-centered are relatively unconscious of their own thought processes. They are driven primarily by the power of their selfish desires to gain what they assume is good for their separative selves. The Common Good does not enter into their decisions. They unconsciously, “automatically”, use what intelligence they have to fashion and drive forms, situations, or plans that will gain for themselves what they desire.

There are many self-centered individuals of remarkable intelligence who are well aware of how they can use their power of thought to gain their aims. Their Intentions are motivated by ancient and outworn materialistic illusions concerning reality. (The Rays and the Initiations P. 351.) They value personal aggrandizement, and power gained through the personal ownership of physical wealth or property.

So, just who is actually creating and directing this dance—the group conscious or the self conscious individual—is of the utmost importance. As we have all experienced, the answer to this question is rather fluid; and for us humans, this is a very complicated situation. However, we can uncomplicate it.

At this point, billions of us have been through many, incarnations. We have tons of experience in discriminating between a consciousness which has a separative, self-centered polarity and a group conscious centered polarity. We also know from tons of very painful firsthand experience where the delusion of separation inevitably leads. And also, from probably somewhat less experience, where the field of Joy exists.

So, for us it comes down to vigilance.

First, it is absolutely necessary to consciously accept personal responsibility for our individual actions. We have a Free Will. Denying personal responsibility for our personal actions, not only negates our free will, it is the path to delusion. (Current leaders of various National Governments are providing amazing examples of this particular type of insanity.) We make choices. We earn the karmic results from these choices.

A major challenge, and a big key in this effort of maintaining constant vigilance, i.e. knowing exactly and always just where our own consciousness is focused, is to consciously shift our approach to Life from an automatic intellectual analysis and response to a heart approach. “What action is it that is founded upon cosmic cooperation? Each action of forward striving means a step in evolution. The evidence of forgetfulness of one’s own “I” indicates adherence to evolution. The closed circle of the heart produces an oppressive formation. The Silvery Lotus that is unfolded on all sides indicates the containment of all cosmic fires. Thus is an open heart affirmed in Cosmos.” Infinity II #109

As it is endlessly pointed out in the Ageless Wisdom, registering and understanding the frequencies of any situation is something that the heart, intuition, buddhic awareness does instantly and mindlessly. Note, mindlessly. There is zero doubt in the heart or the intuition. It was anciently pointed out that the mind is “the slayer of the real”. “It is possible, surely, that the ancient truism, “the mind is the slayer of the real” may be fundamentally true where the mass of humanity is concerned, and that the purely intellectual approach (which rejects the vision and refuses to accept the unprovable) may be far more at fault than the anticipations of the Knowers of God and the expectant multitude.” Externalization of the Hierarchy p.611

We know that practice eventually improves performance. We call it reincarnation. So a consciously, constant vigilance will eventually lead to an instantaneous, automatic kind of heart felt response to any given situation, or one might say, a wise solution.

In the past 60 years, the number of incarnated units of consciousness, or souls, has exploded from 3,000,000,000 to almost 8,000,000,000. Units of consciousness have been incarnating on this planet since the Lemuria Age, some 18,000,000 years ago. We might think that a considerable number of them have gained some measure, some percentage of group consciousness.

As we have observed, group consciousness does not develop or evolve from a zero to 100 percent situation in a day or a life.  Also, group consciousness is not necessarily the name of something that someone knows she or he has. While many group conscious individuals know beyond any doubt that they see values and rights and individual dignity in a completely different way than their self-centered sisters and brothers, they usually do not think of this as a difference in Consciousness.

Group Consciousness manifests in actions that are generated by an automatic learned awareness of ones unity with others. Call it wisdom, “because all wisdom is knowledge gained by experience and implemented by love.” The Rays and the Initiations p.591. It is the normal function of a heart centered consciousness. It is a display of thinking first and data processing next. This is what evolution is about. And, obviously, this ability has slowly been manifesting in humans for, as years go, a very long time.

To the degree that a person is group conscious she or he will naturally, i.e. “instinctively”, consider the Common Good and the General Welfare in all situations of choice. It is this “instinct” that has been slowly emerging in individual human units that differs Human beings from Animal beings.

For those who are “esoterically” somewhat aware, group conscious individuals are focused on and work from the top three sub planes of the 7th, 6th and 5th planes of the Cosmic Physical Plane. This is basically balancing the pot on the head that Master D.K. is talking about.

“The sign for the Aquarian Age is that of a man, carrying on his shoulders a jar of water so full that it pours over to all and sundry, and yet it diminishes not.  The sign for this Law of Service is very similar, but the difference lies in this; that the man stands, perfectly balanced in the form of a cross, with arms stretched out and with the water pot upon his head.  In this difference there lies much of real significance.  The jar of water, posed upon the shoulders, is a sign of the burden of service.  It is not easy to serve.  Man is today only beginning to learn how to serve.  The jar of water upon the head of the man, who has been upon the cross of sacrifice for so long a time that the position has become to him perfectly natural, indicates that the cross, which has upheld him for so long, has now disappeared.  The man with the water jar upon his head indicates to us poise, equilibrium and balance.  For this balance, the understanding of the Law of Magnetic Impulse has prepared him.  That is the Law of Polar Union and its symbol is the originator of the zodiacal sign for the constellation Libra—balance and service.  These are the two expressions of Divinity which are, today, man’s next great objective.” Esoteric Psychology II p. 120

One of the very important facts of evolution (yet seldom considered by us) is that it happens gradually over time. One does not proceed from having the pot precariously balanced on the shoulder to having it perfectly balanced on the head in one easy movement. Also, one gradually learns not to fall into despair and self-pity when the pot falls off either the shoulder or the head and seemingly breaks.

We come back, once again to “practice makes perfect” and, vitally, “Energy Follows Thought!”

We are approaching the end of a 100 year cycle of the Plan and the beginning of a new 100 year cycle of the Plan. As anyone who has looked even superficially at our long and painful struggle would expect, the Retrogressive forces are pulling out all of their STOPS. We, of course are manifesting all of our GO’s. We have been here many times before. We triumphed, or we would not be here now. It isn’t that we can do this. It is that we have already done it.

Joy is a special Wisdom. Why not be joyful? We are approaching our home after a very long journey!

Tom Carney
April, 2019

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