March 2019 Thoughtline – Here We Go

The Thinker advised, “Weave the wings of equilibrium, then you will not fall into an abyss.”
Supermundane #820

footprints on an Oregon beach
Footprints on an Oregon Beach by Bryon Allen

It is now, February of 2019, 6 years and some 10 months out, and coming at a speed that has never been seen in the 18 million or so years of our evolution from mass through self to group consciousness. I would suppose that during that long journey, a very large % of the 7.6 billion sisters and brothers who are presently incarnated on Earth have been involved in the unavoidable evolutionary process of reincarnation and the construction of the “Bridge to Sanity” or the antahkarana as the Ageless Wisdom calls it. As a result I would guess that a significant number of them have evolved to a state of group consciousness at some level.

Reincarnation, by the way, is an essential aspect of Sanity, or group consciousness. We do not hear much about it even at spiritual-type conferences because it is among the most misunderstood, abused, even savaged and ridiculed concepts that we have. However, without the concepts of Reincarnation and Group Consciousness Life is simply a meaningless revolution. Reincarnation is what makes evolution coherent, beautiful, and worth it!

These present probably, hopefully! billions of relatively group conscious individuals are not necessarily consciously aware of being “group conscious” in the esoteric scientific sense of what that means. Just as we are not conscious of and do not get excited about realizing that we can talk and walk, they do not think, “Oh, I am group conscious!”

They were simply born that way.

As a result of experience gained in the multitude of journeys through countless levels and kinds of lives, we are now “instinctively” group conscious. We naturally see the variety of forms and cultural traits of humanity not as divisive and in competition with one another but as amazing and wonderful aspects of simply being human. We understand and love the incredible variation of the life forms on the planet, from the mineral through the plant and animal kingdoms. Being group conscious, we do not see these various forms in these different kingdoms of Life as being at war with one another. We naturally see the beauty and harmony of Creation. And we quite naturally love all of it.

This is a very, very basic first step in the evolution of conscious. At its core it is one of the initial groups of realizations that accompany the “I am THAT” experience package. In this or some earlier incarnation, when we first had the experience, the realization that we are more than our bodies, and our properties, we also unavoidably realized that so is everyone else!

This was the first step out of the box of separative self-consciousness. On a very basic level this means that we naturally, or “instinctively” see differences in other humans not as alien separations from ourselves, but as countless beautiful varieties of ourselves.

It is really time for us to move past the overly 6th and 3rd Ray Piscean intellectual understanding of the past 190 years or so that still binds us to the concept of a one dimensional reality. If we ever expect to make sense of just what is going on here, this evolution is of course necessary in all of the different fields of Science. And especially is it necessary if we are ever going to have any kind of a rational system of what we call Right Human Relations, or simply Government on the planet.

It is also essential to realize that it is Humanity that is evolving and not just us as individuals, or a single country here and there. Globally, new group conscious social systems of Government, grounded in the principles of the Common Good and General Welfare, in the concepts of community, equality, and individual dignity are struggling to manifest. A triumph in one nation or even in one city or town, is a triumph for all. In fact a triumph for any single one of us is a triumph for all of us because we all share the same Consciousness.

In the past few hundred years Humanity as a whole has made significant steps. The presence of Group consciousness is what is driving these efforts. Frequently it appears that we are set back by the forces of Retrogression. But each small step advances the whole. Evolution of consciousness cannot be stopped, and indicators of its growing presence are appearing in younger and younger individuals.

A 10 year old boy: “What I did was took a knee against racial discrimination, which is basically when people are mean to other people of different colors.” News Week 2/7/19

A teenager opinion on getting vaccinated: “I, as well as my siblings, hold the ideology that vaccines are a public health issue, and a personal responsibility to the benefit of the population, not a right you can revoke from your children,” Washington Post anti-vaxxer video 2/12/19

In a document to which I have referred, the “Darjeeling Declaration”, one of the impressions received in the group’s meditation during the exact time of the Wesak Festival in 2001 was that the Externalization and Reappearance was beginning then and the true government, led by disciples and initiates, would be in place by 2025.

If we look back over the past 20 years it is very clear that ever widening cleavages between the many and the few are apparent in all sectors of our social systems. Perhaps the most obvious is the cleavage between the wealthy and the rest of the population. According to, “Three men own as much wealth as the bottom half of Americans.” “Forbes has pinned down a record 2,208 billionaires …This elite group is worth $9.1 trillion, up 18% since last year.”

It is as if the blood of our body were being siphoned off and hoarded by some one organ. The inequalities in this area of wealth or blood generate the inequalities and diseases throughout all of the social systems. The planet as is indicated by the hoarding or non-circulation of wealth through the Human Kingdom is hugely sick and out of balance.

Considering both the numerous environmental events and the raging world around political crisis, the effects of human generated disequilibrium are quite obvious. It may seem that all of these rather violent in many cases shifts and movements are forerunners of doom. However, these violent shifts and movements are actually evidence of the ongoing struggle to bring equilibrium into the systems.

The Liberation of Women

For example, a major imbalance in humanity that has been present forever in the know history of humanity is the shibboleth of women being weaker than, therefore lesser than, males. Over time, this particular, deviously generated delusion has deprived untold billions of their free will. The goal of the present powerful and finally triumphing ages long struggle by women is to gain Equality. As they accomplish this goal, they also reveal the equilibrium that exists in the very roots of Humanity, the existing synthesis of female and male.

It seems so simple, we simply cannot have one without the other. Why it has taken 18 million years to get this is …?

There are similar struggles in racial, religious, economic, and education areas going on all over the planet. And the same comments can be made about any perceived difference in any sister or brother from race to what foods we will or won’t eat. These imbalances generated by the divisions and cleavages are all being brought into the light, and dissolved. They are after all only illusions generated and perpetuated by Retrogressive forces to keep Humanity enslaved.

Times Up! Humanity is consciously expanding into the Aquarian Age.

So, this 7 year period, between now, 2019 and 2025, is akin to a birthing process. Humanity while relatively still in the infant stage, is emerging, kind of in mass, from 18 million years of deluded, separative self-consciousness. A consciously unified Humanity regardless of any external variations is the unavoidable result of the unavoidable expansion of Consciousness.

I expect that we have no idea of the Beauty that this version of Humanity will unleash on the planet. However, thanks to the unavoidable process of reincarnation, we will all get opportunities to do our bit in the One Work.

Tom Carney

March 2019

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One thought on “March 2019 Thoughtline – Here We Go

  1. Thank you so much for all your wonderful and insightful thoughts. One thing that I find interesting is your example of children speaking out against anti-vaxers. There is much evidence that vaccinations are actually harmful to very young children in the quantity and form they are now administered. Autism has been linked to the heavy vaccination of children and I don’t believe this is an issue that children themselves have the power to understand, rather they are being used as a tool to express the voice of the retrogressive establishment. Retrogressors in my opinion have become very good at wielding the “power of children” for many very dubious and somewhat retrogressive activities.

    Elizabeth Adair



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