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Aquarius Exact Time Letter, 2019


Dear Friends,

Aquarius is the pause within the pause of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces between the out Breath of Libra Scorpio and Sagittarius. The work, as we know, is done in the pause between the breaths. In the Aquarian pause, we package, or to be or scientific, Synthesize, the Intender’s Intentions, reached in the processes of Capricorn, for the next round.

As we also know, human participation through the synthesizing program of our meditation and service especially during the full moon alignments is an essential to the unfolding of the Plan. I think it is probably important for us to link the fact that Humanity is fairly deep into the Aquarian Age with the presence of the yearly cycle of the planet through Aquarius.

The work in Aquarius, macro and micro, is to clean the stables so that they can function according to their original Intention. Currently we are talking about, the mess that is the thoughtform and dense physical residue of our highly self-centered Piscean past and which is being made so obvious here in the United States by the rapidly disappearing manure generators.

This is a multidimensional problem and the work to clean it up is also a multidimensional task. It starts for each of us with our own equipment. The Aquarian symbol h, is the two streams of energy, absolutely essential to our existence, Love and Life. Our “stables”—the equipment, physical, emotional and lower mental bodies, within which we keep our horse, our self, our unit of consciousness or soul— macro and micro, are more or less cluttered. To the degree that we can get the energy streams of Love and Life (which by the way always and only co-exist) flowing through our equipment we will be helping to clean the larger stable that houses the horses of Humanity.

I know we just say stuff like this, but if we can just step back a bit and really embrace our Lives, our existence with our hearts, really open ourselves, we can get it. The camellia bush covered with pink camellias in my back patio really is the whole thing.

The totally amazing line up of available energies for Aquarius are Rays 5, 7, 2, and 4 veiling 7. Think about that and destiny of the Aquarian Age.

Also, Alice A. Bailey, in 1937 gave a lecture on “The Energies of Aquarius.” You can find it in The Labors of Hercules. It is Amazing.

Lots of love


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