December 2018 #2 Thoughtline: One Billion Hearts

“Time was when even a hundred warriors were counted a host. Then a thousand were already an army. In time a hundred thousand conquered the world. Afterwards millions rose but they also did not alter the orbit of the spirit. And so I shall summon under the Banner of Spirit one billion. This will be the sign of My army. Consider when this manifestation will be fulfilled and seven banners will be affirmed!” Leaves of Morya’s Garden II #1

The above statement was published in 1925, the first year of a 100 year cycle that concludes in 2025. In a few days, 1/01/2019, we will enter the last seven year cycle of that 100 year cycle. There are at least 7.6 billion individual incarnated Units of Consciousness on the dense physical plane of the planet at this present moment. Surely it is not too much to expect that at least 1,000,000,000 of them are consciously aware of her or his inseparable unity with all of humanity.

We, that is Humanity, have been at this effort for uncountable eons. Such consciousness, as we are finally learning after millions of years, is not a condition of the intellect. It is a matter of the Heart.

I realize that this proposition is difficult for those who are still mired in the one dimensional intellectual illusion of separated existence. However, “It must be borne in mind that the reason glamour predominates and illusion functions in the three worlds is due to the fact that men identify themselves with the dense physical brain, and interpret life in terms of experience in the three worlds.”  Still, difficult to see, as it often is, there has been huge progress in the evolution of Humanity from a lower mind intellectual focus to a higher mind and heart centered understanding of Cosmos. The tree of humanity which has been growing for many millions of centuries is bearing fruit.

This evolutionary development which has accelerated enormously over the past 400 years, involves the construction of a bridge or connection in consciousness between the Unit of Consciousness and its incarnating presence in form. Once such a connection exists in even the tiniest way, it remains and is present in the incarnated consciousness and probably gets broadened during most successive incarnations.

Today, this condition is Humanity wide. It may not be detectable to the intellectually polarized individual. It is, however, obvious to those who know what to look for.

The construction of this bridge which has gone forward over countless incarnations does not always require conscious “meditation” or esoteric work upon the part of the builder. It is an automatic effect of every heart generated action at every level of the Human Struggle for Light. When Love links any intention to the creation, the “connection” is working. The bridge is expanded and strengthened.

Also, since all incarnations are conditioned by Karma, the construction of this “connection” does not require any specific kind of material position or personal wealth. People of all races and all walks of life naturally operate from this focus. Also, by the way, the appearance of such a connection through action and attitude is becoming less and less dependent on the relative dense physical age of the incarnated individual’s body. Many millions of individuals regardless of the racial, geographic, or economic conditions into which they incarnated become consciously aware of this unity when they are 6 or 7 years old.

Many of these persons, perhaps most, while consciously aware of the fact that they see a very different world than many, many of their contemporaries, are not religiously or “spiritually” oriented. For them, Ideas such as the Common Good, the General Welfare, and Right Sharing, Honesty, are not deep esoteric mysteries. They are matters of scientific common sense. They simply work. Systems of any kind built on these Principles generate healthy, creative, and peaceful communities. They introduce harmony and rhythm into the field of human endeavor, eliminate the destruction of the environment, and further the expansion of consciousness.

These scientifically sound practical ideas eliminate the problems generated by the ancient illusory, one dimensional motivations of competition for material wealth, exclusivity, power, and greed which presently drive much our existence. These ancient drivers are the products of ignorance, fear, and hate. They are not scientific. They are way not practical because they simply do not work. They divide humanity into warring factions. They generate huge groups of starving and diseased individuals, and small groups of bloated and insane individuals. I do not use the terms insane and bloated as pejorative judgments, but as scientific facts.

Those among us who are conscious of our relationship with Humanity, who are “group” as well as “self” conscious understand these things “instinctively”. We do not need to intellectualize this Knowing, to parse it out. It is just the most logical thing we can imagine. And this awareness extends beyond Humanity to the Planet, to the animals, plants, and even the mountains. This is the energy of the Heart, of Love. It is what we call Wisdom.

So, obviously, then, we are very much interested in how this planet is governed, in how the Plan is unfolding, or not. Over time, a very long time, many, many small groups and individual Brothers and Sisters of ours have incarnated all over the planet in every race and at every level and planted seeds of consciousness ideas of unity and goodness. These efforts, large and small, were carried out usually at the cost of great suffering and some form of agonizing death. But, ever so gradually these seeds of truth have grown and flourished in spite of the most heinous efforts of the retrogressive forces to impede and stamp them out.

The Spiral of Evolution

As the spiral of evolution which began in Pisces more and more rapidly approaches its end, the diameter of each revolution grows smaller, and as it seems, all things speed up. Objectives of the Plan that were set thousands of years ago are reaching their fulfillment in manifestation. The replacement of “kings” with various levels of Democracy and the on-going liberation of women from the bondage of being cast as second class humans, are two good examples.

As these and many other unavoidable evolutionary expansions of consciousness continue to occur, the efforts of the forces of retrogression have become more and more desperate. Fear driven desperation is the only thing that can explain their many, hugely destructive for all concerned, worldwide efforts over the past 3 or 4 hundred years to maintain the absurdity of a one dimensional selfish system ruled by kings and variously titled super people wielding fear, power, and hate.

Recent examples abound. Notable are the 19th century U.S. Civil war, and the two World Wars of the 20th century.

The current third world war was initiated on the emotional and mental panes in late 20th century. In this war, Government is the enemy and Business is the savior. Its launch was disguised and sold as a reasonable new approach, to economic problems. However it rapidly became apparent that it was simply the latest effort of the Retrogressors to continue the program of world domination and rule by the super wealthy.

This war is primarily being waged on the emotional and lower mental planes. It is, in its thirty-ish or so year. However, it is obvious for those who can see beyond the usual dense physical brain focused identification that the end is very near.

The election of a “black” person to the office of the President in 2008 was not only a gigantic blow to the Retrogressors plan, it was a significant demonstration of the level to which consciousness had expanded in the general population, and it totally infuriated the Retrogresors.

As we now see, this fury is manifesting nation-wide in an attempt to conquer the United States of America through the corruption of the electoral processes at all levels and the installation of retrogressive individuals throughout the democratic establishment.

Since that 2008 manifestation of group-consciousness, what was fear driven desperation 40 years ago has turned into utter hysteria today. The pattern of corruption induced rot and decay signifies the inevitable crumbling and failure of Retrogressive efforts is all too familiar. History reveals a long trail of such tombstones.

Once again the ancient wisdom of the Light is revealed.
Shield and lance! God has blessed the warriors.
All will come. Twilight will end.
Do you not see that the Cosmic Consciousness is in convulsion?
We know the course of the battle—the Plan of the Creator cannot be altered.
From the Beginning the dark ones struggled.
From the Beginning We conquered.
Leaves of Morya’s Garden I #231.

Tom Carney
December #2, 2018

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