Thoughtline December 2018 – Triumph is Unavoidable

Over many centuries the words that we use to characterize the basic principles upon which we structure our civilizations and attempt to communicate about values and rights with one another have been mutated and warped to a point where their actual meaning and significance has all but disappeared. This condition is largely the result of the commonly held belief that the physically measurable and verifiable existence of light energy, air, water, and earth are the sum total of Reality. Physically, emotionally and mentally focused within this superficial, dense physical bubble, Humanity gradually came to the illusory conclusion that each of us is an absolutely separate dense physical bubble in a world of other absolutely dense separate units.

This focus has rendered us incapable of registering the fact of the existence of the non-dense multidimensional infinite Cosmos, or Reality in which we, just like the big bubbles we call planets, actually live, move, and have our being. This ignorance or non-consciousness of Reality not only prohibits the understanding of the meaning and significances of much of the abstract language and metaphors we use to communicate; it literally changes the very nature of those multidimensional Principles. As Master D.K. indicates, these “old and outworn presentations were the product of the concrete mind, and are therefore crystallizing in their effects and distorting in their results; they are also evocative of spiritual selfishness and isolation, as well as of astral curiosity.Discipleship in the New Age P. 283

Multidimensional Principles such as those listed in various places in the Constitution of the United States of America like Liberty, Freedom, Justice, and the concept of the Rule of Law, are among the many victims of this Illusion of Reality. These “Self-evident” Truths which lie at the heart of Human evolution have been for centuries, and largely continue to be interpreted to mean whatever those who have the power to enforce their will say they mean. This situation of those “old and outworn presentations [which are] the product of the concrete mind” has been the condition through which we have been evolving for untold centuries.

As consciousness has gradually expanded on planet Earth more and more human units have become aware of the fact of the multidimensional cosmos. This expanding awareness includes the fact of the unquestionable existence of Principles such as Compassion and Equality. The proof of the existence of these Principles is that they have fostered the evolution and development of Humanity. The old, outworn, and crystalized concepts such as the illusion of separation, the private ownership of property, and competition retard our evolution and generate inequality and untold misery and death.

No one has to be a physicist or great intellect to see this truth with the heart. I realize that these comments will not be understood by those mired in the past intellectual monuments to separation. However, whether recognized or not, these are the scientific facts that are driving the present developments and the unfolding of new civilizations on this planet.

There is so much to be joyful for, so much. If we take a longer look at the arc of evolution, we see that in just the past 230 years or so Humanity has made unbelievable strides toward sanity and equilibrium. In order to do this we had to engage the forces of retrogression in several extremely important and vicious wars.

-The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. The American Revolutionary War was from 1775-1783.

-The Civil War of 1861-1865 (The enormity and importance of this triumph cannot be over stated. Imagine the situation had we lost.)

-Assassination of Abraham Lincoln April 15, 1865.

-World War 1 July 28, 1914—November 11, 1918.

-The stock market crash of 1929.

-World War 2 September 1, 1939— September 2. 1945.

Each of these events was initiated by the forces of Retrogression. A careful appraisal will reveal that they are all linked, and in effect are all aspects, or stages in a single effort. The effort is as old as Humanity. This effort is and has always been to dominate Humanity, destroy free will, impose the absolute rule of the Superior, or Super, or Exclusive, or Chosen Few, and enslave the many.

The People triumphed in every one of these insane efforts. As we have said, Triumph is unavoidable. However it is not without the will to strive, to struggle, through pain and death. 50,000 civilians and 620,000 soldiers died in the Civil war.

Combat with darkness is unavoidable, and the waves of chaos will engulf bold fighters. Yet such touchstones only testify to the invincibility of the spirit…. There were Those who were burned at the stake, crucified, beheaded, strangled, killed by beasts, sold into slavery, poisoned, or cast into prison; in short, They endured all tortures so that Their strength could be tested. It should not be thought that a broadened consciousness is achieved without struggle. Each one who wishes to serve with Us knows that he will have to endure the assaults of darkness. Supermundane #14

Today we are deeply involved in the third phase of the World War. The mid-term election cycle of 2018 was a great and, if we look at the long arc of history, decisive battle in which the forces of Light triumphed. In looking at the cycle of evolution the 2018 election battle resembles the June 6, 1944 invasion of Normandy.

A key difference between those who strive and those who struggle to win is the motive that drives each. Winning or losing are concepts that only make sense in the one dimensional world of ignorance. Those who operate in that illusion of separation, battle to win, to gain possession of, or power over some form or thing: wealth, other people, personal aggrandizement, notoriety.

We do not strive to win material or separative personal rewards. Striving is already a triumph. Triumph does not mean winning. It does not mean conquering and dominating. Triumph is the very act of striving to use all we are and have to create greater freedom and Liberty for all. Triumph is the Light of the Common Good and the General Welfare.

These are the motives which drive the warriors of the Light. In the previous 2 World Wars, those who triumphed did so, not to enslave Germany, but to liberate it from the slavery of Nazism and to help the German People develop a democracy.

For the forces of Light, there is no “winning” or “losing”, there is only Striving and Triumph. Like many of our most important and significant battles, the battle of the 2018 midterms did not involve the usual weapons of war. However, it was fiercely fought on the physical, emotional, and mental planes.

Some segments of that National battle were extremely important and significant. Such a segment was the battle in Texas which was carried forward by Beto O’Rourke. His effort was so called “lost”.

This so called “lost” battle was in fact a massive triumph on the dense physical, the emotional, and the mental planes of Humanity. The modeling of an inclusive, group consciousness and the constant radiation of the frequencies of inclusive love, indefatigable will, and indomitable courage with which O’Rourke empowered his effort are powerfully radiating even now in the consciousnesses of millions of Texans, and other sisters and brothers in this National struggle.

Striving does not know anything about winning or losing. Triumph is opening a door even a crack, or preventing the door from closing even a little bit. Beto O’Rourke opened a long sealed door in the consciousness of Texans and Americans.

The huge difference between those who win or lose and those who strive is that those who strive have already triumphed. “Losing” is not possible. “Winning” is meaningless. There is forever the next door into an ever greater Light, towards which one will indeed continue to strive.

The Era of Fire is approaching. Find courage and wisdom to accept it. The symbol of the serpent seizing its tail represents the circle of the events of evolution. The spiral is applied to the path of ascent. Infinity #10

Triumph is Unavoidable. “Joy is a special Wisdom.” They share the same bed!

Tom Carney
December 2018

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